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Clint Crisher

Clint Crisher joins DS Music as DS Musician L.A. - DS Music Expert

Clint Crisher joins DS Music as DS Musician L.A. - DS Music Expert. DS Music is an Organization supporting young artist in their early career development. Since becoming an officer Clint Crisher will be showing his own work in the group and will also teach young talented music artists all around the Globe. 

DS.. A new move in our generation... will be leading you... updating you about everything thats hot, new and amazing. Organizing World Class Concerts, Events, Parties while supporting young talented music artists all around the Globe.



"I've never been this excited about anything. Now that I have such amazing people entered on the board and understands and believes in the vision we can do so much more for our generation, together. We're having a really positive impact on people's lives through sport, music, fashion, events and art.   

David Spitro- Creator of DS

Perfect World
Terrific Distraction

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