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Mark Mathews

Get scared!

Does everyone know Ted Talks? I'm sure most people do but for those that don't these are speeches, lessons and lectures given by people across the world to share ideas. A lot of them are very inspiring and give wonderful ideas and approaches to life. I'm a big fan.

I recently watched the aboveboveone by this guy: Till H. Groß

Till is a speaker who deals with getting out of your comfort zones. I found the speech to be fascinating and also there were things I resonated with. Sometimes we do live well and truly in our comfort zones and yet it is detrimental to do so. It is much more freeing to break through these comfort zones and start living a life that you want. I remember when I was just a guitarist, not a singer. I was comfortable in bands playing lead or rhythm guitar and having someone else sing for me. But this wasn't what I wanted really, I wanted to be singing my own songs. So I decided one day that enough was enough and I booked myself a gig, reherased some songs and went up on stage and sung...

...and you know what?

...It went really well. People were impressed. People didn't laugh or say I was a crap singer, which were possibilities that kept me within my comfort zone. And from that moment I created what I do now and what I LOVE to do, which is even more important. I can't even imagine the things I would have missed out on, had I not taken that leap and got out of my comfort zone. 

And so, many years later I am watching this video and it gets me thinking - What if I am back in a comfort zone? There are surely tons of things I can still be acheiving and succeeding at and yet I could be in my 'safety zone'. 

And with that I have decided to take part in Till's programme of breaking through the comfort zone. I did the first challenge of lying down on a street. Here is the pic form Deptford High Street:

Now, this attracted a fair few weird looks and I even had an Internet sales man come over and try to sell me an Internet package! But like what Till explians in his talk, it starts of embarrassing and scary but very quickly soon evapourates and it becomes aware that it's not a big deal at all. 

This may seem trivial and pointless, but I love anything that pushes me further and makes me achieve more than I believe I can. This is the first comfort zone challenge of hoepfully many. I'll keep you updated on the progress!!

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