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The road to fame and riches is littered with setbacks. This we Fleas know only too well, and it's a fact we're painfully aware of at the moment. Why? Because our new bass player left the band without warning a couple of weeks ago.

Not only did he leave without discussion, but he left us high and dry when we had a couple of gigs yet to play. Grrr. Definitely not good band etiquette. Anyway, this means we're having to pull out of our live commitments for a while and audition for a new bassist. 

Because our set is so diverse, we need a bass player that can straddle melody and groove - a challenge that not everyone is equal to.

So if anyone out there fancies it, and can play indie melodies with a bit of soul, the auditions are happening this Sunday, 8th Nov. Get in touch.

Sorry fans. See you out there again soon.

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