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Al Pitcher


Tjeeeeennnaaaaarreee , Happy Sunshine to you all.

I am very happy to announce we have added more shows of the Nääämen Tour , its the 3rd and final leg .It's  been an absolute blast so far , I will be adding a few new bits of material and replacing others , so If you have seen the show before , you are very welcome back. 

I am not only in Sverige with the Nääämen show , I am going to Oslo , New York and London , ( also hoping to add Finland) so life is going global. If you live in Sverige and know people in these places who love to laugh and love some Swedish humour please tell them .

All dates  and tickets can be found by clicking on SHOWS or looking to your right ------------> 

I am also going out to the Stockholm Archepelago with Skärgårdsskrattet , this is brilliant fun and a great night out in the islands , so for the full line up of shows and how to buy tickets click here

So much coming up , I hope i see you at a show , Come up and say hello and tack for loving my stuff

Peace out yo

Al x


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