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Dave Magario

Live at The Q: The album is real & it's coming!

Friends, Fans, Family, and Food-products,

Merry Happy, and Happy Merry! How was your holiday-type seasonal celebration? Mine turned out just fine. You know why? Good food with family and a quiet interlude slipping into the New Year's Eve celebrations. All the while I've been plotting the eventual release of Live at The Q.

It started as a silly attempt at testing my digital recorders abilities (with the help of my wonderful PC. That's right. I'm a Musician, and I'm a PC. hahaha. But I digest...) ... But what began as a half-hearted recording turned into a fully formed, realized dream. After FIVE separate recordings of shows and several other failed attempts, the very last one gave me some of the golden moments you'll hear on the album. I am so proud of this. So without further gilding the lily, as they say, here's the goods!

Dave Magario: Live at The Q
Release Date: January 26, 2010
Total Run-time: 63 minutes

01 - Is It Ever Too Late?
02 - Bite Your Tongue
03 - Talk - Thanks
04 - It Kills
05 - Old Trouble
06 - Do You Ever Think (What Might've Been)?
07 - Light and Shadow
08 - Talk - Play Track 6!
09 - Sideshow
10 - Talk - The Machine
11 - No One But You
12 - December
13 - Is Anyone Listening?
14 - Come See
15 - This Stone (Every Time It Rains)
16 - Talk - Blow Your Minds
17 - Nothing But Blessings
18 - Talk - One More, Hell Yeah!
19 - This Time*

So! That's it. It should be available on iTunes and 17 other sources just in time for my chosen release date. I am still working on the finer details but the physical copies but I promise to have copies for the shows in 2010!  (side-thought: Check out the calendar of shows coming  

Many thanks to give for making this album come to be. And many more to come. But I'll start with my family for supporting and encouraging, my girlfriend for helping me make decisions and move forward, The Q Cafe: you let me record within your walls and I love you for it! (That's Emilie and Matt and the staff.) Then there's the musicians that helped make the last 3 months of shows beautiful - Matt Fox, Shane Hall, and Dusty Cobb, and many more on and off the stages. The rest of the love goes to you, the fans, ...and it's so much love!

Thank you all so much for making 2009 come to this beautiful end. We've lost some people to tragedies along the way, but we've gained friends and a greater love for life, art, and emotive creativity!

Here's the poster, please copy and post where ever you feel it will be seen. You can even go that step beyond awesome and print out some copies to plaster around Worcester, Boston, Providence, and where ever else people love music. (Everywhere!?!!) warning: These images are huge for quality's sake. Sorry if your connection is slow and I'm killing or blowing up your comuter!

Check Myspace for 2010 shows and follow me on Twitter ( for mini-updates and fun facts/observations.

Happy New Year,

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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