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Mark Mathews

Have you heard about this band?

Brothers and Sisters!

Word to yo' Mumma...or something!

You find me on route to a shoot at 3 Mills and by that I mean stuck in traffic in the Blackwall tunnel. It's 6:30am and cold outside, so I am very grateful for my comfy car and driver and snug heating pumping out fake warmth. Ahhhhh!

Anyway, as I have been closing my eyes and having a wee snooze, my driver has been listening to that Bastiaan of radio stations - Magic FM! All the "hits" have been played and have aided me in my journey into sleepy land - a cacophony of generic beats and pop lyrics.

But then what should make my brain suddenly switch on and take note? What new tune is so fresh sounding that I have to wake up and take note?

It's only the Fab Four!

Yes, by being placed amongst the similar sounding pop tunes of today, I am  once again reminded of the sheer brilliance of John, Paul, George and Ringo! The tune I am hearing is "Help" and it sounds so interesting, so exciting and so ground breaking compared to everything else, and this is 50 odd years on from it's release! 

An incredible feat, an incredible band and proof if ever there need be, that pop music needs to be shaken up, believe!!


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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
Misspent Future
The Raging Sea

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