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hi-five for lo-fi records: mission statement

For those of you who don't feel like reading, i think this scene from High Fidelity sums things up:

after a long weekend out in the mountains and a few sneaky cigarettes, i had one of those 'aha' moments. over the years i had been accumulating different thoughts and interests and ideas in my head and then they all kind of aligned themselves in a way that i could see how they were all connected ...  

Hi-Five for Lo-Fi Records wants to help make the world a better place. the music industry being in bad shape is not a reflection of the music being made or any generation's taste. the music industry being in bad shape is a reflection of the music industry. and 'music isn't what it used to be' is a bollocks thing to say because you can still listen to bob dylan or james brown; great music moves with the times. we can grow up with marvin gaye and wilco (and that is something marvin and wilco couldn't do -- except for i guess wilco). great music has always been getting made; there has always been great music. people just became more separated from the good stuff as the industry grew faster than the technology. it was buried under ground and you needed a map to find the map to where that new band you just heard of was playing a guerrilla show.

i grew up in a small town. the only radio stations available sucked (they still suck, but they used to really suck). would you like rap metal or contemporary country with that? it was up to you and your friends to bring bits of coolness back from different parts of the real world ('sublime' from your older brother, 'the band' from a friend). i've always felt the need to try and bring as much coolness back as i could fit in my pockets. because the more of it we brought back, the better things got. and when your pockets got too full sometimes you needed someone to help carry it. preferably not a hipster, as their pockets can't fit much in (don't get me wrong, what's in their pockets is usually good, but they are pretty tight pants and logistically there just isn't as much room in their pockets).

but now, it seems like the control over what music you have access to has being taken away. and i don't mean in the 'pirates' kind of way. i mean it like 'somebody left the cupboard open and look at all those cookies'. you can actually make proper music in your bedroom (i haven't quite mastered that) and release it a million different ways (you don't even have to release it, people can just listen to it). artists from different parts of the world can collaborate on a song without leaving their home town. blogs are months ahead of any magazine on what is happening and anyone can start one, even your mother (and you can even listen to the song while you read about it) and the list goes on and on and i'm sure someone has already written about it in greater detail. if music is a drug, then the middleman has decided to just focus on health care.  

Hi-Five for Lo-Fi Records wants to help fight the good fight. listening to great music is the only self-help book you need. but its got to be that good stuff. none of that knock off shit. and we just want to play a role in helping people find the good stuff, however minor or major that role may be.

thoughts / questions / suggestions / recommendations / submissions for the 'mix tape' player feel free to contact us on our myspace page.

feel free to send us an email:

FYI -- I'm going to be busy / away for most of September (don't rob my apartment) so I won't likely get back to you until end of the month. i decided to push things out half cooked rather than leave it in my head until October.


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