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Mark Mathews

Homage to the Classics!

Brothers and Sisters!!

What up?! Are we all enjoying this crazy heat wave? Personally, I love everything about it - I love the fact it means beers in the park and late night strolls. I love that I have to keep all my windows open in my house in order to get some kind of relief from the heat. And I love the hot sweaty nights...!

Seriously, I do. 

Does that make me weird?


Anyway, it's been a good time for playing the festivals and I've got a nice bit of a tan out of it! In actual fact the gigs of late have been so amazing and this is a lot to do with you folks that have come see me! You've all been so recpetive and myself and my band, 'The One Ts' (when I do our monthly band gig) have really stepped it up a notch so great times have been had!

If you haven't got to a show yet...well, GET INVOLVED!!!


I can also offically show you the artwork for the new single, 'The Girl' (released on 25th August)

Ta da!!!

So, you can probably see that it is a homage to Bob Dylan's "Freewheelin'" album, however the model (the very talented, Devora Nikolaeva, who also is the lead in the music video for the same single) is dis-interested in me and busy on her phone, unlike the loving, happy shot of Dylans. Also, a little hidden treat for only those with Eagle eyes, would notice that the street this is shot on is Berwick Street in Soho, in the same positon as Oasis shot their "What's the story (Morning Glory) album. 

I'm very pleased with it. A great job done by Cecillia Paulsson (Photographer) and Michael O'Sullivan (Photo Editor).

So, we move closer to August 25th and the release. Exciting, Believe!


Join me on snapchat: @markmathewssong

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