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Mark Mathews

Changing of the guard

Brothers and Sisters!!

How you all doing? Those in the UK - Can you believe it's still not cold and rainy?! What the hell is going on...not that I am complaining of course!

I've been working out strategies for my next move. I am leaving my label and am going back to a much more successful DIY approach. I mean, when you are doing ALL of the work and a bunch of Charlatans take 50% of your meagre profits, well, it's a no brainer.

The third single I'll self release as I have done before and is booked in for a worldwide release date of 10th December. All the usual Cats wil stock it (Itunes, Amazon etc).

An EP will follow in the new year, before moving onto other singles and EP's. 2015 is going to be a big year for material - some free, some to pay for, but I want a to get a lot of my music out so get ready for some different stuff!

In actual fact when I went back to my Mums house this weekend I came across around 200 songs I'd written back in my 'Yoof'! I was certainly prolific! And I came across my very first guitar. The one in which I taught myself to play and began writing songs on. Without that little beast I would not be writing this now...awwwwwww!

So, there is a slight change of the guard and I will explain more about that as it finalises, but fret not, I will still be releasing tracks, I will still be performing live and I will still be writing nonsense like, nothing essentially has really changed, believe!!


Join me on Snapchat, Frankly.Me: @markmathewssong

Join me on Instagram: @markmathewsmusic

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
Misspent Future
The Raging Sea

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