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Clint Crisher

Crisher Entertainment for inclusion in The 2010 Edition of The Heritage Registry of Who's Who

          Clint & Carol,

We wish to congratulate you on the induction of Crisher Entertainment for inclusion in The 2010 Edition of The Heritage Registry of Who's Who.
The Heritage Registry of Who's Who is a very prestigious, biographical, business and professional, networking, reference publication.  It is a documented legacy of success for our members that recognizes the achievements of each member in their respective field of endeavor throughout the United States and Canada.
Our members utilize the publication as a powerful networking tool to form significant, strategic, business alliances and it is housed in major university libraries in all states as well as the provinces in Canada.
This is an annual publication which is due to print with the end of the year approaching.  I look forward to speaking with you in detail to gain insight on Crisher Entertainment which will allow me to complete your biographical profile which will be in The 2010 Edition.  This is a notable accomplishment that will work with you in all you do for years to come - and will remain a part of history.
I can be reached directly using the following means of communication during the hours indicated.  You may also feel free to address me via email at any time with any questions you may have pertaining to your inclusion.
The Heritage Registry of Who's Who
516-409-4490 Ext. 104
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5:30 PM EST

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