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Clint Crisher


Pretty Boy by TyRon Jackson

Pretty Boy by TyRon Jackson Sexy music for hot fun with a mix of House, electro, disco, progressive dance music remixes that have all the different moods, percussive electronic sequences, ambient charged grooves merged into diversely influenced house electro with sexy male vocals. The Hot Boys TraXXX created exclusively by renowned billboard recording artist Clint Crisher for The Hot Boys World CLUB VIDEOS and the CD's. Volume One also includes artist TyRon Jackson. TyRon is a National Recording Artist and is also featured in The Hot Boys World CLUB VIDEO 'Work It.'
The Hot Boys World hopes to create a sense of belonging for everyone and in the end, a positive and lasting impression on the gay community. It will be ever evolving to grow with the needs of our members. Its about being part of something, so that no matter where you are or what youre going through, we want you to know ' youre not alone.

Perfect World
Terrific Distraction

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