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Mark Mathews

And we're off!!!

Brothers and Sisters!!

After 2 weeks of not really a great deal going on, the summer tour has started!

Thanks to those that came down tonight to Lock 17. I may have been a little sick boy, but I enjoyed myself so much! ANd the new songs seemed to really work! I'm made up!

But yes, as sods law would have it I awoke to be dog sick today. I spent all day in bed before the show and then dragged myself to Camden Town, heavily dosed on pharmaceutical drugs and lucozade.

The classic combination for any performer, I think you'll agree!

I then checked out a couple of songs from the headliners called "The Kings Parade" before dashing off. Not becasue they weren't any good, far from it they were ace, but more to do with me wanting to get in my bed with a nice hot cup of Lemsip.

And they have the cheek to say Rock N Roll is dead!

Alas, we move on and we carry on like the soldiers we are! Next show is on Wednesday at Rise46 and the following day is a full band gig at Paper Dress Vintage, so please do come on down if you can.

I am seriously buzzing to be back on stage and not only that, within a week I'll be using the days I'm not performing to record my new album! Oh yes! Some of the new material can all be heard on this tour, beleive!


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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
Misspent Future
The Raging Sea

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