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Mark Mathews

Ding Dong The Bells are ringing!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Good day to you all!

Things are ramping up for me as I get closer to heading to South America! Just tying up a load of loose ends before I head out. A little reminder that this blog will cease to be until I return.

So, make sure to follow me on Facebook - markmathewsmusic - where there will be regular daily updates. 
In my quest to get things sorted in my diary before the big off, I noticed something alarming - The amount of weddings I have to go to next year! Seriosuly, I know I said I would be releasing a lot of music in 2015 but I am being comprimised by the amount of friggin weddings to attend!
Ok, it's three, but melodrama aside, it's a lot when you consider that is also 3 stagg do's. And these weddings are never low key, cool affairs anymore. Oh no, heaven forbid! (personally I blame this "Heaven" place for a lot of this marriage business!)
People now EXPECT you to take a friggin holiday for them. Twice! One for the stagg and one for the wedding. 

Don't get me wrong, those people that decide a dated, fusty old institution is exactly how they want to celebrate their love is fine by me. However, do not impede on my life. What about the folk like myself who are not beleivers in the whole marriage thing. I don't force people to use up their holiday time and spend their cash on coming to an expensive venue before expecting them to also buy me a gift!
Sorry, I'm not against love. For me it's nothing to do with love in my eyes anymore. Believe it or not, I'm a romantic when all is said and done. I write a lot of songs about it. I believe wholeheartedly in love and there is nothing better than actually being in love. But spending upwards of £20,000 on a day event, where those invited have to comprimise a lot and are made to feel bad if they do not fully want to go along with it, can afford it, have other more interesting holidays to take! 
And I understand that a big party where both families and friends can get together is great, beautiful even. So fine, do that. But why the lavish expense for all involved? Why not hire a big room and invite all those nearest and dearest. Unless I am invited and everything is covereed for me I cannot see the argument for these events I'm afraid.
But good luck to you all. I do hope you have a wonderful, special day, believe!!


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