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Mark Mathews

A post about 'The Beatles' that no one really needs!

ITV, the TV channel that plays it's massive part in dumbing down the whole of the UK recently had one of those pointless 'count down' shows.

I watched it. 

Yes, ITV finally found the subject that would make me tune in to their bland, cheap channel: The Beatles.

What they had done is surveyed the nation and found the top tracks of, The Beatles, and then put it in a show with celebrity talking heads as they counted down to the number one spot.


Now, I'm not here to chat about who won (Hey Jude, incidentally) or whether I agreed with the nation (for the most part yes, but the top ten was dubious). I just came close to tears whilst watching it and I wanted to write about that.

Yes, I said 'close to tears'.

You see, I understand why after fifty years since those mop tops released their first tune, people like them at ITV can make a programme about, The Beatles, and get such a huge audience for it with myself being a part of that very audience - Their status has gone beyond just music.

I've always been a bit of a lone wolf, I've been one of those that had lots of friends but was always really living inside my own head. Happy on my own, dreaming if with others. I wrote stories a lot as a way of almost living out these fantasies and dreams that were created in my head. I was always interested in music, but nothing ever really caught my very fragile attention and nothing I heard ever had the magic I was looking for within my dreams.

And then I found, 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' and things changed.

Finally there seemed to be a group of people that were thinking the stuff I was thinking. 'Lovely Rita' being the first real Beatles song that caught my attention allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. Relief that in actual fact there is something I could channel my energies to. There was something that a dreamer like me could do. Not only that, this record (and eventually all their others as I went though the back catalogue) had this amazing ability of making me unbelievably happy and positive about life. Not that I was depressed, but there were tough times I went through (not for now kids, that's for the memoirs) and yet those four lads, who were well into their fifties at that point (aside from Old John. RIP) were able to speak to me in my language, to make me see things from a different and better point of view and aided my hand in dealing with the complex business of life.

Sounds a bit too deep for a band, eh?

Well, that's why they're fucking incredible!

You see, for me and millions others, The Beatles, are not just 'that band' that everyone has to appreciate or 'that band' that had funny hair cuts and sang 'I wanna hold your hand'. No, The Beatles, in many ways played a part in bringing me up, of teaching me to love, to create and to question things. They are more than just a band. 

I still to this very day - after reading more than enough books about them, watching more than enough documentaries and films about them, and of course listening way more than enough to all their music - look up to them as guides in my life. Not in the 'blind faith' religious sense, but I look to them as inspiration, as lessons on being human (both good and bad), as a baramoter of things to strive for. They were four blokes that in one way are totally real and tangible and yet in another way totally 'not of this world'

Now, this blog is becoming more and more sycophantic and vomit inducing as I go along - "Yes Mark, you love, The Beatles, we got it" - so I should bring it to a close. I could go on for reams of pages (Electronic reams of course in this day of age) but I shan't. Essentially, all of the above and the reams of extra dialogue I could write all came flooding back as I sat for two hours watching ITV and it hit me hard that I felt a huge tidal wave of emotion. Not something I ever expected.

I have known and been a fan of, The Beatles, for the past 23 years (and counting) and although I no way near listen to them as much as I used to, they will forever be the absolute guiding light of my life. People get married, have kids and have careers that they'd die for.

I have, The Beatles. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

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