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Looking to improve your drum skills, or learn a specific style or technique?  

My name is Manuel and I am going to be offering drum lessons now that my schooling is coming to a close.  I will be offering Real-Time web lessons, where we can work on (Sticking, Footwork, practice technique, custom drum program to your schedule) really whatever you want to achieve.  All students receive sheet music from our sessions, along with a digital copy of session for future reference.    

I specialize in faster paced genre's (200-250bpm, odd sticking, blast beats, heel-toe, heel-up, 32nd notes, and much more).  I can also point you in the right direction how to record drums, and incorporate triggers, the best drum software (Addictive Drums), with acoustic drums, midi and more.  Always love to to talk gear, drums, and music, drop me a line or for any questions.

Thanks for Stopping by \m/



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misanthropic51 for youtube videos (dated, but examples nonetheless :)


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