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Dave Magario

Greetings from NYC

I'm in a red room (Upstairs, Red Room) with original art on the walls. A 6 x 6 canvas with a half finished pen/pencil/charcoal piece. Little scraps of ideas everywhere. I've got the apartment to myself while my sister and her friend hang some of their art in a gallery in the Bronx. So, I'm alone in the city...and I'm writing. I am actually taking a break from the lyrics to write this entry and expound a little on the goings-on of the last couple days.

The first thing that pops into mind is breakfast two mornings ago. We had gone to a wonderful little Polish cafe for some real breakfast (scrambled eggs, kielbasa, toast, homefries, coffee - all local products,) and someone got me started on Jeff Buckley. So after rambling like I do about details and curiosities and the Glen Hansard interview I heard filling in this little piece of history, the man that had been sitting behind me to my right stands up, gathers his things and pauses to say something to the effect of 'I heard you talking about Jeff Buckley and Nusrat (Fateh Ali Khan). I just wanted to say I knew him. I was at the Sin-e recording and I shouted out "Play some Nasrat" and he corrected me, "It's Nusrat." That was my voice. He was a good guy.' He said a quick goodbye and that was that. Only in New York City can these things happen so casually.

So far, I haven't gotten to play anywhere but in the apartment. All the information about open mics has been out of date or just plain wrong. So I lugged my guitar around Thursday night finding clubs and bars and getting info and making connections for future treks to the city instead of playing. It was still a good night. Caught a jazz Trio at Stain. Ate a decent burger and fries at Comic Burger on Grand. But everything here is at least a dollar more expensive than back home, so I'm watching what I spend!

So much to be distracted by that it all becomes influence and inspiration. Back to this song. see you in a few days, Massachusetts.

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