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London Live

Brothers and Sisters,

What a wonderful morning we've woken up to here in the mighty L.D.N! It's glorious! Hopefully all our days will be just as glorious, huh?!

I thought I would write a little post today about when you do a gig and it turns out to be the most inspirational and lovely thing to be involved in. I did one of these magic gigs last night, but more about that later.

Now, don't get me wrong I live to gig and as most of you know - I gig A LOT! But aside from being on stage, gigs can be very hit and miss. There are three scenerios that can ruin a gig:


A dodgy promoter who doesn't care about the work you are doing for their show is one of the worst. Rehearsals, equipment, travel, years of practice and study of your craft all cost money and time. So, when a Promoter treats you like they are doing them a favour, it kind of takes the sheen of the event itself.

The Other Acts

There are also instances when the other acts you are playing with that night are rude, talentless or really annoying - Sometimes all three. This again makes you want to get the gig over with and leave. 

The Audience

Yes, sadly you can have a really rude audience. I once played a gig in a venue I shan't mention, where I had someone walk on stage and speak to me whilst I was playing. I had audience members walk through the stage area to get to the bar and I had people sit right at the front of the stage (during a intimate acoustic night) and play drinking games in a very loud manner. The lack of respect can really throw your game - Of course this never goes for you lot who come to see me of course. You're all lovely.

But then there are times when the gig is awesome, the promoters are great, the audience is receptive and the other acts are not only lovely, but they are brilliant performers too.

Last night at Obar was one of these nights. 

Seriosuly, I was in awe of the songs that these artists had written and their performnces were great! I just loved the night. It's great to be a part of a live scene that is so fresh and full of great talent. There are a lot of players in London, but only a few are any good. If that building had have been hit by a meteor, the music scene would have lost some incredible talent. 

Luckily for us and the music scene, there were no meteors heading towards Soho that night.

So, I feel I should mention the players (in no particular order) so as you can check them all out:

Joseph Lofthouse

Emel Michael

Tim De Graauw

Vinzenz Stergin

Cat Maria

Chloe Akam


The show was a charity competition set up by Cameo Sessions. The guys involved did a great job of looking after the acts and treating them with a huge amount of love and respect, which is all that an artist asks for really. 

That and you get a receptive audience, and this audience was just that!

All in all a great night of fantastic acts - Oh and yeah it was a competition and you're probably thinking "He must have gone through to the next round, hence why he is bigging it up so much"...

...Well no, I didn't! And you know what, I couldn't have missed out to a more talented bunch, so I'm all for it, believe!!


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