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Clint Crisher

Clint Crisher: Escaped Psycho Killer!


Talking Heads: Pyscho Killer(s)?

Far less magical but disturbingly more horrific is The Talking Heads' 'Psycho Killer.' The theories behind this song's meaning range from a first person account of a schizophrenic outsider to a soliloquy sprouting from Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz, all sung with a suspiciously convincing vocal articulation. But even if David Byrne is secretly a deranged bilingual psycho killer, the song has left a lasting bone chill since its mega-hit reception in 1977. Unfortunately, the song predates the dawn of MTV but, lucky for us, OurStage artist Clint Crisher has taken this mattersinto his own hands.


Clint Crisher: Escaped Psycho Killer!

Crishered merge the Talking Heads' classic with a synthesized dance beat then made a music video. The video displays an escaped convict (prison suit and all) wandering around various parts of Hollywood with blurred vision and a raw voice, all adding to the effect of an uncomfortably estranged outsider.

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Terrific Distraction

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