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Dave Magario

March & April Shows

There are a bunch of shows coming in March and April and more waiting beyond that. So check out the schedule, find a show, and try one on for size. There are all ages events as well as 21+. Check the venues for their rules on this matter as I cannot set individual preference at most venues. Obviously most bars will be 18+ or 21+ with a few exceptions.

I'll be returning to Brooklyn, NY for a couple days as well as heading back to CT for a show with some guys I haven't seen in about a year. Plus I'm playing some venues I haven't played in a few years around Worcester! So it's a busy calendar (for me!) and I'm excited to bring the new songs to new crowds.

Did you all enjoyed the free downloads? They were up for about a week so I hope you got a chance to grab them. It's not the only time you'll be able to snag a free track or two, so keep your eyes trained for that word 'Free!" I've gotten some awesome and very helpful feedback about the CDs and the performances from many of you at shows and through myspace, facebook, etc. I appreciate all the time you share with me and the music.

Here comes the Spring! I am beyond ready for April showers that bring May flowers.

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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