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At Last!

As we get ready for tonight’s show at Bordello in downtown LA (we’re supporting pals Socadia for their ep release party), we are ecstatic to report that the final mixes of the NotreMonde demos are complete!

We’ll be giving away some of these songs tonight, and are readying a web page for their easy download and distribution.  We’ve got big plans for this year, and are thrilled to have a collection of music that shows off what we hear in our head.

It’s been a lot of hard work, and we’re proud to say it was all done “in-house.”  We were adamant about not spending a dime on this project so we could save our hard-earned (and scarce) money.  This means we pass the savings on to you!!  These songs will all be given away for free, though we may ask for an email address.  Hope that’s not too much to ask….

First things first, we’ll play our first show in some months, then tomorrow we’ll get these songs posted so you can hear them.

Now, off to rock…


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