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"Save Our Souls" Video

Go to our Videos section to check out the new video for "Save Our Souls"!

Save Our Souls was written for the as-yet-to be released documentary of the same name on the burlesque scene in New Orleans in the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina disaster. Directed by Mike Sanchez, Save Our Souls will debut at the New Orleans Film Festival in the Fall.

A Better Day (Relief)
Are You Taking Me Home
From That Point On


A couple new videos, including a cover of The Chameleons!

Romance covering one of our favorite songs by The Chameleons "Fan and the Bellows" at The Bumbershoot Music Festival. Scenes from Kenneth Anger movies in the background.


Romance performing "Give Them What They Want" from the album The Divide



The Divide
When Things Are Better

Secret Sirens

FREE Download of 'Love Potion'!!


We are giving you a free prescribed dose of 'Love Potion' but an acoustic/alternative version of the album track (album due for release summer 2011).

So to get your free download get yourself on our bandcamp page - CLICK HERE

Love Potion


To hear the original album version (which we are not giving away) please click on our soundcloud below:


Love Potion by secretsirens

Enjoy! :-)

Favourite Obsessions
Favourite Obsessions

The Wounded Lovers


Welcome to the world of the Moriartys!  This is where you can hear the sounds, old and new from West London's finest .  Early live recordings, demos and also current recordings from T-Bone's studio will feature.  Expect lots of updates as the archives are trawled for hidden treasures and unfortunate out takes.

Moriarty contact:

We will also feature press articles and various galleries, showing the boys in action, drinking, gigging and stumbling their way around the streets of West London.  The stories of the gigs and after show sessions, the fights, the girls, the hangovers, the fallings out, and the bannings. The rise and fall, and rise again.  

And what of the members of the group?  The various line up's over the years?  The ones that walked because they couldn't stand the heat, or were given their marching orders for acting in an un - Moriarty manner.   Like most bands that have lived a life, there will of course be some casualties along the way.  Friends no longer walking this earth...and whilst they will be missed, the music goes on, as it must....

The return of the Moriartys on stage in 2011, is being discussed at their European HQ as I write.  Details will be forthcoming.

All will be revealed....this is just the start you know.  It's Maximum R + B baby!  Of course it is...





Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Annual Mud Tour Announced!

Hello Ramblin' Jack Fans - 

Headed to the East for his annual 'Mud Tour' - all 7 dates have now been posted on the website.  

Please tell your friends and make a special effort to see Jack this year.  He's 79 years young and still ramblin' !!   Also note - a Texas tour in the works for June - the date with Guy Clark on June 18th is posted - but lots more to come.  As always  - thanks for your support of this true American Treasure!!

The Green Pajamas

Kim The Waitress film

Writer, director and producer Scott Eriksson is releasing a new short film, Kim The Waitress.  It is, at once, beautiful and shocking and takes it's inspiration from The Green Pajamas song of the same name.

You can view the trailer here: Kim The Waitress film 

Edge Of The Night (Unreleased Vol. 1)
The Complete Book of Hours
Poison In The Russian Room
Hidden Minutes
If You Knew What I Dreamed...
Box Of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2
The Night Races Into Anna
21st Century Séance
Ten White Stones
Through Glass Colored Roses: The Best Of The Green Pajamas
Essence Of Carol
Lust Never Sleeps
If She Only Knew
In a Glass Darkly
The Carolers' Song
Narcotic Kisses
All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed
Strung Out
Indian Winter
Strung Behind The Sun
Ghosts Of Love
The Red, Red Rose
For The Swan In The Hallway
Ash Wednesday Rain
Green Pajama Country
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
Summer of Lust
Death By Misadventure
By Reckless Moonlight
Happy Halloween!
Fur For Fairies
To The End Of The Sea

Dave Magario

New Song: Paper Mache

Without burying the lead, let's dive right in....Here is Paper Mache. Written earlier today, I made up the melody on the way as the video rolled. One of those songs that just....happened.

I learned young to dream old
See the future for the past it holds
I can outrun the chasing clock
I will come home but you will not

There's only so much
Paint and clay and paper mache
You can pile on to hide
The pain and rage, dissapointed dismay

Too many layers and it crumbles away
Too many whole ones before this darkened day

I came too late to fall in line
The gathered mass I stand behind
I will outshine the burning fear
I can come down and still shed tears

I grew young and dreamed old
Naive enough to never know
I can't outdo the living end
I won't come round here again

Today, April 9, is the third anniversary of my nephew's death. So I did what I could with what I have to honor his life today. It eased my heart. I hope it works this way every time.

Here's to full lives, smiles, and love, my friends...

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

Sue DaBaco

Sue DaBaco welcomes Randy Strumberger!

Sue DaBaco is excited to welcome bass player extraordinaire Randy "The Rev" Strumberger to the family. As a performer, his bloodline spans over 35 years. He has appeared on stage with local icons: The Steve Grimm Band, Kid Courage, Bad Boy, Sensation, The Vibe, The Stuff, and opened for national acts such as Uriah Heep, Robin Trower, Pat Benetar, and Cheap Trick. He continues to be an active studio musician and has rocked the airwaves with Pick Houses(featuring John Mellencamp sets), The Dirty Ernie Band, Steve Grimm and The Thrill Cats, ZigZag, and the annual Sleighrider's benefit, as well as his solo performances. In addition he was signed to Atlantic Records with the Twin Cities band, "Atlantis" and was inducted into the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Hall of Fame in 2005.

 Randy Stumberger on bass for Sue DaBaco

Voodoo Juice

Kick Bricks

Stream music with our Pop Up Player, while you surf!

Did you know that if you click on "Pop-Up Player" in our music player, you can stream our music while working or surfing the web? Check it out!

Insignificant Others

The Good For Naughts

Album now available!

The debut album is now available!

If you like your music tangible you can order a physical copy of the CD for $8.99 (plus tax and shipping). If you'd prefer to download, the album can be downloaded for a mere $5.00. Links to buy the album are available on the home page or by clicking on the menu item "Buy the album" at

The album can be downloaded in numerous file formats including mp3, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.

Click here if you want to preview the entire album before you buy!

Of course, if you run into any of The Good For Naughts you can always buy a CD directly from the band who tend to give everybody the nice face discount of $5.

Rhema Soul

Thorough ThurZday's begins.. "Ima Go Hard"


Dope Beats & Good News
Worn Soles

Steve Hughes

Melbourne Herald Sun Five Stars *****

Review: Steve Hughes in Conspiracy Realist

Read the Review here

John Dignam

John will be Tommy Emmanuel's guest at Colston Hall

John has been invited to take to the stage at Tommy Emmanuels show in Bristol on 28th November!!

Down to earth...

King Mike V


David Ullman

New Record Production Vlog #2 RCR Studios Day One

In this second digest-form installment of the Production Vlog, you'll meet engineer Kyle Collins (that's right Tenacious D fans, my production team consists of "Jack & Kyle") and find out what instruments we all played in school band!

Join us on our tour of RCR Studios in Solon. Our walk-through turned into a full-fledged session, and we ended up recording a rough live-take of "Who You Say" as well as the main guitar part.

Watch the video above to hear me try to sing full-out at noon on a Saturday, see my mini-man-hands attempting to play the same bar-chords for two hours and witness my rockin' air-guitar moves during a last-minute vocal take.

PLUS, by clicking over to our Facebook Production Diary Page you can watch an EXCLUSIVE BONUS VIDEO: the full, in-studio live take of "Who You Say!" 

Dog Days
Deja Vu
Light The Dark

EHEM Soul Rhythm & Blues Review

Latest news from Narvikfjellet Helt Rått

L'eclipse Nue

Video footage from 4/3/2011

Varying Degrees of Discomfort [CD]


Drum Lessons

Looking to improve your drum skills, or learn a specific style or technique?  

My name is Manuel and I am going to be offering drum lessons now that my schooling is coming to a close.  I will be offering Real-Time web lessons, where we can work on (Sticking, Footwork, practice technique, custom drum program to your schedule) really whatever you want to achieve.  All students receive sheet music from our sessions, along with a digital copy of session for future reference.    

I specialize in faster paced genre's (200-250bpm, odd sticking, blast beats, heel-toe, heel-up, 32nd notes, and much more).  I can also point you in the right direction how to record drums, and incorporate triggers, the best drum software (Addictive Drums), with acoustic drums, midi and more.  Always love to to talk gear, drums, and music, drop me a line or for any questions.

Thanks for Stopping by \m/



or via band email


misanthropic51 for youtube videos (dated, but examples nonetheless :)


Johnny Hewitt

Bangor on Dee Blues & Real ale Festival - 23rd April

Tickets £5 each day which  includes a commemorative pint glass

Contacts for tickets – Hotel – 01978 780336, or

Doors open 5pm – Music starts 6pm – finishes 11.30pm.
Situated in large marquee
Comfortable seating area inside hotel.
Accommodation available.
Food available all day.
Transport available to local areas

The Despoilers

Autumn Gigs Sought

Attention Venues!

The Despoilers are seeking addition gigs in the West Yorkshire area, weekends, during September- December 2011.  We are now a well established covers band and attract and hold a good crowd. Should you wish to book the band, please contact us via the contacts page of this website.

We also have some limited availability June & July

The Despoilers

EHEM Soul Rhythm & Blues Review

Got your April tickets yet?

Two great opportunities to experience EHEM & Andrew Strong live on stage in April!

  • Friday 29th April: Narvikfjellet Helt Rått Festival - fantastic scenery and great music! Tickets and show info at
  • Saturday 30th April: Live show at Stena Saga at sea between Norway and Denmark (Oslo - Frederikshavn). Tickets and show info at

See you there!

Cold Steel

New CD Nearing Completion

Omaha-based hard rock band Cold Steel is in the studio, mastering their upcoming CD "The Odds Are Against Us" for a late spring 2011 release.

The band has been working on the 10-track CD for months with producer Curtis Grubb (Grasshopper Takeover).  Sneak previews of the songs in progress have been released by Cold Steel via their Facebook and Twitter pages and the feedback has been tremendous.

The track order for "The Odds Are Against Us" is being finalized, and the band is in pre-production on a music video for their first single from the CD, "Fallin'". 

Special "fan-only" releases are being prepared as well, along with some special, intimate concert performances for VIPs and fans (details TBA).

First Five
Fight The Flood

Anthony Salame

OMG! Comedy Tour is here!!

Anthony joins up with comedians Tahir and Hung Le to bring you this halarious night of stand up and sketch!
BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!!!
Info on shows page.

Rhema Soul

Not An Island


Yesterday, while sitting in church, something occured to me. What occured to me was something I'd already known and understood but somehow realized in a new way. It was this: there is nothing more beautiful and powerful and strong, this side of heaven, than a church gathered together in love. Not a particular congregation or denomination but the church at large, the international church. As humans, we were made for community. We were made to nurture close relationships and thrive in them. And in this thriving we learn how to love God and one another. If you're feeling frustrated, defeated, or perhaps lonely, make an effort to plug in to the church body. You will be encouraged and lifted up. And you'll understand once again that you are not alone. You are not an island.


- Juan

Dope Beats & Good News
Worn Soles


Album Update

Greetings everyone!

There are only two more stages until the album is complete, we then will be streaming a new song bi-weekly until the release :) So be sure to visit us often for updates, check out the merch store, and feel free to drop us a line! 

Thanks for the support \m/




Cutloose CD ' The First Cut '

CUTLOOSE CD's with 14 Tracks now available for 5 euros !!

The Despoilers

Another Enforced Month Off

Good run out at the Mods last night. Thanks to all those who turned out at such short notice.

A very enjoyable evening, rounded off with a very acceptable post gig curry.

Steve heads back to the states now until the end of April, so no more gigs in April.

We have a busy program to look forward to in May, kicking at off at the Tarn Inn, Yeadon on Friday 6th May, followed by Frontman Tim's birthday appearance at the Original Oak, Headingley on Saturday 14th and culminating at O'Neill Bar, Leeds on Friday 20th May.

We hope to catch up with everyone in May.

Lots of Love.

The Despoilers

Loner's Junction

Roads in life. Obi's ParaMed Program Halts LJ

Hello Fans and folks and  people from around! We often chose different roads in life and those roads take us to many places, opening doors, and closing some too...Well, My good brother, and co founder of our Group is an EMT and is now ready to enter the paramedic program whicj will keep him from Musical activities for a good while! We are sad to say Loner's Junction is more than likely to not be perrforming for at least over a year! We have totally enjoyed playing and blessing people with our music! I on the other hand, will continue playing as I can, and hopefully as a full time occupation if thats where I feel the leading.

 THANKS for being a fan and reading this! God bless! cheers, -gabe the fiddler

Good To Go


New Band Line Up

Dave Diggle replaces Mike Reilly as the full time drummer of Cutloose.  The band wishes Mike the best for the future.  

Dave Magario

A whirlwind that has taken hold...

These last few weeks have been an explosion; a whirlwind that has taken hold of creativity and whipped it into a wild, tangled mass of focus and fervor. Just as I set the Kickstarter Campaign into motion, a project that had been looming for almost a year finally came around, got really awesome, and happened! Poof! Came and went.

A while back, my sister-in-law dropped my name to a friend who was in a tribute project that lost a singer. That tribute was to the late, great, and posthumously-famed Jeff Buckley. The previous singer had hurt his voice throwing himself into singing Buckley's work and decided he'd better not chance it (considering he has other projects to sing for.)

So with Ron Mominee, Rodger LaVallee, and Derek Kerswill, I am now singing and playing guitar for what has blossomed into a full fledged tribute band. Not just a one-off. Peyote Radio Theatre will be a regular thing. The name comes from Jeff's first promotional EP/demo which had 3 tracks (Mojo Pin, Kangaroo, and Dream Brother). He also used the title for his business entity and all of the bands gear had "Peyote Radio Theatre" stenciled on the cases.

I've said all that to set up the retelling of the rehearsals and the show that followed. These guys are pros. They've had 10 years and more to refine their skills. That wonderful story of "he started playing at the age of 6," and so on...that's these guys. So I was nervous to show my own skills. But once I got behind that mic and my guitar, it all happened like some wonderful scene in a movie. Lots of shared looks that said "wow. damn, guys. this is great." Two rehearsals. Just two. With lots and LOTS of cramming to comprehend Buckley's chords and progressions and skill-stretching vocals.

Then, March 26 happened. The big show. No nerves. Not until I got on that stage and realized that it was real. Although it still plays back like dreams do when you remember them the next morning - foggy, out of order, and full of tricks of the mind and impossibilities. Several people were video taping though, so there is proof! We were there. It happened, really!

My cheat sheets were slipping off the stand. Here, I'm about to throw the rest up in the air.

A couple times Derek looked over at me with a face-wide grin and said "Dude...where did you come from?" It's comments like that that'll give a man a massive egos, buddy. Ease up. Then Rodger, a couple times into the microphone, "Dave. Your awesome," with the audience roaring approval. And me, most likely blushing, definitely shaking my head, and telling everyone (in my mind) to "shut up! ...nuh-uh!"

...All the time I was working on Buckley's music, I was watching my Kickstarter funding climb higher and continuously asking support of and thanking people left and right.. Here we are two weeks down with 3 more to go, and I'm at 38% - Shocked by the generous pledges and all the support in general, (links being shared all over the place.)

I've been thinking ahead about this recording project and some great ideas are coming up. We'll see how much of it can be accomplished. And it all still hangs on whether or not I reach my funding goal! The pressure is on. It's going to be a long few weeks but I'm ready.

So much positive energy in and around me. Friends touring again. New EPs and projects. Constant mutation and transition; migration and transformation. I look forward to looking forward some more.

See you somewhere up the road.

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP


Official Melovine YouTube Channel

We now have a YouTube channel!  Check it out!

Melovine Official Channel on YouTube

Learning To Lose


NEW Website!

Greetings, and welcome to our Brand NEW website!  

Here we will be posting news, updates, new videos, music, and awesome merch.  

Our New release is scheduled for JUNE 15, 2011 so be sure to pre-order to receive a special T-Shirt+CD+Bonus package for only $20!

We will also be uploading more videos as the release date nears, so be sure to frequent the site often, and drop us a line whenever you're free!



Firefly Soul

Smooth Jazz Therapy

Taking Time Out

Katie Garibaldi

The Bay, LA, and April News!

Hey all~

Get informed of all the happenings coming up in April and read my latest newsletter "The Bay, LA, and April 2011 News" out now! Just click HERE and read away :)

I have plenty of Bay Area shows happening this month, as well as a trip to LA for the ASCAP Expo. Read all about it in the newsletter, including all zee updates.

If you're not on the list, be sure to sign up at and you'll get it sent straight to your inbox. (There's also a quick link to join the list at the top of the newsletter).

See you out there and happy Spring!
<3 Katie

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

Huke Green

Huke's Open Mic & Songwriter Showcase


Come out to Da Swamp Shak every tuesday night to have some good cajun food and hear some good music. Huke and Friends will play a set, then open the mic up for anyone who desires to get up on the stage! So bring your instuments, jokes, and songs if you got 'em. Da Swamp Shak is the only place on the East Side to be on a Tuesday Night!

On The Wayward Path
Rustic Poet

L'eclipse Nue

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who bought the "Varying Degrees of Discomfort" CD from my store (and from during the sale campaign over the last couple of weeks! The sale was a big success, and it really helps out a lot, since this is all a one-man operation. By the time you read this, I will probably have already finished shipping them out to all of you.

I really appreciate your support! Thanks to all of you!

For those of you who still don't have the new CD yet, we still have plenty left. Just go to the "store" link, and I'll send one right out to you.

If you're in Tokyo on Sunday, 4/3/2011, be sure to come to the show at Uguisudani WHAT'S UP. It's sure to be a great time!




Varying Degrees of Discomfort [CD]

Kate Furister

Talent show!

I am trying out today! No more sore throat! Ok... Weird my friends are making out... Ok. So anyway, wish me luck on the try outs!


Interview on The Outlaw Dave Show

Tune in to The Outlaw Dave Show this Saturday from 7-9pm on 950 AM (MOJO) to hear our interview with Outlaw Dave. You just might hear something new.  If you can't tune in, all the shows are put up on the 950 AM website after the fact as podcasts, check it out!

This was all part of the lead up to Bayou Fest, benefiting the Layla Grace Foundation and bringing 20+ bands together.  We'll be on the MAIN stage at Verizon Wireless Theater about 3:30 or so, so be sure to come out, we want to see as many of our great fans as we can!  If you need tickets for the show, let us know, we are selling them without the normal fees that LiveNation would charge you.

Learning To Lose

David Ullman

New Record Production Vlog #1: The Fort Storey Demos

Starting today, you can watch one-minute video progress reports for my new record (tentatively titled Light the Dark).

Kicking things off in style, is Production Vlog #1: The Fort Storey Demos. This longer-form (well… 4min) digest edition of the "Vlog" (video blog) was shot on February 9th and 15th at producer Jack Storey's home in Cleveland as he and I recorded 10 rough voice-and-gutiar demos on Garageband.

Last night, Jack and I met with engineer Kyle Collins (who recorded my recent Unplugged @ Uncorked live album), and on Saturday we're getting a tour of RCR Recording Studios‎ in Solon.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a full report!

Dog Days
Deja Vu
Light The Dark

Next Flight To Heaven

Hey Guys!!!

No matter what happens in our live there is someone out there that will let the Devil come and kill steal an destroy a vision a dream thats so powerful that only God can truly put in your hearts.. Well you may wonder why we say this? Well recently we have been going through some very chalanging times and things and like all people who know God didnt make life easy he gives us ups and downs and in turn we will learn and give him all the glory foor all he has done for us.


As it May seem that we have gone no where with this task that God had placed in our hearts we are striving everyday to try and persue and reep so that we can sow and fill that flight... We ask you all to pray for us and support us and pray that we may have guidance and hold firm in our faith the God will allow us to fill that flight.....

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