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WE are most pleased to report that the Wounded Lovers have been recording again after a summer break.  We can confirm that three tunes were recorded. Two fresh Fenwick originals, plus a new version of "I need you".

Also the boys over dubbed a guitar part on a song recorded last year called "My Confusion", So we should see four new recordings on this site in the near future,

Obviously we don't like to delve too deeply into the current state of play relationship wise between Fenwick and T-Bone, however it appears that the buzz words to describe the sessions that we extracted from studio staff are; SMOOTH, RELAXED, CREATIVE AND TIPSY. Normal service has resumed!  We shall keep you posted when we have more information on the release of the new material.

A little bit of Ex - Moriarty news has arrived at  Casa Mojo!

The Spaniard has been recording some solo material.  After announcing his retirement from the rock world, he has been secretly attending drum lessons, and creating a new piece of music called "Shark Attack".  We've heard this, and old Moriarty fans will be chuffed to know that the monsterous Spaniard guitar sound is present and correct!

Original Moriarty drummer Eamon Budney has contacted Casa Mojo to report tha he is alive and well and living in Poland where he has been the session drummer on all of Poland's Eurovision song contest entries over the last ten years. Fenwick and the Spaniard were relieved to hear that he was alive, as they both still have sleepless nights over journeys to and from Survival studios with Eamon behind the wheel!

Well that's all for now from Casa Mojo (the secret European HQ, of the Wounded Lovers)  


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