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Weston James

"SKY" by Weston James. 9-11 Remembrance. True Story.

Today is 9-11-2009.  Eight years ago this day our nation was ruthlessly attacked by an extremist group radical Islamic terrorists and over 3000 innocent lives were lost.  For those of you that know me personally, you know this day is especially difficult for me.  While I did not lose anyone close to me in either of the attacks, I actually was in New York City and was only a few blocks away from the World Trade Center when the first plane hit.  That day and those that immediately followed will forever be etched on my memory.

I felt compelled to write something that would help keep the memory of that day and those that were lost alive in our collective memory..... this is what came to me....


Copyright 2009 Weston James Music Words and Music written by Weston James VERSE I Well I was there that day, I saw the towers fall with my own eyes And as I walked away, I saw the black smoke filling up a blue sky I remember how hard it hit me, the first time I left the city When I looked back and saw that a piece of my sky was gone VERSE II Well I often think about all the people who died that day And I thank God for all of us who were able to walk away Then I wonder to myself, did we get a glimpse of Hell And what all have we learned from seeing Hell anyway? CHORUS Cause we still got people fighting, and we still got people dying And we still got people trying to take us out and watch us fall And it truly is terrifying, to live in a world with so much hate And when I look back, nothing has really changed anyway Cause when I look back that piece of sky is still gone Oh when I look back that piece of sky is still gone VERSE III I wonder what the history books are gonna say about us Were we the ones who gave peace a chance or did we let it turn to dust I pray that we will always remember, that terrible day in September And never forget that precious piece of sky we all lost REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE Someday I we'll see that sky again REPEAT CHORUS TAG It's all wrong that piece of sky is still gone Yeah it's all wrong that piece of sky is still gone.

Country & Weston

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