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Mark Mathews

Music Video number 3!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Good day to you all, because that's what I want you all to have - A damn good day!

I'm feeling exhausted after last nights music video shoot for 'Someone'. We were meant to shoot it on Friday night, but owing to gridlocked traffic on the isle of dogs for hours it never came to pass. So, as a last minute decesion to quickly get it done before the release of the 'Misspent Future' EP, (16th Feb) we enlisted my brother to be our actor (he's a professional thesp, don't you know?!) and then we sped down to a studio in Brixton.

All went well. We were quick and managed to roll through the video getting some awesome performances. We experiemented a bit and found our favourite version before declaring it was a 'Wrap'! 

It was merely 10:40pm and we were done. We were very happy with ourselves as we expected it to go on to the early hours. Oh how we congratualted ourselves. We were in a heedy, happy, self obsessed mood. 

Cabs weere called and we packed up ready to go. 

And then. 

We found that the gates had been padlocked shut! We were locked in! How could this be?!!

The studio had always been open 24hours for us creative types and now we were like dogs in a kennel!

This was not good.

"Why didn't you just climb over the fence?" I hear you say. Well, smart arses, the reason being is that we had massive amounts of lighting and camera equipment that had to be delivered back in the morning. We simply couldn't leave without it and this stuff is HEAVY!

However, my brother - 'The Talent' - didn't need to wait around. So, we grabbed a ladder and helped him over to a waiting cab and freedom. He waved goodbye as we were left, behind bars dreaming of a life on the outside. 

It turns out that the site had recently been accuisitioned by another company who had decided on THAT night, to lock the gates! After numerous phone calls we found that the closest person who worked for the company was down in Kent and was not planning to come and set us free.

The dick.

So, we did the only thing left. We called a lock smith and waited in the cold studio listening to songs about captivity, dreaming of what we were going to do when we eventually got out.

Hours later we had a man cutting through the locks. A man who was uncomfortable to be around due to his VERY perculiar personality. Although, with a job that requires you to be cutting locks at strange hours in the evening I guess you're going to be slightly weird. 

We got our cabs and made our way home. Sweet, sweet home!

Check out my Facebook and Twitter pages that will be updating with pictures and videos of the shoot.

But boy do we have a great music video for you! Oh yes, I am really hoping to get it through post production and out there for the release of the EP because it's awesome, believe!!


Join me on Snapchat: @markmathewssong

Join me on Instagram: @markmathewsmusic

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