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Happy New Year and its show time

It's Showtime for The Fleas!
We Fleas got a big bagful of great gigs for Christmas and New Year as the Events Callander on the web-site shows

First up is a acoustic thing at Monkey Chews in Kentish Town (Tues 12 Jan), then a full-on show at Zenith in Islington (Sat 23 Jan)... free and not a school night! We'll be back at Monkey Chews for another acoustic one the week after (Tues 26 Jan).

Then we have a gig at the famous Troubadour Cafe in Earls Court (Wed 3 Feb)... this is an amazing venue, where Dylan, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin played, and, more importantly for Mannie, they'll feed us beforehand.

We're in Stockwell for a week then... an acoustic night at Cavendish Arms (15 Feb) then another electric show there that Friday (19 Feb).

So, lots of live dates... come and have a boogie!

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