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Dave Magario

Demo tracks y mas

Hey everyone. I've posted two new tracks. Most of you have never heard. These are just demo tracks, but I felt it necessarily to keep things fresh! Let me know what you think. Add them to your profile...whatever you want.

Also in the news, I'm building a website which should be in working order by the end of the week. It will be home to more music, lyrics, poetry, art, photos, and anything else I want to share with the world.

Plus, I'm making denim bracelets! Each of them is different with a lot of time and finger-pricking involved. I bleed for my art, man! You'll be able to get those at shows, and online (when I have enough made.)

Thanks to everyone who has recently joined me on this profile. Friends, family, fans and strangers - whichever you are, your attention and time are appriciated.

The new year is coming and the new year must rule! I'll see you around, lovelies.


Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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