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Al Pitcher


After years of getting asked to do my own one and with not enough podcasts in the world 

 ... I am delighted to announce that I will be doing my own weekly podcast called " Fyaaaan, The Al Pitcher Podcast" , it will be just me ( which is different from most podcasts) its FREE and I will talk and talk and I will try and make you laugh with tears of happiness as I look at all kinds of worldwide Sverige things. 

The first episode  will be released on Thursday ( not recorded yet )  .But first  I need a favour from you please .

For a section of the show , I  will need questions  that you want answered , so go to the messages section on this page and go for it , anything and everything you need answered. I will mention your name also. 

I will put a link out on Thursday ( through ACAST).

So be ready , your ears are about to get a weekly Kiwi massage.

* still doing and loving Swedish Football Mafia podcast, for sure 

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