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Mark Mathews

Brunch - Or why I am single

Brunch. Just typing the word makes me annoyed. *Adopts annoying tone of voice* "It's not quite breakfast and it's not quite lunch". Oh, fuck off.

I swear the reason I stay single is because of this bloody phenonmen that has swept the lives of many...OK, I'm big enough to accept this is maybe one of a few reasons I am single...OK, one of many reasons, then, jeez! But you get my point, right?! 

Like clockwork, Sunday comes around and I see a million posts on facebook and Twitter about:

"Yay! It's brunch day" or "Brunch, the most favouritist part of the day in the world!"

I'll leave words that people add an 'ist' to, to another day shall I. 

Now a lot of these posts are coming from, or they are being tagged in, by people I know would NEVER have even known what brunch was a year or so ago before they got into this mess. They have been suckered in and it's frightening. All I can think of is the character, Richard from the dodgy BBC sit-com from the ninities,'Keeping up Appearnaces'

You might be thinking I'm being too harsh. "Come on, Mark, steady on. Live and let live" and for the most part I guess you're right, but there is something so inheritantly snobby and middle class about the word and the whole idea, that I find myself pushing it away. Perhaps it was my working class upbringing that has made me such a hater. I mean, I've done all right for myself now and if I wanted to take "Brunch" everyday, a brother could do that...but by God it makes me feel sick just thinking about it and I hope to never do such a thing, or at the very least not refer to it by it's made up name. 

It's Sunday. You eat food. Maybe it's lunch, maybe it's breakfast. Christ, eat Breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast for you are the master and commander of your waves, but don't start making it a snooty, horrible little event. 

And so in summary: It is unreasonable and passionate stances like these, that leave me a single man! I'm off to have my Lun-ner!

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