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Dave Magario

A whirlwind that has taken hold...

These last few weeks have been an explosion; a whirlwind that has taken hold of creativity and whipped it into a wild, tangled mass of focus and fervor. Just as I set the Kickstarter Campaign into motion, a project that had been looming for almost a year finally came around, got really awesome, and happened! Poof! Came and went.

A while back, my sister-in-law dropped my name to a friend who was in a tribute project that lost a singer. That tribute was to the late, great, and posthumously-famed Jeff Buckley. The previous singer had hurt his voice throwing himself into singing Buckley's work and decided he'd better not chance it (considering he has other projects to sing for.)

So with Ron Mominee, Rodger LaVallee, and Derek Kerswill, I am now singing and playing guitar for what has blossomed into a full fledged tribute band. Not just a one-off. Peyote Radio Theatre will be a regular thing. The name comes from Jeff's first promotional EP/demo which had 3 tracks (Mojo Pin, Kangaroo, and Dream Brother). He also used the title for his business entity and all of the bands gear had "Peyote Radio Theatre" stenciled on the cases.

I've said all that to set up the retelling of the rehearsals and the show that followed. These guys are pros. They've had 10 years and more to refine their skills. That wonderful story of "he started playing at the age of 6," and so on...that's these guys. So I was nervous to show my own skills. But once I got behind that mic and my guitar, it all happened like some wonderful scene in a movie. Lots of shared looks that said "wow. damn, guys. this is great." Two rehearsals. Just two. With lots and LOTS of cramming to comprehend Buckley's chords and progressions and skill-stretching vocals.

Then, March 26 happened. The big show. No nerves. Not until I got on that stage and realized that it was real. Although it still plays back like dreams do when you remember them the next morning - foggy, out of order, and full of tricks of the mind and impossibilities. Several people were video taping though, so there is proof! We were there. It happened, really!

My cheat sheets were slipping off the stand. Here, I'm about to throw the rest up in the air.

A couple times Derek looked over at me with a face-wide grin and said "Dude...where did you come from?" It's comments like that that'll give a man a massive egos, buddy. Ease up. Then Rodger, a couple times into the microphone, "Dave. Your awesome," with the audience roaring approval. And me, most likely blushing, definitely shaking my head, and telling everyone (in my mind) to "shut up! ...nuh-uh!"

...All the time I was working on Buckley's music, I was watching my Kickstarter funding climb higher and continuously asking support of and thanking people left and right.. Here we are two weeks down with 3 more to go, and I'm at 38% - Shocked by the generous pledges and all the support in general, (links being shared all over the place.)

I've been thinking ahead about this recording project and some great ideas are coming up. We'll see how much of it can be accomplished. And it all still hangs on whether or not I reach my funding goal! The pressure is on. It's going to be a long few weeks but I'm ready.

So much positive energy in and around me. Friends touring again. New EPs and projects. Constant mutation and transition; migration and transformation. I look forward to looking forward some more.

See you somewhere up the road.

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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