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Caldera - iPhone apps, Showcases and YLAF!!

Well fans, busy days out there for the Caldera crew. We are currently developing an iphone app (screenshot below) 

app dev

Here are a few shots of the actual app: 

app home screen


app back and the icon

app icon

More details will be released soon, keep up-to-date on the site for more info!! 

Also in the cool news department, we have our site featured on FourFour's showcase page you can see it here along with our review of (Thanks Steve!!) Please check out some of the other bands on the site, they are fantastic!! 

Also--the newest addition to the Caldera Collection is now available for download on Amazon MP3 and will be available by CD as early as Tuesday!! It's a nice surprise for us and you. Enjoy people!!

That's all for now folks, follow us on twitter (@Calderahater)




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