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Mark Mathews

Come on England!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Well, England just played the last friendly with Uruguay and the rehersals are now over. Let's just hope all that practice has made them play well. 

It's much like the gig I did on Saturday to promote the release of, London Lives...well, sort of!

I mean, myself and my fantastic band, The One Ts, spent time practicing for the upcoming gig. It was a make or break gig as it is the first of, hopefully, many gigs we play together and being the first single release there was a lot of anticipation. People believed in us enough to come down and watcha nd support us. People wanted us to do well. And so when we came out onto that stage we knew we had to put on a good show for the fans. And that is what we all believe we did. The time spent practicing made us play well. Exceptionally well and though there are some things to smooth out, overall it was great to play the tracks with a full band, as they are menat to be heard...

Or that analagy could all be a load of balls and just me trying to link my music to the World cup.

Who knows?!!

Alas, my biggest love and thanks goes to you folks that came down and supported us. It was a top night and may there be many more like it. We plan to do a full band gig once a month so watch this space for gig updates.

I may have had a few after the show!

Thanks to everyone for watching the music video as well. If you haven't already check it here:

Getting loads of views and that makes me happy, believe!


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