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A BIG DEMAGOLKA UPDATE: new album and an awesome re-issue!

Hello folks! 

It's been a long time since the last update. Demagolka disbanded in 2013 just to reform briefly merely a couple of months later. During that time things happened - let us explain them here.


This one's a big one - Stateslaver Zero has completed work on Demagolka's sixth studio album, "Varmalus", a massive 50-minute collection of epic ambient pieces that are among Team Nakrikal's best soundscapes to date.

The album is available as Disc Two of the "IMPERIAL EDITION", a Special Edition release containing the following:

- Disc One contains the remastered re-issues of "Strenuus" and "Bloodfen EP", along with two exclusive bonus tracks.

- Disc Two is "Varmalus" in its entirety. It also included two HIDDEN BONUS TRACKS exclusive to this release and available only to those who purchase the entire album.

- Additional goodies include hi-res "Varmalus" artwork designed by Stateslaver Zero for the purposes of this project.

IMPERIAL EDITION is available for 2$ only! If you like our work please support us and spread the word!



First things first - Stateslaver Zero is the new team leader and the CEO of Nakrikal Records. Our main focus will be on releasing high quality releases for you to purchase on our Bandcamp profile, but fear not! You can expect some free music from us in the future as well.

What happened to Demagolka over the last year? After releasing "Construction Worker" (2013) and "Demagolka" (2014), as well as collaborating with Banan on the "Tatooine EP" Doc Demagol left the band to focus on The Sap Drains, an experimental pop project by Randall Rhodes, one of the most important members of The Demagolka Band, responsible for "Daratar" (2012) and "Altahe" (2013), leaving Stateslaver Zero as the sole member of the band.

What we want to do is to update a number of things on this website, including the Discography section to reflect recent changes. We might also update our Twitter profile as well, provided that we gain access to it. 

The plan is to release stuff by some new interesting bands and musicians in the future as well. Stay tuned!

- Team Nakrikal

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