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Weston James

NEW SONG! The Breeze - Rough Worktape

Hi everyone:   I said I wasn't going to post any "unfinished" songs but there are exceptions to every rule.  And this song breaks alot of them.  But every once in awhile you get that "thing" that happens and even though it's against  the rules it works.  I think this song is one of those.  I don't know where this song came just happened....but I think the message will hit home to alot of folks, it did me, and so here it is:

The Breeze

© Copyright 2009.  Weston James Music.

Words and Music by Weston James (BMI)



I could feel the soft breeze blowing against my face

And somehow I swear it was your hand touching me

And I couldn't help but think about all the times 

You held me sweetly in your embrace



And then I felt the wind turn angry and bitter cold

It woke me from the daydream I was having of us

Suddenly I was right back in the Hell that I was living

Without you, this loneliness had somehow taken hold



Somehow I pray that somehow some way

There's really a Heaven and you're in a much better place

And I miss you more than you could know

I believe you sent that breeze and that you wanted to show 

Wanted to show me you were up there and watching over me 


So thank you, thank you, thank you,

For the breeze! 

Country & Weston

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