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The Green Pajamas

LUST in Spain!


Joe and Jeff making SOL, 1984.

For those collectors that find it hard to keep up with the Pajamas discography, here's a new challenge. Vinilísssimo Records, of Spain has just released the SUMMER OF LUST LP on 180 gram vinyl!  


Edge Of The Night (Unreleased Vol. 1)
The Complete Book of Hours
Poison In The Russian Room
Hidden Minutes
If You Knew What I Dreamed...
Box Of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2
The Night Races Into Anna
21st Century Séance
Ten White Stones
Through Glass Colored Roses: The Best Of The Green Pajamas
Essence Of Carol
Lust Never Sleeps
If She Only Knew
In a Glass Darkly
The Carolers' Song
Narcotic Kisses
All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed
Strung Out
Indian Winter
Strung Behind The Sun
Ghosts Of Love
The Red, Red Rose
For The Swan In The Hallway
Ash Wednesday Rain
Green Pajama Country
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
Summer of Lust
Death By Misadventure
Happy Halloween!


Demico Expands Dstatus Music Group

Demico is now the founder of Dstatus Music Group, which is dominating the competition in southern California, as well as providing opportunities for independent artist

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

News From Frontlines On The Road

Catch up on the latest from Ramblin' Jack's tour-Windy Good Times at the ABQ Folk Festival

Mark Mathews

Music stuff IS still happening but...

Brothers and Sisters!!

Well the time is upon us! There is tons of music stuff going on, gigs have been booked so check it all out....but let's reveal in the's about to start...Believe!!



Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

King Mike V

(NEW!) Pineapple Red

"Pineapple Red" by: Mike Vanderhoof

20inx16in Acrylic on Canvas - For Sale: $350 plus shipping Contact my email for inquiries.

Prints Available for $10 on my store page


Album Recording Complete!

titles and working titles so far of definite album tracks:


1. Alone in the Park

2. Out On a Limb

3. Convelesence

4. War Against Innovation

5. The Writing on the Wall

6. Don't Take It For Granted

7. The Fifth of May

8. All the Things to Come

9. In a Desperate Way




then theres a song  called Living Nightmare which will probably be a bside considering its been a living nightmare to record.


Hidden in Blue


Tour's Mostly Cancelled

The new skinny: I broke my arm and so the tour is cancelled.... much ado, much ado.  

Austin/Houston... we're still planning to see y'all at the end of August.  I'm hoping to be mended by then.  To the rest of y'all, maybe we'll catch y'all down the line when ol' Brian's guitar arm is back online.

Thanks for keeping up with me and Matt's music and be sure to stay tuned to Matt at, because he's got a new album droppin' and he may be coming to your neighborhood to sell ya a copy this summer... 

Al Pitcher

P3 Hallå

Much Much fun on this show and If you fancy a little listen to me on the P3 show Hallå from idag , here ye go 


Tack Tack 

King Mike V

(NEW!) "Dracula's Daughter"

(NEW!) "Dracula's Daughter" by: Mike Vanderhoof

24inx36in Acrylic on Masonite - For Sale: $650 plus shipping Contact my email for inquiries.

 Prints Available for $10 on my store page

Hereward The Wake







Al Pitcher



Tickets are selling fast for 

Nääämen it's Al Pitcher tour in Autumn , please dont miss out buy your tickets HERE 

Swedish Football Mafia Podcast Episode 2   is now ready for your ears , so please get ready to hear the World Cup Predictions and spread the word , HERE WE GO 

Puss Puss for Now ]

Al x

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - Bridgewater Eagles, 6/8/14

Photo Courtsey Eddie McIntosh

Tattoos. Leather. Bikers.

Sounds like the typical venue for a Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son show. Right?

Especially when it's just acoustic.

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son took to the "Steel Crusaders - Jersey Crew" meet and greet on Sunday afternoon in Bridgewater, N.J. for an impromptu performance. The headliner for the show, the Projex Band, serenaded the crowd with some classic rock favorites along with some country tracks.

Bobby and Jon first joined the band on Bruce Springsteen's "Radio Nowhere," adding some depth to the "I just want to hear some rhythm" sections of the track. But they also had acoustic guitars in hand.

At halftime, Projex lead singer Eddie Mac, father of Seventh Son's James Mac, gave the stage to the trio of Mahoney, Alba and the young Mac for an unexpected multi-song set. With just two acoustic guitars and drums, the guys kicked things off with the newest single off Friends in Low Places, "Another Deadbeat Summer."

Photo Courtesy Eddie McIntosh

Afterwards, Bobby called for a rare cover: "Rockin' in the Free World" by Neil Young. The song went over well with the crowd, with some in the audience pumping their fists at the chorus.

From there, it would be a Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son trio to close things out, with "Danger Dan" grooving straight into "Star-Crossed." Bobby then looked back at Mac and Alba and motioned for "Can't Stand Myself," the now seldolmly-played selection off the new album.

With that, Projex took back the stage, and continued to bring the house down in the blistering sun.


1. Another Deadbeat Summer

2. Rockin' in the Free World (cover)

3. Danger Dan

4. Star-Crossed

5. Can't Stand Myself

For more on the set, click here.

Friends in Low Places

The Devious Angels

"Hillbilly Bills" LIVE @ Station Inn during CMA Fest

#CMAFest #Fun with our good buddy, Charlie Pate

The Devious Angels

Scrap Rabbit

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #006 for The Monthly Articles news column.

Before "Scrap Rabbit" I did recordings under the moniker "Wazobod" in the early 2000's. The unusual project was a series of strange comical tapes . None of the material has yet surfaced. My new music video "Energy Storm" was inspired by a tornado that hit while I was stuck on the road in 2011. Trees came down all around. Thus the story in the song unfolds in this video.

The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)

Kick Bricks

Beta Dogs

Be sure to check out our acoustic roots alter ego Beta Dogs. Just follow the link!

Insignificant Others

Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

JJ Burnel talks about the Black and White Album

JJ on Black and White-track by track

Hugh's lyrics with my music I think. I can't remember much else about it. It's a hard one for Dave to play live, depending on where he is through his bottle of Cognac at the gig! The whole of the album was written (at Bear Shank Lodge) at Oundle and it was a very snowy winter. Everyone else went away for Christmas but I didn't cos I had nowhere to go. I was left at Oundle by myself.

Sleazy was written about our experiences with the Amsterdam Hells Angels in the autumn of '77. One of the Finchley Boys rode my Triumph over to Amsterdam and I went with the band. The Amsterdam Angels treated us very well, too well, and we ended up at their Chapter house, which had been donated by the Government to keep them out of town. After the Paradiso gig, I remember Jet going back to their club house on the back of a Harley. I went with the President of the Angels in his huge, American car and we got stopped by the Police. He gave me a large bag of white powder to look after while he got out of the car and went and pissed on the police car's front wheel! Back at their compound, we shot guns at a prison which was being built. Quite scary!

Outside Tokyo was completely Hugh, even the waltz music. Normally, all the waltzes were mine but I don't recall writing the music.

Again, my music and Hugh's lyrics. We'd had a few set to's in Sweden by then with the Raggare (Swedish 50s influenced youth movement who drove old American cars) and had already been escorted out of the country under armed guard, for our own safety. 

By then, we'd heard Devo and we really thought they were on to something musically. I remember talking to Lora Logic from X Ray Spex (who guested on sax on the track) and telling her to feel free to play whatever she wanted on it. We wanted that musical freedom that Devo had on this track. 

I was left to my own devices over that Christmas and that's how Toiler came about. Toiler was one of my epicy instrumental things. I had the whole piece, all the parts of it and, as the others were away, I actually started rehearsing it with Dennis from the Finchleys on drums. I remember going into the rehearsal studio there and trying to get him to play the drums on it. 

When Hugh got back after Christmas, he had a bit of a bad holiday. He'd gone with a Japanese girl to Morocco and he added his very recent story to my music when he came back after the break.

The lyrics are mine. We were going through a Cold War spell at the time and it was just me imagining how it would be if the Russians actually made it through to the West. There was a general fear that the Cold War was going to escalate into an invasion. We'd gone to Germany and realised that, at the time, Germany was completely inthralled with the Americans. They had lost their strength and had gone very pacifist. There are references to the 'American dream'. So, the song was imagining what would happen if it all kicked off...

Musically, we thought we'd be clever as we added one 5/4 bar into the song. 

Threatened was another of my lyrics with Hugh's music. One night I went out with some people and they had opinions about everything, they were all too opinionated. I thought if it doesn't threaten you, what's the point in having a fucking opinion about something? Basically that was the idea behind the song.

My music and Hugh's lyrics and Dave's amazing vocals. I don't remember him explaining the meaning of the lyrics to me at the time. Definitely my riff though.

Death and Night and Blood was completely me, the title comes from a quote from Yukio Mishima. He was full of contradictions, he was homosexual but was married with kids, he was a highly rated writer but he wanted to make a statement with his body, which he did by becoming a body builder and taking up karate and kendo. He was also slightly misogynistic and leaning towards the fascistic. 

He also had his own private army The Shield Society which enabled him to get access to a General's office at army headquarters and to incite the Japanese 'Self Defence Force' (as they weren't allowed to be called an 'army') into action. He barricaded himself in the office and then addressed the gathered troops but his speech was drowned out by the sound of helicopters and the soldiers jeering. He went back inside and commited suicide by Hari Kari.

At the time, (Julie) Burchill and (Tony) Parsons wrote a book called The Boy Looked At Johnny and in it they described me as a 'Nazi, homosexual thug'! That's unfair, I'm not a thug!!! They were part of the Socialist Workers and, in their minds, if you weren't with them, you're a fascist. That was typical of them really... 

In The Shadows started as a jam, which was originally twice as long as the finished version. It was a piece of improvisation went on for about 12 or 15 minutes! I spent about 12 hours with Martin Rushent in the studio editing it down. I also wanted to add a dub reggae type feel so there were delays and cutting in and out added on to it. 

We actually improvised the lyrics which were about paranoia and fear. We wanted it to sound like Captain Beefheart which was why we sang in low voices. It was originally released as the b side of No More Heroes and was a taster for what was coming next. We felt it fitted the whole album concept of Black and White as it felt dark and 'late at night' so we included it on the album too. I liked it as it was something new, a real departure for us... 

This was about the same paranoia, about how we felt about the times that we were living in, the zeitgeist. In fact, the whole of Black and White was quite paranoic. It was also fueled by the fact that we'd had all that success the year before, and we were now getting slated by the press. That fed into our general consciousness, it was us against the world! 

The morse code solo at the end reads 'SOS. This is planet Earth. We are fucked. Please advise'. We thought we'd be clever and include morse code to send that message out...

We played it live on the tour at the time, but I'm not sure how managed to do it. We tried rehearsing it for the Weekendinblack convention in 2011 but we just couldn't get it together. It's one of the very few things that I don't know how we originally constructed it... 


We didn't write it! Walk On By was a leftover from the days when we had to play cover versions. We'd play our own songs but, before people started throwing bottles, we throw something in that they knew! The solo section became a vehicle where we could extend our musicianship and it got longer and longer. Everyone played a solo in it and that became a trademark in some of our other songs in the future, like Genetix, where the four of us are playing totally different things. The instrumental section was a nod to Light My Fire by The Doors, that was the template that we used for the solo piece. 

We used Tits as our weapon when something went wrong or against us! We'd circle the wagons and give people what they don't want. The song was taking the piss out of everything and it worked for us on occasion. We used it against the Finchleys when they tried intimidating us at the Torrington that first time. We weren't been forced off stage like they'd done with other bands. We also did it at the Roundhouse when we supported Patti Smith the first time. Old school sabotage...

A basic bit of rock and roll because we were just a rock and roll band originally. We had no pretentions and it's an unpretentious rock and roll song with misogynistic lyrics from Hugh. We did a version with Celia Gollin. Dai Davies came up with the idea us working with Celia and to lend our kudos and musicianship to this girl he was trying to push. He wanted me to write songs with her, one of which featured Wilko (Johnson) too.. 

This was a blues type song which came about because we were pleasantly surprised having just met George Melly. We'd met him making an Arena programme for BBC2 where he had described us as the 'inheritors of Dadaism'. Hugh wrote the lyrics for him specifically for him to sing, with references to his self-confessed sexuality of previous years. During the recording at TW studios, with Lew Lewis (harmonica player), he also surprised us getting out a small tin and rolling spliffs! We didn't expect a bloke of his generation or ilk to be like that. It was all very chummy and we kept in touch with him for a few years... 

An inoffensive little song with my lyrics about a girl. We wanted to do the fastest song we could ever do. Punk by numbers, tongue in cheek and a bit throwaway really...

The title is a play on words, with Hugh's lyrics about social secretaries at colleges who wouldn't book us. It also relates to the well documented Rock Goes To College incident which was considered commercial suicide at the time. The track went on to become Yellowcake UF6 although the riff also resurfaced on Do The European as I was working on Euroman Cometh at the time.

Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

more Radio plays

Jack Whelan 
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Katy Perry 
Canada 1 day ago
Yoon Hwa Choi 
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Katy Perry 
Korea, Republic of 1 day ago
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Taylor Swift 
United Kingdom 1 day ago
IZm Wang 
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Justin Bieber 
Taiwan, Province of China 1 day ago
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Lady GaGa 
Turkey 1 day ago
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Justin Bieber 
Korea, Republic of 2 days ago
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Justin Bieber 
New Jersey, United States 2 days ago
Nick Vosburg 
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with John Mayer 
Texas, United States 2 days ago
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with P!nk 
Illinois, United States 2 days ago
Heard "Indigo" playing in a station with Justin Bieber 
South Carolina, United States 2 days ago
Heard "Joanna" playing in a station with Katy Perry 
Taiwan, Province of China 8 days ago

they go pop!

Another First: Recording As A Band

Today we record an original (co-written with Hillary Burton of honeychain)
Thanks to Peter Barcott for coming to our drumming rescue - and Erik and Zach, our graduating engineers!

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son announce the Friends in Low Places Tour

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son have announced the first dates for the Friends in Low Places Tour, set to kickoff this summer.

The first gig gets underway with the Friends in Low Places CD release party at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. Tickets can be purchased here.

Additionally, the band will travel outside the United States for the first time, with three dates in Canada in August. The boys will make their way through Niagara Falls, before headed to Toronto. They'll then finish off in Kingston, O.N. The shows will be sponsored by the Light of Day foundation, in support of Parkinson's Disease research.

More dates will be announced soon for the tour, so be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for more.

Friends in Low Places

Al Pitcher



I am now on a podcast , it will be regular and it will all be about Football . Its me with Adeel Faqih and James McKie , we are three comedians based in Sweden , speaking with passion in English about the beautiful game , so if you would love to hear it -----> HEAR HERE and get ready for more and more from the Swedish Football Mafia 


Tack for Now and Puss Puss



Mark Mathews

Come on England!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Well, England just played the last friendly with Uruguay and the rehersals are now over. Let's just hope all that practice has made them play well. 

It's much like the gig I did on Saturday to promote the release of, London Lives...well, sort of!

I mean, myself and my fantastic band, The One Ts, spent time practicing for the upcoming gig. It was a make or break gig as it is the first of, hopefully, many gigs we play together and being the first single release there was a lot of anticipation. People believed in us enough to come down and watcha nd support us. People wanted us to do well. And so when we came out onto that stage we knew we had to put on a good show for the fans. And that is what we all believe we did. The time spent practicing made us play well. Exceptionally well and though there are some things to smooth out, overall it was great to play the tracks with a full band, as they are menat to be heard...

Or that analagy could all be a load of balls and just me trying to link my music to the World cup.

Who knows?!!

Alas, my biggest love and thanks goes to you folks that came down and supported us. It was a top night and may there be many more like it. We plan to do a full band gig once a month so watch this space for gig updates.

I may have had a few after the show!

Thanks to everyone for watching the music video as well. If you haven't already check it here:

Getting loads of views and that makes me happy, believe!


Buy London Lives here:

Download the Mark Mathews App Here:

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

Graham Murray

DO YOU WANNA DANCE available on radio.

Below is a list of radio stations that have a copy of my new single DO YOU WANNA DANCE.         Make sure to request my new single from your local radio station.

Radio Country Sounds

Joe Duffy (Dundalk 100)

Jimmy Nearny (Dundalk 100)

Padraig Quigley (Dundalk 100)

Brendan Farrell (Shannonside)

Rachel Hardiman (N.Sound)

Martin Donoghue (N.Sound)

Eugune Murphy (N Sound)

Larry McLaughlin (Limeric 95)

Paschal Mooney (Sunshine)

Dave Harrington (q101 Dub)

Alan Maguire (S/E Radio)

Joe Finnegan (Shannonside)

Tony Brooke (Tipp FM)

Billy McCarthy (WLR FM)

Francie Boylan (Ocean)

Dermot Moriarty (kerry)

Mike Gardiner (Clare FM)

Charlie McGettigan (N. Sound)

Eddie Caffery (LMFM)

Tony Kehoe ( S/E Radio)

Joe Cooney (Midlands)

Liam Kett (KFM)

Paul Claffey (Midwest)

Deirdre Hurley (LMFM)

Will Faulkner (Midlands)

Tomm Dowling (KCLR)

Ken Doherty (Sunshine)

Aidan Cooney (Q101 DUB)

Michael Commins (Midwest)

Padraic Walsh(Midwest)

Eamon McPhilomey (Midwest)

Lynette Fay (BBC)

John Breslin (Highland)

Stephen Lynch (Highland)

PJ Cummins (west Limerick)

Pio McCann (Highland)

Packie Keeny (Highland)

Gertrude Byrne (Highland)

Tommy Rosney (Highland)

Fr Brian Darcy (BBC)

Ralph McLean (BBC)

Sean Coyle (BBC)

Cherrie McIlwaine (BBC)

Gary Myles( Downtown)

Ivan Martin (U105)

John Daly (U105)

Carolyn Stewart (U105)

Ray Foley (Today FM)

Caroline Fleck (Downtown)

Kirsty McMrray (Downtown)

Gerry Kelly (BBC)

Paul McKenna (downtown)

Ray Darcy Show (Today FM)

Michael Fox (Irish Country Music Radio)

Derek Mooney show (RTE)

Declan Meehan (East Coast FM)

Dermot McEvoy (Late Late)

Gary Gamble (Highland)

Marty Whelan(Lyric FM)

James King (Midwest)

Alan Watkiss (UK Country Radio)

Ryan Tubridy (2FM)

Tony Scott (S/E Radio)

Ruth Scott (2FM)

Mark Patterson (BBC Foyle)

Maurice Jay (U105)

Frank Mitchell (U105)

Anne O Halloran

John Toal (BBC)

Ronan Collins (RTE)

Head of Music (Today FM)

The Record Library (RTE)

Ken Bruce (U105)

Hugo Duncan (BBC)

Shay Byrne (RTE)

Robert Skates (Downtown)

Candy Devine (Downtown)

George Jones (Downtown)

Stuart Robinson (Downtown)

Ken Tobin (Cork 96FM)

Tom Gilmore(Galway Bay FM)

Valerie Hughes (Galway Bay FM)

Michael Byrne (Head of Music WLR)

Sinead Byrne (Athlone Community Radio)

Robert Walshe (QRADIO)

Alan Murphy (Galway Bay)

Derry O Callaghan (Cork 96FM)

Nick Richards (Cork 96FM)

Jenny B (Radio Star)

Ursula Ledwith (Athlone Community Radio)

Big O (Five FM)

Paul Martin (U105)

Dermot Finglas

Bernie Kane (Ocean FM)

Siobhan McGarry (Downtown)

Big T (Downtown)

Sean Green Irish connection online

Paddy Hunter (Q Radio)

Cormac McConnell (Clare FM)


Not The Only One (Single)
Like a River (Single)
Do You Wanna Dance (Single)
I Can Change (Single)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack Film Remastered Release

The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack film featuring Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and more, is coming in HD! This newly remastered version will be celebrated at the film's premier, June 27th at Cinefamily in Los Angeles. Presented by director Aiyana Elliott, the showing will be followed by a performance from Ramblin' Jack himself! 

Brandon McDermott Band

Larry Perez Joins BMB as New Lead Guitar Player

Hey Friends,

We are excited to announce the addition of Larry Perez to the Brandon McDermott Band.  Larry will be taking over the reigns as the new lead guitar player for BMB and is an extremely talented guitar player who brings an exciting new style of guitar playing to the band.  Larry is not only a great guitar player, but he is also a heck of a nice guy and we are proud to have him.  He also has a degree in meteorology so he always knows if it is going to rain at our shows, which is always good to know.  Larry is taking over the lead guitar duties from our good friend Kevin Anderson, who is reducing his role in BMB to focus on his own project….which I have heard a little bit of, and it is going to be fantastic.  Kevin will still be joining us for some shows from time to time, and we are glad we get to keep him around a little bit.  So come out and help us welcome Larry to the band because we know you will enjoy listening to him as much as we do.  Ohh feel free to ask him about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, he can tell you all about it. 

Mile Marker Zero

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

"Friends in Low Places" now available for digital pre-order

Friends in Low Places, the first full-studio album by Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, is now available for digital pre-order through Bandcamp!

For just $10, or buyer's price, fans can place their orders for digital copies of the album before its release on June 22! Those who pre-order will get immediate downloads of the album's first single, "New Age Outlaws," and the debuting "Another Deadbeat Summer."

In edition, the two tracks are available for immediate download for all customers at $1.

Pre-orders will be delivered at midnight on June 22, ahead of the official Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son CD release party at The Stone Pony later that night.

Those interested in placing a digital pre-order or downloading the tracks can do so here. Individual tracks can be downloaded below.

Friends in Low Places

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers June Update!

Thanks to all of our fans who made it to New Orleans Jazz Festival and Memphis in May - WOW!

Five standing ovations in the Blues Tent in New Orleans and packed to the gills.  "(One fan says Who Cares about Bruce Springsteen when Roy Rogers is in town?") 

Look at the summer dates, share with your friends and we will be updating the site as we go along.


Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Ramblin' Jack is On His Way to Texas & Beyond!

Hey Ramblin' Jack fans !

Jack is on his way on tour to Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Arizona - just check the website for dates - and don't miss him! 

He's also going to attend a screening of his daughter's film "The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack" for it's re-release and then ending the tour in at McCabe's in Santa Monica the 28th.  Safe travels Jack!!


Loran Marshall

CD now available at ZIA Records

Purchase a copy of my CD at Zia Records.

Drinkin' for My Thinkin'
Electrifying Hot Hits
Riding My Hog
Anniversary Album
You're Safe With God

John Karl

CMA 2014 Show Schedule

Are You Ready For This
Redneck Rich (Hillbilly Happy) Single
That's What I Believe

Luis Ogando

Back To The (Home) Studio

After a busy couple of weeks, which include a 3-hour stint playing background instrumentals at a wedding, as well as a full run in the orchestra for Beeston Musical Theatre Group's 'Jukebox' concert series, Luis is heading back to his home studio to complete his new EP.

"The wedding was great fun. I think I played for about three and a half hours, with a 5 minute stop to move from the drinks area to the dining room. I had fingers like rocks when I'd finished, but it did set me up for the BMTG gigs, which were fantastic. We covered loads of music from shows like Jersey Boys, All Shook Up and Return To The Forbidden Planet - it was great leading Johnny B Goode with a full orchestra!"

"Now I'm looking forward to putting the EP together. I've got a mix of original and cover material, with a variety of styles and genres, including a couple of instrumentals and maybe a live track too. I'll try and drip feed a few completed tracks onto the Music Player as I go along."

Luis' next event is the Big Friday Night at the George Spence Academy in Nottingham. Check the Shows section for more details.

Katie Garibaldi


Happy June!

Here it is!  The very first look at the cover of my new album, Follow Your Heart!  The cover photo was taken by friend and wonderful photographer, Sandra Proudman, who did an amazing job on the album photo shoot. for the first time ever revealed, is my new Breedlove guitar!!!  This gorgeous instrument features a custom Myrtlewood design and Mermaid fretboard inlay.  And it sounds as gorgeous as it looks!  Special thanks to my sponsor Two Old Hippies for creating this lovely guitar with me!  I can't wait to debut it live at my album release show on July 12th!  Be sure to save the date, or better yet, purchase advance tickets

Now that you've seen the album, it's almost time to hear it!!  Read my June newsletter for all the album release info and the goings-on this month.

If you're not already on my mailing list, just click to and sign up to receive my monthly newsletters in your inbox to keep up with shows and news, so you won't miss a thing!

Thanks for your support!

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - The Saint, 5/30/14

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son took to The Saint in Asbury Park, N.J. Friday night to a hot crowd in hot weather.

Prior to stepping on stage, Social Harvest's John Shepherd explored his solo material and worked the crowd perfectly with his version of The Beatles' "Ticket To Ride."

The show then got under way with the return of "Thick As Thieves," played for the first time since December of 2013. This was quickly followed by the filming of the music video for "Another Deadbeat Summer," the sixth song off of Friends in Low Places.

(Photo Courtesy Diane Pastrick)

The rest of the set saw the band blow through some more new material off the album, including "New Age Outlaws" and "Star-Crossed." The show also featured an extended version of the composition's main track, "Scoundrels." Mahoney introduced the band, taking away duties from Alba so he could do more important things (like play under him during the line featuring the album title).

(Photo Courtesy Zack Morrison)

The Seventh Son would then take a backseat, as Mahoney made his way through "Self-Induced Exile" (with a rare screw-up that he himself had to laugh at), before the rest of the gang joined in to bring the volume back to 11. An opportune late set "Hit The Town" sighting, complete with Alba on second verse vocals, led up to the finale. 

Closing off the night would be a blistering, extended rendition of "Teenagers Too" with the Jersey Shore's own "Big Rooney" joining the boys on stage. And with that, the proverbial stage had been set for June 22.

(Photo Courtesy Joe Cartwright)


1. Thick As Thieves

2. Another Deadbeat Summer

3. New Age Outlaws

4. Star-Crossed

5. Scoundrels

6. Self-Induced Exile

7. Hit The Town

8. Teenagers Too

More set information here

Friends in Low Places

The Devious Angels

If I Don't Love You Anymore

Check out our good friend, Hannah Bethel's, new video for "If I Don't Love You Anymore"!  Co-written by our very own, Steevie Steeves!


The Devious Angels


What's Been Happening?

The Anteloup News Page seems to have been fairly quiet since Christmas, but this doesn't mean the band have been sitting back - far from it....

No fewer than 3 new songs are nearing full production; Think Of Love, Major Banker and Hey People, while some of the older songs have had a bit of a face-lift to take full advantage of Keli's singing and keyboard abilities. Check the Songs section for more info on the new material.

Gig-wise, Anteloup are planning a busy Summer and Autumn period, and are currently looking at some free gigs in local venues. We're heading into barbecue and beer festival season now, so keep you eyes peeled for the fivesome to be sneaking in a cheeky set here and there.

Studio-time is also on the cards, as well as a FREE TO DOWNLOAD EP, which is planned for August! 

Obviously all updates will appear in this news section, but also follow the band on Twitter @Anteloup.

The Devious Angels

Countriest of the Country

Just got added to Billy Yates' "Countriest of the Country" show at, Nashville's, Wildhorse Saloon next Tues (6.3.14)!  

Gonna be a great show and a great time.  Best of all, all of the proceeds are going to a great cause!


Get your tickets at or by clicking HERE

The Devious Angels

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Official "Friends in Low Places" album preview released

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son presents the official album preview for Friends in Low Places!

The video gives a sneak peek at five different songs off the upcoming album, the band's first full-studio effort. The compilation will drop on June 22, 2014 and will be available via hard copy, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and other outlets.


Friends in Low Places

Petty Theft

BIG WEEKEND: @slimssf, @ApCalwine, Walnut Creek + NEW Tees! #MofoTour2014 #rock #tribute @tompetty

Hey Folks,

We hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend as we all pause to remember those who have fallen and sacrificed so much on our behalf.  We enjoyed the weekend off with our families, but now it is time to ramp up for a really "BIG WEEKEND”…


It all begins THIS Friday, 5/30 at SLIM'S in San Francisco.  It’s been several months since we last played in the city so we’re really excited to be headlining at one of the Bay Area’s premier live music venues.  Opening the show are our friends: The Killer Queens (All Female Tribute to Queen)


This is sure to be a great party, so come on out and JOIN US in San Francisco for a rockin’ good time! 

Get your Tickets NOW here: TICKETS


Here's a video to get you in the mood!


On Saturday 5/31, we head down south to make our debut at the ApCal Winery inMadera for a special double bill with Stealing Nicks (Tribute to Stevie Nicks).  This is looking to be a fantastic outdoor concert overlooking the vineyard.  Come on down or let your friends in the area know that PT is in town.

Tickets are available NOW here: TICKETS

On Sunday 6/1, we come back up to the bay area to close things out on the “Oak” stage at the Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival from 3:30-5:30PM.

NEW T-SHIRTS and TANKS: That’s right folks, brand new shirts featuring our new logo will be here just in time for this weekends’ shows!  We’ll have Men’s and Women’s tees along with women’s tank tops available… Grab some this weekend and be the first one to sport the new PT swag!

NEW shows announced below and still a lot MORE to come!  Stay Tuned.

“I need a big weekend. Kick up the dust. Yeah a big weekend. If you don't run, you rust.



Upcoming Shows (check our website for details and RSVP below):

Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by FOLLOWING US ON TWITTER and ADD US ON FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS... follow us here.

You can also Track us on BandsInTown!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips.  Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.

We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book the band for your party now!

Akua Kamau

Fresh Release!!! Extra!!! Extra!!! Read All About It!!!

Akua KamauExplosion!!! Explosion!!! Explosion!!! Just released!!! Alkebulan (Land Of Origins). Come and check it out because we are sure that you will love it. Are you looking for sound tracks??? Look no further!!! We have what it is that you are looking for. If we don't, just tell us what you want and we will compose it for you. Our sound library consists of 500,000 sound bites and over 400 VST Synths. We can create exactly what it is that you are looking for. Our reviews have ALL indicated that our music are ALL well suited for movies, dance Icreative and other typs of dancing), televisions series, documentaries etc. We make ONLY instrumental music and as said, if you do not find what is it that you are looking for, just advise us and we will create whatever you wish at no upfront cost. You have the final say as to the sound and texture pof whatever we create for you. Check out our latest release here -->

My Island Darling EP
Blades Of Grass - SINGLE
The Medicine Man (Rain Chant) - SINGLE
Nakupenda (Studio Version) - SINGLE
My Island Darling - SINGLE
Cries Of The Ancestors - SINGLE
What Am I To Do - SINGLE
Alkebulan (Land Of Origins) SINGLE
Oh Land Of Afrika (Swahili) SINGLE
Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi SINGLE

Harbour Your Betrayal

This Summer

So since our last post we have made some band changes..... I have dropped from lead vocals to rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Matt Hines is our new singer. This summer will be full of shows for us. we want each and everyone of you guys to check out our facebook page and come to our shows. See hving shows and performing them is AWESONE.... but you know whts better? When we have a nice sized crowd to play for. THanks guys and girls,

Gabe Stevens

Mark Mathews

London Lives!!!

Brothers Sisters!!

The moment is upon us, London Lives, is offically released worldwide!!! Here's the link to the itunes store to go grab a copy:

Here's the music video for it:

I have really loved the support, excitement and love from all you guys out there, whether it has been sharing videos, liking/following, coming to gigs or just reading this silly blog! I really apprecaite it, beleive!


Download the Mark Mathews App here:

Buy the London Lives Single:

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

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