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Clint Crisher

Getting 2 Know Tanico (WORLDWIDE Release September 22, 2009)


Getting 2 Know Tanico (WORLDWIDE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 22, 2009)

GETTING 2 KNOW TANICO (WORLDWIDE Release September 22, 2009)

Crisher Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming release of GETTING 2 KNOW TANICO, the debut remix album by 'Superstar' DJ-Producer-Remixer, PETER TANICO! Many years in preparation, this masterful collection is a milestone accomplishment, one we all can celebrate! Delivering flawless beats and a positive vibe, PETER TANICO is bound and determined to get your body moving and your spirit grooving on and off the dance floor! PETER's musical resume is long, but his recent collaborations have been with CLINT CRISHER, a musical marriage that began when PETER won the Foreplay Remix Contest. Everyone at CE was impressed by PETER and proud of his Foreplay remixes! After remixing a few more of CLINT's songs, it was clear that the two were a magical music team and CLINT agreed it was time to produce PETER's debut album, GETTING 2 KNOW TANICO. PETER's musical talent is ingenious, but his impeccable worth ethic and low-key humility are refreshing, making him an inspiration and a pleasure to all who have the opportunity to work with him. As most know, recording, distributing and marketing an independent album can be a challenging and nerve-wracking exercise. Over the years, doing so has consumed vast amounts of PETER's time, but allowed him to get to know himself and network. Others have helped him in both great and small ways, just as PETER has helped many over the years.

Crisher Entertainment is pleased by the support of recent investors and their faith in Clint's talent selections. With thousands already invested, our next target is to raise $200K to promote PETER TANICO and his debut release, GETTING 2 KNOW TANICO. The 12-month campaign will begin in the US and target dance floors around the world.We are grateful to sponsors who agreed to support our Sept 2009 fund raiser to generate $20K to bring PETER TANICO to Los Angeles in Jan 2010. Upon arrival he will begin writing and recording with various film and music industry professionals such as Taylor Dayne, Cyndi Lauper and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few.

PETER currently resides in Queens, New York. There are many wonderful opportunities on the horizon, and despite my temptation to share what's in store, I don't want to spoil the surprise. You will need to stay tuned for our next update.

In the meantime, we invite you to continue sharing DJ PETER TANICO's websites with your family and friends. Word-of-mouth has been our most effective marketing tool and we are thrilled to learn that PETER's fan base is spreading across the globe the US, various parts of the UK and Ireland.

Music is the Reason,

Crisher Entertainment

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