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Jennifer Lang|3'O Clock Saturday|Buy the New Download Album Online at for $12.99

An R & B Angel We’ve Been Waiting For; The New Album Release "3'O Clock Saturday" by Jennifer Lang


A fantastic R & B CD by a woman with a voice of an angel. Jennifer Lang is definitely a rising star in her genre. Move over Mariah! Move over Toni, Jennifer is here and she’s going to stay.

When I first held Jennifer Lang’s 3 O’Clock Saturday in my hands I was taken aback by the cover. What a beautiful smile Jennifer has. I assumed that this CD was going to go the route of the usual R & B CD, but I could not have been so wrong and I was so glad of that. This is one fantastic R & B CD!

Pop 3 O’Clock Saturday into the nearest CD player and be prepared to be wowed by Jennifer Lang’s voice. To describe her voice probably wouldn’t be doing it proper justice, but her sound is like a finely aged wine about to be uncorked and shared with a few friends, something to be enjoyed and savored.

3 O’Clock Saturday is Jennifer’s second album a follow up to her 2008 debut Just A Lang Thang. Her songs are centered around a love theme, and stem from Lang’s desire for people to know how important love really is. She does it beautifully with the new album. Her voice conveys sensuality, romance and the heartache of a breakup, which is something that we haven’t seen since Toni Braxton hit the scene. Yes, her voice is that big!

The songs are soulful, sometimes dealing with loss (Keep Your Head Up and Don’t Think On It), new love (Take Me There), and even more spiritual things (I Don‘t Know When It‘s Coming), but no matter what the song, Jennifer keeps most of the tracks upbeat and a little bit funky. That’s what sets this album apart from the rest. It is a perfect mixture of up and down beats. It’s not all funky with one token ballad tossed in for good measure. The tracks have a good flow and nothing seems out of place or unexpected.

If asked to pick a favorite, I’d be hard pressed to select just one. Falling in Love is such a bittersweet tune. Betcha Thought puts the funk back into funky. If you have a groove thang to shake, you’ll be shaking it to this song. Fairy Tales is delivered in such a way that the song delivers a one two punch to the listener. There’s just something about the vocal and haunting Middle Eastern sounding melody that gives this song that something special. Perhaps it’s because it really lets you see what a wonderful range Jennifer has. She hits the low note with precision and then soars into the clouds with the next.

There are plenty of R & B singers out there to choose from, but not many of them have a voice like Jennifer Lang and even fewer have an album as powerful as 3 O’clock Saturday. Jennifer is a fresh face on the music scene but that doesn’t mean she should be ignored, with her latest album, she shows the world that she’s here and she’s ready to take it on.

"I am so proud and thankful to God for this album," says Jennifer. "For me, '3'O Clock Saturday' is more than a collection of songs. It's more of a story that takes you from innocence to maturity to wisdom in the end. I always beleive in happily ever after."

So get your hands on a copy of "3'O Clock Saturday" by Jennifer Lang. Let her fantastic smile warm your heart while her music warms your soul. Listen to this over and over again and appreciate the vocal talent of a lady whose star is most certainly on the rise.

CDs and downloads available online now at and

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Jennifer Lang: 3 O

"3'O Clock Saturday"
Just A Lang Thang

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