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Beta Dogs @ G&L 2/20/14

The temperature was not sub-zero, which helped, but still, the winds were whipping in gusts of 50+ miles-per-hour on a 25° night in Chicago, after a day of rain and melting snow left streets and sidewalks looking like ponds and rivers. Yes, it has been a winter to remember (or forget) around here! Yet once again, the G&L filled up with friends, neighbors and fans to watch Beta Dogs tear through 2 1/2 hours of acoustic roots rock & roll. The vibe was quirky from the opening notes of a radically different-sounding version of "Bluegrass Thing", which may need to be renamed now -something more like "Blues Thing". Things just got weirder from there, as the band called songs out on the fly and the songs kept coming out in slightly altered states! No matter- the night was fun and the music percolated nicely, as it rolled along. No one remembers any of the details- guess we will have to give it a listen !


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