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Generals for the Creative Reuse of Lampposts

In anticipation of the release of closet anarchist Karl Rove's memiors of his trailblazing chicken hawkdom, a compilation of sonic recollections of Rove's gross misdeeds, Courage and Consequence: The Unabridged Audio, will be publicly unveiled in all 12 inches of its aggressively righteous vinyl fury. On March 3, 2010, at San Francisco's Elbo Room, come together with:

  • Generalissimo, Oakland's one and only grandiloquent exponents of violent order
  • Cartographer, a truly singular two-man exercise in deafening precision and power
  • Assistant Cobra, the female-fronted Bay Area super group so secretive they don’t even know if they exist, and
  • special guest emcee Jason Myers, rock and roll author and San Francisco resident responsible for the novels Exit Here and The Mission

... to do your part in preserving a truly fair and balanced chronicle of the first decade of our New American Century.

Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence
Western Medicine
Western Medicine

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