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King Mike V


L'eclipse Nue

UPDATE: 3/13 live at Shinokubo Suizokkan バー大久保水族館

The OPEN/START time has changed to 18:00 for the 3/13/2011 show at Shinokubo Suizokkan バー大久保水族館.

Here is the line up, along with estimated start times:

Sete Star Sept - 18:00

L'eclipse Nue - 18:40

Orphan - 19:20

うしろ前さかさ族 - 20:00

Molester - 20:40

Dreams Come True - 21:20

O.G.D. - 22:00


Don't be late, or you will miss the great SETE STAR SEPT, who are opening the show!!

Varying Degrees of Discomfort [CD]

David Ullman

Production Diary: An Old Fashioned Record in the Era of Downloads

"Wanna start… but where to begin?" That's the opening line to one of the songs on this new album. It's also how I feel about trying to blog about it.

Recently, I was watching Bruce Springsteen on VH1 Storeytellers, and he begins by saying "Talking about music is like talking about sex. Can you describe it? Are you supposed to?" 

I'm not one to argue with The Boss, but I'm going to try and say a few words about what Jack and I are aiming to do here. Whereas my first album was written and recorded in a vacuum and performed at gigs after the fact, all of the songs on this as-yet-untitled effort have been honed and developed on stage. Accordingly, the primary goal for this new record is to capture the energy and dynamics of my live performances with minimal accompaniment and put them out on vinyl.

That's right folks. In the new era of (disposable) digital downloads, we're making an old fashioned record--what Jack likes to call a "Billy Joel," meaning a nine-song-LP. 

Read more, see behind the scenes videos and find out which nine songs are going into production on our Facebook Page

Dog Days
Deja Vu
Light The Dark

Leonard Koggins Trio

New Dates Added

Visit the shows page for new shows coming up in April & May.  Also go by the pics & updated bio to get familiar with Mr. Biff, a new addition to the LK3 Family! Check out the LK3 Facebook Fan Page & hit 'like' to stay up to date on news & show dates.



Return To Me “LA Edit and Single version”, the new single from DANCE TO TIPPERARY’s Return To Me “Special Edition Album” coming March 11th is now on we7 and available to download from iTunes, Amazon and all good digital retailers and an exclusive CD version is available at Get your copy now!



       (LA RADIO EDIT)
02 -

Tay Clemons

Tay Clemons New Single "FREE" feat. B-U Single NOW Available On Itunes!!!

Hey everyone, my new single "FREE" feat. B-U is NOW available on Itunes!!!

Get your download TODAY!!! 

Rate how you like it and also leave me a review on Itunes for others to see.

Let's make this song the #1 most downloaded song this week.


I am grateful for your support, Love you guys

- Tay

Free - Single

Kick Bricks

acoustic Elbo Room footage from 1.29.11

We have been given video of us doing our acoustic thing at Elbo Room. Check it out on our video page. This is straight bootleg stuff, but it definitely gives the flavor of the night! More to follow in the coming days!

Insignificant Others

Kate Furister


Hey guys, just want to say that I don't know everything you are going through, but I will be praying for everyone of you. I will be here to help suport even if I don't know you and if you feel like you ever need someone to talk to, just email me.

Dave Magario

A rare moment of sharing...

     I don't usually share words with the world until a song let's me know it's done. But I've been feeling like sharing a bit more recently. So, to quote one of my favorite speeches from a film, "without further gilding the lily," here are some lyrics...I will explain a bit after.

Gather in your children
There's beasts out in the land
Huddle in your kitchens
There's no time now, understand
Take up your arms
And fight to save what's left 
...Do what you can

They're starving for attention
These thirsty souls lay bared
Keeping watch the night through
These tired eyes still stare
Gather at the fire
And tend your wounds with care 
...Do what you can

Why do we aid the stranger at our side?
What is the thing that draws the good from inside?
I am no hero; no saintly soul
We act on instinct until the pieces again are whole

The best of men will wonder
While the worst claim to be blind
The last of us to falter
Is the first we stand behind
Stake your claim and hold
And shelter in the light 
...Do what you can

     Now then... That song is something I posted about on twitter the other day. Initially, I was inspired to write when a friend sent me a video of Townes Van Zandt singing a song of his called Tecumseh Valley. His sadness and his hopelessness sparked the process. Then, after researching a bit, I stepped away from his music and went back to listening to this audio-book version of a series I'm intensely into.

     The world inside the Wheel of Time books drew out these words. The imagery and the desperation that comes through in not just the main characters (of which there are many,) but the passers-by and the background characters...All searching for their path through a violent and trying time to be alive. 

     Imagine a world slowly falling into chaos, depravity, and darkness. Roving bands of criminals looting villages and burning everything else. Aberrations of chance causing people to die by the simplest accident and on the other hand, people surviving frighteningly implausible ones. Entire ghost towns appearing, then melting away into the land, dragging the living down with them, out of reality into nothingness. Add to that world giant half-man beasts that lust for blood and enjoy a good hunt rampaging...scary stuff. But there's always hope to be found in some brave soul; one person who will not stand for the atrocities befalling their friends, families, countrymen.

     That's what reaches to me from the story. Hope is always there to be taken up and held high like a banner or a torch in the darkness. ...So yes...that's where my thoughts went, when I started to write this song. I may add or change things. But I enjoy it as it is right now. The music that jumped out for it is... new for me in some fashion. A different style somehow. Maybe someone can sense it when I get to play it. 

     I have realized some very distinct voices in my writing. They're building a multi-sided figure I have yet to discover the shape of. On one side of this shape, I've been growing more into the mellow and introspective - these songs tend to become very folky, eerie, and somewhat ...ethereal. They are the songs that seem to be overlooked at performances - by the audience and even by me sometimes. Usually because I try to gauge the mood of the crowd and play off that - and these audiences' vibes tell me "play something happy." (That's a testament to the times we live in.)
     On another side, I've got this blues-driven, Tom Waitsian fervor that scratches and claws to be let out. There, I let some upbeat songs come through. When I pull out one of these the heads start turning at shows. I haven't reached anywhere near what I know I can do in this style. But it's coming through here and there. Tied into this bluesy thing comes some of the songs I've started writing for piano. I look to Ben Folds. And I listen to the Elton John & Leon Russell collaboration. There's a pounding, boiling, soulful energy in a lot of that music. I'm trying to find some of the energy I had when I first started writing on the keys. Here's a chorus I have for a piano piece I'm working on:

Where there is joy - I hope to be there
When I find strength - I hope to be fair
When I have the means - I'll right what I've done wrong
Where there is joy - I pray there is a song

     That's just a bit of the song, but the rest needs too much editing to share it now. Unfocused thoughts and images. ---- I realize this is getting to be a massive entry, but I'm ok with that. I started writing it...two hours ago, far as I can tell. I thought I would be done much sooner. But blogging can wait when there is conversation to be had. ---- Back to the previous train of thought... ...There is another side of my writing that is for other voices. I write knowing that I might never actually perform a song. It's meant for a different voice. Those take me to a more pop-sensible place. Straight-forward lyrics with the listener in mind, too. I've never actually had someone else perform one of these. Some day,...we'll see. 

     One last scrap of unedited lyric to close out the night. If you've read this far, you are wonderful. Here's a gold star right on your forehead:------------------>

There's anger in your words 
And fire, too
But your tone says more than sounds could
And it stabs right through
The careful denial
Beneath a hand-crafted smile
Your violence is done
your anger has won

I watched you close
Not close enough for you to see
You pulled away your mask 
And let yourself breath
Your skin had paled
But your eyes stayed sharp
I know you see the layers of shame and scars
Can you see the glow 
And the beauty, patient and pure?
I know you once believed 
What can I do to make you sure?


Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

Audible Mainframe

AMF in Vegas - March 11th - New York New York

AMF in Vegas - March 11th 2011

War To Be One

Rhema Soul

BLOG | Silence

It's amazing how much noise we surround ourselves with. We have television, radio, phones, computers. We have so many different things competing for our attention on a daily basis. We have so many things keeping us from stillness, from silence. Is your phone constantly at your side? Do you check your email every 13 seconds? When is the last time you went without music while in your car? Sometimes we want so badly for God to speak, to give us direction. But what if He is speaking? What if we just can't hear Him through all our noise? Find some time today to unplug and just be.

Psalm 46;10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”



Dope Beats & Good News
Worn Soles

Rhema Soul



Dope Beats & Good News
Worn Soles


Romance opening for Peter Murphy show in Seattle!

We're so honored to be playing with another one of our biggest idols Peter Murphy (ex-Bauhaus)! Definitely don't miss this show with one of the greatest pioneers of the post-punk goth sound.

Get Tickets here: t/servlet/onlineSale?action=selectPerformance&performance_id=1422453

March 7, 2011 7:00 PM
Studio Seven
Door Price:$27
Adv. Tix:$22

All Ages, Bar with ID



The Divide
When Things Are Better


Return To Me - DANCE TO TIPPERARY - Official Video

The official music video for DANCE TO TIPPERARY's "Return To Me" LA Single Version from the album "RETURN TO ME" Special Edition.

Download Return To Me "LA edit and Single" version on iTunes

Purchase Return To Me "La Edit and Single Version" on CD at DANCE TO TIPPERARY online store 

Kate Furister

Last Fm

For anyone who has not yet visited my Last Fm page, all of my recorded music is up there, as well as pics! Check it out!

Kate Furister

New Song

I am working on a new song called Worth Every Moment. Hope I get it out soon, cause I think that if you liked some of my past pieces, you will like this one even more!

Kate Furister

Looking For Something To Write About

Hey guys! If anyone has any ideas for a song I could write, let me know!

Loran Marshall

Fan comment

I am a facebook fan and have been a strong supporter of various independant artists on isound, FB, myspace, etc. for several years...I just wanted to drop a quick line to say that Loran's story is truly inspirational :)  Kudos on the website, and thanks for sharing the music :)  While I am a fan of various types of music, from classical to country to metal, I find that it is the stories behind the artists that make the music something to believe in...Good luck in all future endeavors :)



Drinkin' for My Thinkin'
Electrifying Hot Hits
Riding My Hog
Anniversary Album
You're Safe With God

The Despoilers

Stop Press: 19th March Venue Change!

There has been a bit of a mix-up with the Yorkshire Rose gig planned for 19th March. The gig is now cancelled and the band is re-booked to play "The Three Horse Shoes" Headingley instead.

We just love this venue and you should expect another night of crazy dancing, alcohol abuse and general bad behavior (Yes thats the band we are talking about).

If ya can make it we are on from 9:00pm, free entry and we would love to see ya.

The Despoilers 

Goat Leaf

...drowning in your sea of green.

The Goat Leaf compact disc - Colorscene - is now in existence in three dimensional reality. Feed your ears. Nine tracks of no brainer high volume un-polluted working class Rock 'n' Roll. No scene, no leaders...just sonic colouration.

A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales of crashing satellites

Dave Magario

Grab life by it's thorny bits...

     For me, big decisions have never come easily or been made lightly. I've spent the last year or so slowly rolling an idea around in my head to see it from different angles, in different moods. The idea? A BIG change. A big move. Of course the first red flags are always "Wait, why?" or "You can't leave everything behind!" and "What about everyone you know here?" But those thoughts all stem from fear of the unknown. And let's face it, we've got the internet. No two people are REALLY ever out of touch when there are two computers or cell phones between them. So, putting that train of thought aside, the thought becomes more enticing and easier to approach.

     Where to? There are so many places to see. The traveling/touring I did last year was a drop in the bucket. I got these wallet-sized snapshots of experiences and people and places every day for two weeks. I've never done much traveling, so I'd say it's about time I packed up what I need and found somewhere else to be. I've got family making a big move to Austin later this year. I may follow that transition and hang out there for a while. But that won't be a permanent thing. 

     There's New York and Los Angeles. And there's New Orleans or Montreal. Seattle or San Diego. Two very different Portlands on either side of the nation. Then there's the rest of the whole wild world! Good lord. What have I been waiting for, right? Maturity. General sensibility. Money. A conscious grasp of what I'm about on this green rock spiraling around an average star. Or maybe that's all crap and I've just been too damn scared to step up and grab my life by it's thorny bits and take the chances I've been side-stepping for most of a decade. 

     I've talked to several people about this. I've gotten the same response from them all. "That sounds like a great idea!" But, before I go anywhere, I plan to play some great show. See some even better shows. And spend time collecting the good memories I've forgotten about this place and the people I love. I do not want to leave home with a barrel of only sadness and regret. That will come along. It's unavoidable. But It doesn't have to be everything I remember and feel for Massachusetts. 

     Tonight I'm playing a last minute set in Worcester. I don't expect to see many familiar faces there because of the timing. Still, I'm excited to have a chance to play more than a half hour. I'll have an hour or more to work in. That's where I thrive. The long form show is my friend. Room to improvise and let the songs shake off some of their dust. It's been a long time since I've played some of those I have in mind. The lyrics have been buzzing in my head all day as if they were someone else's. I caught myself asking my memory, "who's song is that?" then I probably blushed as I realized, "Oh...stupid. That's yours." 

    I think that's a testament to how I write. I write songs that I like!! Perhaps no one else will get the lyrics or the music, but I write for myself as much as I do for people that enjoy what I create. So maybe it's a little self-serving. Don't I have to be happy with what I write, though? Of course. 

.....This went on a bit longer than I expected it would. I'll have to come back to this and write another time. Maybe after the show if there's energy left for that. Until next time, all five of my readers, I bid you bonne nuit and a happy but mentally challenging weekend. 


Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

Echoes de Luxe


The last piece of gear to complete our portable lighting rig has arrived. 

We'll post some short videos to show it off very soon.

Hold On EP


Fun Friday - The First Rule Of Fight Club

Fun Friday – The First Rule Of Fight Club


I cut my finger on some tin foil today. Clearly the world is definitely getting more dangerous by the minute. Never mind the global insurrection against banker occupation (as Max Keiser would say), making a bacon sandwich can be hazardous for more than just your cholesterol.


Anyway, it so happens that I caught a re-run of Fight Club the other night. An eminently quotable film, my personal favourites, given that it is some twelve or so years old were:


Brad Pitt - “Think of everything we’ve accomplished man. Out these windows we will view the collapse of financial history. One step closer to economic equilibrium.”




Ed Norton - “Trust me, everything’s gonna be fine. You met me at a very strange time in my life.”


That these lines lingered in my mind will not be entirely surprising to anyone that has read my last few blog posts. When a creative oik gets struck down with a little writer’s block there are a variety of things they can do to try and get past it. They can plough on through, creating almost for the sake of it, just to do the work, even if it comes to pass that what they create is deemed unworthy. They can sit it out and wait for inspiration to strike or they can go and do something else entirely.


For the last few months, I’ve done the latter. As ridiculous as it sounds, if I am not making music (and regardless of whether anyone else on earth thinks that’s a good thing or not), in my own head I effectively cease to exist. It’s a good job I don’t get melodramatic about it ;) Reading up on all the fundamentals of how the great economic crisis came to pass has at least occupied my mind whilst the blonde bombshell has sat and looked at me accusingly, wondering why I have neglected her of late. It’s not you, it’s me I tell her. Ahem.


And what have I learned? Well, in short, the whole system we’re in is based on a fundamental fraud. Though by nature I am a sentimental old fool, every once in a while I like to try and make sense of things with nothing but cold, hard logic to light my way. The conclusions you can come to are, quite frankly, horrifying, even if it’s a purely intellectual exercise. Watching so-called alternative news channels like Al Jazeera or Russia Today and comparing them to the BBC, Sky News or good ol’ Channel 4 is really quite enlightening. Those occasional astute questions about why we’re so bothered about the humanitarian disaster in Libya, when we’ve all but forgotten about Somalia and the Sudan et al, are clearly burdensome for the ever-revolving cast of politicians who consistently fail to answer the question. Still, we support all claims for democracy don’t we? I mean, at the very least it means we’ll be able to sell them more stuff right? No, not military hardware, don’t be silly, why would we ever do that? Oh, I see. You almost had me going there.


Where we are, it literally defies logic. I think I’d better try and get over this writer’s block double quick, maybe learning the piano will help? Otherwise I’ll see you in the basement. I’ll be the one with the plaster over the tin foil cut.


Say it with me, the first rule of Fight Club…..




A New Transmission
So Much For Country

Rhema Soul

BLOG | Committed to the Cause

Hillsong UNITED - Hosanna ft. Brooke Ligertwood

Last night I was challenged by this song. There’s a line in the song, that says, ‘Break my heart for what breaks yours.’ and I thought to myself, how often do I feel as if my heart breaks for the loss. I remember when I first gave my life to the Lord, my zeal and commitment to the cause was un fleeting. My spirit was consumed with this overwhelming passion for everyone to feel this joy that had overtaken me. I wanted everyone to know of this God who had taken a broken, depressed, and wounded young girl and pieced her back together as if I had never fallen. As the years have gone by, I’ve gotten consumed with “life.” The past few months I’ve been asking for a fresh desire; a fresh anointing. My skill and talent will only take me but so far. Then comes God. The one who gave me these desires, these dreams. I want to see people in need of hope and react with such an urgency to offer them this salvation. I want to forever be committed to the cause of the kingdom.

- Butta


Dope Beats & Good News
Worn Soles

rob marcus

The EP has arrived!

I am so excited to announce that several boxes arrived at my door today containing 1000 copies of the Rob Marcus EP.  The imagery turned out beautiful and truly ecapsulates the inspiration I found while on my travels throughout S.E. Asia. 

The EP is available on the music section of this page.  When you order a physical CD from my site, it includes a free digital download in the format of your choosing.

I hope you enjoy the music and please, spread the word.

King Mike V

King Mike V & Melk $$$$ LIVE IN LONG BEACH, CA......THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!

Next Flight To Heaven

What we've been working on...

Its been a while since we updated the website and many may be wondering why right?

Well Next Flight To Heaven has extensively been working on some great stuff that is some of the best songs of worship to Our God that we have seen in a while. But we decided to let you our great Fans to see what we have been working on. Below is a link that will take you to just a few of the song titles that we are currently working to produce and have out enjoy. God Bless All of you


Thank-You for graciously helping Next Flight To Heaven reach more people for Our Saviour.

Katie Garibaldi

Katie is Winner of the 2011 DIY Music Festival!

Katie Garibaldi has been selected as a winner and featured artist at the 2011 DIY Music Festival in Hollywood!

Excerpted from

THE 2011 DIY Music Festival has selected Katie Garibaldi and The Wallburds as the winners of its annual competition honoring the best of independent music. The acts will be showcased on March 4, 2011 at in Hollywood.

Our fifth annual showcase is presented in conjunction with Bug Music, North America’s largest independent music publisher. Headlining the show will be hip-hop superstar Lyrics Born, who has collaborated with such artists as Galactic, DJ Shadow, The Bamboos, Soulico, Dosmoccos, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, DJ Z-Trip (on the 2005 song "The Get Down"), Diverse (on the song "Explosive"), Tommy Guerrero, R. L. Burnside (on the song "Someday Baby"), Morcheeba, Zion I, Mistah F.A.B. and Pigeon John, among others.

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

Katie Garibaldi

Katie Is Winner of DIY Music Festival! + March News. Read the March 2011 Newsletter!

My new March 2011 Newsletter is now available to read! After a great tour in Nashville (go to my Facebook page to see pictures from my trip), I'm home in the Bay for just one day and then I'm off to Los Angeles! I'm very excited to announce that I have been named the winner, along with band The Wallburds, of the 2011 DIY Music Festival, honoring the best in independent music! I'll be performing at their industry showcase on March 4th in Hollywood, after a special dinner with the industry and artist guests the night before. I'm very thankful for this opportunity and honor, and I can't wait to kick off March on a high note! I'm also looking forward to playing again in San Luis Obispo this month! Please read the newsletter for all March show info as well as this month's updates at

If you haven't done so already, please join the official mailing list where you can get my monthly newsletter delivered right to your inbox and never miss a beat.
Sign up at
(There's also a quick link to join the list at the top of the newsletter)

See you out and about in March!
xo, Katie

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

Huke Green

Huke's first ever hometown show!

Two, YES TWO...shows this Friday at Da Swamp Shak! Come for lunch, then bring the family for Dinner!

You may have noticed a change on the schedule for this coming Friday, March 4. We had been booked to play at Grampy Larry's on Lake Conroe, but Due to a change in ownership and remodel that show was cancelled. Instead We are now playing closer to home... in fact, a home-coming for me as we play in Channelview at 214 Sheldon Rd. at the newly opened Cajun food joint, Da Swamp Shak.

I wouldn't come to play any old place in my hometown, I waited for the RIGHT place to open up, and Da Swamp Shak delivers! They have hands down the BEST Cajun food this side of the Sabine! I have eaten there on many occasions and never had a bad bite. This isn't some frozen food heated up in the microwave, you got your Red Bans and Rice cooked overnight with tender peices of pork. It's hard to suggest something to eat there, because everything from the Blocker Burger, to the Gumbo, To the Fish Poboy with Cajun Mayo has been a home run!

This Friday you get your chance to check out the best new place to eat in East Houston AND have the folks from the True Roots Union entertain you with a lunch AND Dinner show. Come out and Kick Mardi Gras off right, and welcome to your new favorite restaurant!    


On The Wayward Path
Rustic Poet


St. Patrick's Day Show!

St. Patrick’s Day Show w/Melovine, Saturate, Pandemic, Faceplant, From Guts To Glory, JFK Suicide Theory, & Big Richard @ 2-A-Days Sports Bar in Pearland.

Learning To Lose


Bayou Fest Houston


This is a MONSTER show! We go on at about 3:00, so get there early! We are pre-selling tickets for $29.00! If you want tickets, hit us up on Facebook.



Saliva – 10:30pm – 11:40pm

Rev Theory – 9:20pm – 10:00pm

Dimitri’s Rail – 8:20pm – 9:00pm

Back From Ashes – 7:30pm – 8:05pm

Nothing More – 6:45pm – 7:15pm

Dev Electric – 6:05pm – 6:35pm

Deep Ella – 5:20pm – 5:50pm

Forever Falls – 4:35pm – 5:05pm

Black Queen Speaks – 3:50pm – 4:20pm

Melovine – 3:05pm – 3:35pm

Saturate – 2:20pm – 2:50pm

The Band Foster – 1:35pm – 2:05pm



TBA – 7:00pm – 7:40pm

Paris Green – 6:15pm – 6:45pm

From Guts to Glory – 4:00pm -4:30pm

Carmeci – 3:15pm – 3:45pm

Sheila Swift – 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Weston Brown – 1:45pm – 2:15pm

Fear Fed Eyes – 1:00pm – 1:30pm



TBA – 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Sundance Head – 6:15pm – 6:45pm

Cari Quoyeser – 5:30pm – 6:00pm

David Vidal – 4:45pm – 5:15pm

Phoenix – 4:00pm – 4:30pm

Stükenberg – 3:15pm – 4:15pm


* Lineup/Times Subject To Change


PURPOSE #1: Bayou Fest Houston (BFH) is the brain child of Paul Ehmer (Dimitri’s Rail), Hank and Mike Cortez (Music Media Productions/Metal Music Promotions). The goal of BFH is to help raise money for The Layla Grace Children’s Cancer Research Foundation (LGF) and raise money/awareness for childhood cancer. Proceeds of BFH will go to these causes.


PURPOSE #2: To help create and rejuvenate the music scene in Houston, TX and bring notice to the extraordinary talent of the core group of high end talented bands based in Houston and regionally. This will help economy in Houston through awareness of local businesses as well.


Learning To Lose

Kultur Shock

Online store shipments

As of right now, all CDs and the Exit Live DVD in our store are available for order and immediate shippment! More merchendising coming soon.


Ministry of Kultur
Live in Europe
We Came to Take Your Jobs Away
Kultura- Diktatura

The Beautiful Losers

TBL Debut at Marin's hottest new night club and

Announcing The Beautiful Losers and band headline debut at Marin's classy new night club, George's… Dine! Drink! Dance! and Groove all night long!

Tres Mojo open the show at 9PM for an hour of  eclectic music that traverses the terrain between funk, calypso, reggae, New Orleans, rhumba, jazz, R&B, blues, and rock & roll.  Led by keyboardist Jim Talley Tres Mojo are sure to get you jammin’ on the dance floor!!!

TBL and band take the stage next, and special guest Mixman Shawn will also be performing some new music and style collaborations with us!!  Expect some special magic!!!!!

And we are triply in luck on this night to have Gabby La La to bring the event to its conclusion!!!  Gabby La La’s music is a mixture of funk, freak-folk, hindu-pop, cabaret, and traditional North Indian Classical music.   La La has performed and recorded with Les Claypool, Bob Weir, Snoop Dogg, Macy Gray, and P-Funk… so let yourself enjoy, even for moment, her world of imagination and unrestrained child joy.

Advance tickets only $10, $15 at the door.  Get yours now at

If you can’t come to the show (or if you just want more of The Beautiful Losers)  visit us on the web at where we have posted several songs along with the artwork of our friend Kiki Bragard in Germany.  Music and pictures go so good together!

thesixtyone is a place for beautiful music discovery, and we think you will be impressed.  Please do support us with your hearts and comments  =)  Click now:

For more info on Tres Mojo and Gabby La La, do look on Facebook or search the world wide web… we’re all wired now!

And for the ambitious, we encourage you to use our links and widgets to connect with us further and spread the virus… we mean music… with your friends and family =)

Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to enjoying more music and good times with you!



PRE-ORDER The 'Special Edition' of DANCE TO TIPPERARY - RETURN TO ME Album now !!!

A Special Edition of DANCE TO TIPPERARY’s album Return To Me will be released on March 11th.

You can pre-order a CD copy of the Special Edition of Return To Me album featuring 5 additional bonus tracks at now! and pre-order for download at iTunes NOW!!!


Echoes de Luxe


Meeting a potential producer for our upcoming recordings today.  Very excited, cross your fingers...

Here's a cool car.

Hold On EP

Secret Sirens

Supporting Mark Morriss of The Bluetones


We are supporting Mark Morris (lead singer from The Bluetones) this Thursday 3rd March @ The Cockpit in Leeds.  We have ran out of tickets, but you can still pay on the door on the night!  Looking forward to hearing Mark's solo material ;-)

Favourite Obsessions
Favourite Obsessions

Raising Mother Kane


Hey everyone we have some new pics added to the site. More to come!! We added some of tonights rehearsal and recording sessions. You may think some look like a live club, but its just the rehearsal room!!!

Raising Mother Kane

Petty Thieves

Petty Thieves 2011 Touch Me Tour

Petty Thieves has kicked off the 2011 Touch Me Tour. Petty Thieves has added many new fan requested songs to the Set List. The Tour includes many of our favorite venues already, including Lake Geneva's Venetian Festival and other local venues that have supported us for the last 6 years. Thank you all!


HEY SLEEZE BALLZ!!! (free music)

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