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"Face on the Sun" KEXP song of the day!

KEXP - Song of the day - Romance-"Face on the Sun" Our song "Face On The Sun" has been chosen as the song of the day on KEXP for January 2nd 2009. If you go to you can get a free download!

Fans of Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo & the Bunnymen should take a moment to check out today's Song of the Day, "Face on the Sun," by Seattle band Romance. Formed in late 2005, Romance has been making waves in the underground post-punk music scene since their debut EP, When Things Are Better. They were named one of the top up and coming bands of 2006 by The Stranger and received generous airplay by DJs at KEXP and beyond. Following the success of their debut, the band took two years off before releasing their first full-length, 2008's The Divide, which features mostly new material. When asked about why it took so long, frontman Drew Jackson admits they released their EP really quickly after forming and wanted to take some time to solidify their sound and work on who they were as a band before heading back into the studio. It was time well spent. Each song on The Divide is cohesive and shows their care and determination to explore the genre without stepping on the heels of their predecessors. In addition to their new album, Romance also lent a track to's Notes from the Underground Vol. 3 along with other such modern post-punk luminaries as The Editors, The Futureheads, and VHS or Beta among others.

The Divide
When Things Are Better

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