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Mark Mathews

Getting Soppy

Brothers and Sisters,

I'm feeling nostalgic. Heavily nostalgic. 

I've been watching Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in Dusseldorf and 'The Chief', has played so many hits from his back catelogue it has given me that tingle down my spine and brought back fond, fond memories of my youth. 


Some of you might not remember the ninties. Shame really.

Anyway, watching this gig tonight I was reminded about the power of music and why I got into this 'game'.

In actual fact it was Noely G who got me playing guitar. 

But it is about writing songs that touch people. Writing songs that remind people of good times, youth, moments in their lives. It astounds me how a track by The Beatles can regress me back to when I was 6 years old getting ready to go visit my Nan in London. Tracks by Oasis remind me of a care free time with my mates, learning guitar, smoking weed and having massive dreams of the future. 

It's wonderful. 

I mean, three and half minutes of sound has that sort of power! It's incredible when you really think about it. 

And that's why I'm so glad I am doing what I am doing. I've not yet sold the sort of amount of records Sir Gallagher has, but when I get my royalties come in and I see people across the world have purchased my tunes it is such a good feeling - Nothing to do with the cash, because beleive me these days it's sweet fuck all - But the thought of someone in Brazil walking around listening to me on their Ipod and brightening their day or adding something to their life is quite frankly fucking awesome! What a beautiful thing to be able to do.

I still dig out songs that become a soundtrack to my life and this will forever continue until I'm playing at the big gig in the sky. And so to have someone feel that with one of my songs is humbling and beautiful and I thank you all for helping me and supporting me as I go.

That's all I have to say really. Just got a bit soppy and emotional from a great gig of someone I really admire and I thought, who better else to chat this through with than you lot, believe!!


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