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Dave Magario

Happy Birthday J.B.

Today is Jeff's 42ndthst birthday. This is a short bit of lyrics from a song I wrote two years ago for Buckley's birthday...

"Birthday Prayer"

...Tonight I look to the past
To all the actions that led to the devistating halt
To futures all unseen, unclear
I'm certain we'll be right here
It's not your fault

You, my love, are allowed to leave behind
So many uncounted reasons to smile, and cry, and love
You, my love, are life after death
You, my love, are a lifetime spent in passion's waking breath...

Some people may find my obsession with Jeff Buckley's music and life to be somewhat ridiculous. But the fact of the matter is, his music, perspective on life, and determination to create his art regardless of the outcome inspired me to not give up on life itself. He continues to inspire me as I come across bootlegs of concerts from around the world. His voice reaches depths and heights, emotionally, that are not heard in his studio work. The raw improvisations are too much to take in from one listening. Hence the constant inspiration after years of listening.

I thought I might stop being so focused and mesmerized by his work but it doesn't seem to be possible. My words don't do justice to the immensity that is my gratefulness for his ever having lived on this earth. Even if I missed him by almost a decade. Here's to Jeff. Go listen to his work at or over at his official website's "radio" widget.

Thanks for reading this far.

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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