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DJ Craig Peter

LIVE !!!

Well, it only took a couple years, a lot of head scratching  and keyboard banging, but I'm glad to report that is up & running!!! 

I must give the ultimate shout-out to Steve Pennington and the guys at Four Four ( for developing an EASY TO BUILD web maker. What took months with other services, took, in total, 2 weeks to develop. THANKS FOUR FOUR!!!

Now that I am part of cyberspace, I'll be updating you (whoever is out there?!) on my travels and adventures in Club Land. Be sure to visit often for upcoming club nights, events and gigs and sign up for my mailing list. I plan on having monthly CD giveaways as well as posting some of my DJ sets here. Don't miss out!!

And while your at it, befriend me on Facebook (Craig Peter) and sign up for me on Twitter (@djcraigpeter).

Here's to a great digital endeavor!!

DJ Craig Peter

"Living Life Through Music"


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