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Mark Mathews

Cereal Killers

Brothers and Sisters!!

Welcome back! I hope this new daily blog is working out for you? Just some minute ramblings on a day to day occurence. Feel free to message me about anything as you followers and fans are what keep me doing what I am doing.

Anyway, did anyone notice the article yesterday about a new breakfast cafe opening up in Shoreditch? Essentially, two brothers are going to open a cafe that serves cereal and milk. Yep, the lows of the SHoreditch Hipsters no, no bounds. You will soon be able to go to a "Milky Spoon Cafe" (Just that fucking term makes me sick in the throat) and buy a bowl of cereal!


I can see it now - A bearded man, with a shaped and pruned moustache rides in on his fold up bike. He orders, in an ironic way, a bowl of Ricicles with "a splash" of Goats milk. He then sits there pontificating on the reasons why goats milk should be served at room temperature in order for the Ricicles to be enjoyed correctly.

And you know it's going to cost you about a fiver a bowl!

Over the years I've played various gigs in Shoreditch and seen the steady increase in Hipsters and their middle class, wanker-ness. I'm far from being someone that hates change, but I can not dig a society built on bull shit and narcisssim. 

I recently asked a friend how he thought it was that Shoreditch was now so dull and boring, because everyone who thinks they are different actually dresses and thinks the same, but Camden, regardless of it forever changing and adapting, still holds some danger. Some edginess. His retort was simple - Camden Town has historically had life living in it. Sure, there are the artists and the Hipsters that moved there, but the original working classes that have been around there still exist. They still work there, there are still the punks from back in the eighties. There are still the Goths from the ninties. There is a huge mish mash of people that continue to live side by side and so there is a melting pot of interest and culture. Shoreditch on the other hand is man made. It was a run down area. The aritsts moved in, then came the bankers and then the middle class hispters and before long, what was once reasnably exciting had flat lined into a race of one dimensinal people.


I play tonight in Camden Town at Proud Galleries, so come see what I am talking about when I say "Camden's still got it!"....Becasue I tell ya, it still has, believe!!


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