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Al Pitcher


 Oct 21 Was a SOLD OUT show but now we have 12 more seats , so please buy them if you want to come see the Premiere 


Kram Kram


The Devious Angels


The Devious Angels

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "New Age Outlaws"

Photo courtesy: Clinton Wilcott

The fourth selection on Friends in Low Places marks arguably the heaviest part of the album, as "New Age Outlaws" packs a punch heard perhaps nowhere else in the band's catalog.

A constant in a Seventh Son set, Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba discussed the track's orgins and how it ended up on the new installment.

"New Age Outlaws" has been around since late-2012. Why keep it around for the new album?

BM: "This is one of our hardest rocking tunes, and we wanted this album to have its roots in hard rock and punk, and this song fits the bill perfectly. Lyrically, it also fit into the album theme and it helps piece the story together."

JA: "I love every single thing about this song. I think it was best described in The Aquarian review of it. 'Mahoney’s vocal presence blends with the anaconda power crush of drums, rhythm guitar and bass in this sure to be popular rocker.' All of those elements come together and create an awesome clash of sound."

Who wrote the track?

BM: "Well according to Jon, the main riff came to him in his sleep. From there, he and I worked out the rest of the song with the arrangement and I came up with the lyrics. We wanted a fast rocker with a punch, yet have it be different from tunes we wrote previously, like 'Teenagers Too'."

JA: "A solid team effort. The riff did come to me in my sleep, in a rare nap (they happen on a far smaller scale than when Dan breaks strings). I heard the lick in my head, and immediately woke up and picked up an acoustic guitar and figured out the notes and then the main rhythm. It sounds ridiculous, but it's 100 percent accurate. The original solo used to have Bobby using an octave pedal, but we scaled it back a bit for the album."

An older recording of the song, featuring the octave pedal solo.

Why did you decide to make it the lead single for the album?

BM: "Again, coming back to the hard rock element, we wanted to showcase this album as a hard rock album, and Jon and I had long conversations about which song should be the lead single, and we ultimately agreed that this was the hardest rocking song on the album and would make a good single."

JA: "Bobby has mentioned many times on stage how he and I argue about virtually everything. This was one of those things. I was pushing hard for 'Outlaws,' and he was pushing for 'Another Deadbeat Summer,' which he was justified to do. I argued we needed to hit everyone with a punch first before unleashing what we thought was the catchiest song, which ended up working out well. We decided it would be best to go hard to start, and thus, 'Outlaws' was the first one released in April.

Describe the recording process for the song.

BM: "I went in and laid scratch guitar and vocal tracks down to a click. Then Giancarlo came in and laid down the drums to the scratches, and then we layered the bass, guitars and vocals accordingly from there. Usually, I am a "One Take Wonder," meaning that I am usually very quick when it comes to recording my parts. I take a lot of pride in this, however recording the solo for 'Outlaws' took a good 10 tries for me to get right." 

JA: "Actually, it was 13 tries...anywho, it was actually good that happened, because it taught us to have some patience and perfect every take we could. I personally chose to go an interesting approach by using Bobby's Telecaster for the rhythm track, then using my Les Paul for the lead lick. You can hear the single coil in the rhythm. Usually, it's done the other way around. It's also the only song on the album I use my rhythm pickup for, to give it a little more meat."

Where did you draw inspiration for the song?

BM: "I took a different lyric-writing approach for this song. I took a page out of Dylan's book, and used a bunch of different images and ideas and threw them into the melting pot. The lyrics cover everything from prostitutes from queens, 'The Poet' of Asbury Park, Mardi Gras, to one of my best friends and his girlfriend that he had at the time."

JA: "The name itself Bobby picked while watching an episode of 'Monday Night Raw' with me and the popular New Age Outlaws tag team was on-screen. He said he liked the name, and that was it. I had thought an outlaws theme would be cool, and it just so happened they came on-screen. I think it has a double-meaining too; there is definitely a coming-of-age mentality behind us recording this album for sure, the new age of rock."

The song is just before the turning point in the album. Why is that?

BM: "This song, at its core, is about people who live outside, not only laws, but also the social conventions that most people deem normal. It is at this point of the story that the main character is weighing his options: Either join this gang of outlaws, or go on his own. While the outlaws are not normal people, the main character thinks that even if he joins up with these social misfits, that he is still conforming to something, and he doesn't know how he feels about it. By the end of the song, he decides to go out with them for one night to see how it goes."

JA: "You can tell there is trouble on the horizon when the outlaws are around. And with the next track, it becomes very apparent there was some foreshadowing in this tune."

People have taken to the concept of the "outlaws" in reference to the band. How do you feel about that?

BM: "I think it is fitting. We are very different from most bands in our generation. I have always been influenced by 'outlaw' figures in music, such as Johnny Cash and Keith Richards. There is something appealing about different, and I like it."

JA: "I think it's pretty awesome. It definitely fits the motif we were going for. Maybe it should be on a t-shirt or something..."

What does "New Age Outlaws" mean to you?

BM: "Its a song about standing outside of people's social conventions, despite the difficulties that come with it. It is about doing whatever the fuck you want to do. Don't worry about what people expect you to do."

JA: "I take an enormous amount of pride in this song, and to me, it's the most sonically-pleasing on the album. It's badass, as the outlaws are meant to be. Love it."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Al Pitcher



Summer maybe over but lets get warm together for the tour in Autumn 

Stockholm on Oct 21 is now totally SOLD OUT , tack for all who bought tickets . We have just announced a new Stockholm date for Dec 14 at Sodra Teatern , see TICKETS for all Tour information and 5 warm up shows 

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puss puss

AL x 

The Messengers Band

Liverpool Football Club

We have been asked to perform as pre-match entertainment in one of the function rooms in Anfield Stadium in October, December and February. Nice one!

The Messengers - Demos

Mark Mathews

The Girl Video!!

Brothers and Sisters!!!

Here is the wonderful video, Directed by Pardeep Sahota and starring the talented and beautiful actress, Devora Nikolaeva for the latest single, The Girl!

AND...Here is the interactive videos where you can play the role of "The Girl" or "The Boy"!

I am very pleased with them, believe!!


Join me on Snapchat and Frankly.Me: @markmathewssong

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Danger Dan"

"Danger Dan" on stage with the Seventh Son in January 2013.

Track 3 on Friends in Low Places continues the hard rock-oriented sound that Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son has become synonymous with over the past three years. "Danger Dan" is an ode to former bandmate and Creating Clementine bassist Dan Guerron, and has become a surprise staple of band shows.

Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba spoke with the site to discuss what has become one of their favorites off the album.

How did "Danger Dan" come to be?

BM: "'Danger Dan' was the nickname of a friend, Dan Guerron of Creating Clementine. We wanted to make a Chuck Norris-themed set of lyrics with all exaggerated, tall-tale style stories about Dan. That was the original idea for the song - more of a novelty, but it turned into a really cool song that I am very proud of."

JA: "Bobby had said he liked the nickname 'Danger Dan,' which is what our former bassist was going by. I suggested the idea of having a fun, no-shits-given kind of song on the album, with some corny but creative lyrics. And thus, the song was born."

What kind of vibe do you feel the song gives off?

BM: "It is a groovy song. Very Red Hot Chili Peppers."

JA: "I think you hear a bit of a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe in the drums, which is credit to how Giancarlo played it on the album and how James does live. It would have been perfect for our old drummer Drew as well. However, I don't think the guitars carry that at all, honestly. Whenever I hear that song, I hear a very Lenny Kravitz-esque rhythm."

What is your favorite element of the song?

BM: "I love the drums and how they blend with the guitar riff. Giancarlo (and now James) really fit into the pocket and I think it shows off their musicianship. They really fit the drums snug with the riff and it is really cool to feel that groove."

JA: "The instrumental bridge. It's something we've never done before, with the call and response between the guitars. I came up with the idea to kind of mock a gun being fired and the response of the victim, to give in to that folklore/outlaw mythology behind 'Danger Dan' himself. That's what the physical instrumentation demonstrates."

The song has become a hidden gem, per se, on the album in terms of live performance. Do you plan on keeping it live?

BM: "I don't see why not. It is fun as hell to play."

JA: "It really is probably the most fun song to play we have. It allows us to explore a new element we've never done before, so I sure as hell hope it stays for a while."

Describe the writing process of the song.

BM: "Jon had the basic idea for the riff, and we had the lyrical concept, and I finished the details of the lyrics and had the ideas for the call and response section, choruses, and the key change at the end."

JA: "This is the first time we're mentioning it here, and you'll hear a lot about it in the coming articles, but there was a series of songs on the album that we banged out (structurally) all in one day. This is one of them. I had an idea for a lick in my head, we figured it out on guitar, and we worked with it. I actually wrote the key change lyrics, which give allusion to the next song ("A new age outlaw, a one-man band").The instrumental bridge originally sounded a little bit different, but Bobby called an audible in the studio." 

Where does it fit in to the grand spectrum of the album?

BM: "'Danger Dan,' in this case, is that friend that is begging you to come out tonight, and though you don't really feel like it, you go anyway. He is the one saying, 'Hey, come hit the town tonight,' and it all runs together in the events of one night, from 'Teenagers Too' through the rest of the album."

JA: "As you read these, you'll see that each song really connects with one another. What Bobby said is exactly how the first three songs of the album unfold."

You've mentioned the lyrics are a little unique in that they are kind of out there. Was it hard writing them because of this?

BM: "I wouldn't say it was difficult, but it definitely took some time to get right. I wanted to make sure the 'tall tale' aspect was clear."

JA: "I'd say it probably took about a week or two. I came up with the key change lyrics on the spot, but it was a little harder figuring out what was 'too much' when it came to how hokey we could get with the lyrics. In the end, I don't think anything is too bad with them."

Do you feel the song was worth taking the risks?

BM: "It is one of our tightest live songs, and it definitely stands out on the record because of how different the groove is from our other songs."

JA: "Definitely. Because I don't think it comes across that we took some, which isn't a bad thing. We love it, and when we nail it live, we know it."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Carry On

New Shows Posted!

We have booked several new shows for the rest of 2014, and it looks like we are going to have some fun! Check out the Shows page to see our events for the rest of this year.

Thanks all!

Carry On

Welcome Mike's Dockside Bar and Grill!

I want to take this opportunity to welcom Mike's Dockside Bar and Grille to the Carry On family!


We have booked three shows with Mike's for the rest of the year, and look forward to haveing everyone show up for a great time!

Check out thier Facebook page and make sure to like them! 

Click the Link! ---> Mike's Dockside Bar & Grill

Thanks all and see you at the shows!


Petty Theft

THIS WEEK: Going to @TheChapelSF, @LosGatosBrewSJ + NEW LOGO! #MofoTour2014

Hey Petty Music Lovers,

This past weekend was filled with big ups and downs. Last Thursday, we received the sad news that we lost a very dear friend to the music community, Ted Rodden. Ted was the sound engineer at Rancho Nicasio and had run sound for us at every show we had performed there for the past seven years. He was one of the sweetest people and a true professional and he will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at Rancho and beyond.


Our show in Ukiah on Friday at the Nelson Family Winery started off emotionally rocky for us as we performed the first set with heavy hearts, but the turnout was great and you folks up there lifted our spirits to make it a great show. On Saturday we made the journey to Mammoth Lakes for the Mammoth Rocks concert where we performed the “highest” show we have ever done (9,000 ft. elevation)!  In the end, it was a great weekend and we made a lot of new friends and for this we are grateful to do what we do for all of you.


THIS FRIDAY, 8/29 we make our debut at The Chapel in San Francisco! This is a fantastic and beautiful new live music venue and we are really excited to be playing here. We hope you will all help us bring the “Petty Party” to the city and make it a night to remember. This is “An Evening with…” show featuring two full sets (no opener) of the best Tom Petty songs. So, don’t miss it!

Get your tickets in advance HERE:

Saturday, 8/30 we return to the Los Gatos Brewing Company in San Jose for a fun evening in the South Bay. Tickets will be sold at the door. Come join us for some dinner, fine beer and dancing on the outdoor patio.




We hope you all dig it… Stay tuned for NEW tank tops and t-shirts coming SOON!


"Baby you can keep me painted in a corner…You can walk away, but it's not over"




We have men’s and women’s tees along with women’s tank tops available NOW online here. Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by following us on TWITTER, like us on FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS follow us.

You can also track us on BandsInTown and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips. Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.

We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book Pety Theft for your party now!

Bloody Diamonds

New Single: Nightmare out October 7th

On October 7th we will be releasing a new single called Nightmare. It was recorded during some down time in Toronto on the last tour. The song was produced, engineered and mixed by our good friend Andrew Wiseman, who also filled those roles on all our previous releases, and mastered by Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Alexisonfire, Tokyo Police Club, Arkells). Pre-orders are available here.


Bloody Diamonds Nightmare Album Artwork

Nightmare (Single)

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Hit The Town"

Photo courtesy: Ethan Reiss

After the listener gets through the fist-raising anthem "Teenagers Too" on Friends in Low Places, the chaos continues into the very next track.

"Hit The Town" is Track 2 on the debut studio album for Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, and unlike the rest of the songs on the album, was composed entirely by rhythm guitarist Jon Alba. 

The site talked with Bobby and Jon about this song in the lastest edition of "Behind the Song."

How did "Hit The Town" come to be?

JA: "'Hit The Town' started as a lick that actually has never seen the light of day. The main chorus progression you hear started as extended riffage, but played higher up on the neck based around the G and B strings. There were also many more chord changes in the chorus originally, but they proved to be too choppy and got rid of some of the groove. Eventually, it worked into its own, and the song is undoubtedly my own personal tribute to the essence of hard rock."

The song was written in late-2012. What made you want to hold on to it for the album?

BM: "I felt that it definitely worked in the story I wanted to tell. It's also one of those songs that I think deserved studio recordings treatment. The main section of the song is actually the fastest BPM on the album. It was a perfect fit for the story."

JA: "The song is a great capturing of what our early run as Seventh Son was about. Hard, balls to the walls rock. This is a song, like 'Teenagers Too,' that gets away with its simplicity due to what it offers to the ear. I also personally love the reckless intent; there's no love subject, there's no happy ending. It just goes."

Why is the song the second on the album?

BM: "The groove is so different from 'Teenagers Too' that opens the album, so it stands out in the second slot. It also rocks hard and is a perfect second song, both on the album and live."

JA: "It also continues the thematic elements presented in 'Teenagers Too.' The song makes literal references to gambling, but it is also metaphorical in that regard; a Friday night for the youth is rarely ever easy going, and this song explains that adrenaline rush experienced by many."

Is it weird having a song essentially entirely composed by Jon on the disk?

BM:  "Not for me. A lot of our writing is a team effort and there are a few songs on the album that were mostly me, so I like that we have an abundance of songwriting going on. I just have to put up with Jon constantly reminding me that he can write good songs. It's a friendly competition." 

JA: "Because I CAN write good songs...he just has to hope this isn't the song that gets him a record deal. On a serious note, as I mentioned earlier, this song is a tribute for me. It is in honor of some of my favorite hard rock acts, namely AC/DC, and most definitely a nod to the late, great Bon Scott."

What is your favorite element of the song?

BM: "I just love that it is a no frills rocker. The intro builds up and just explodes. The solo is always fun to play as well."

JA: "Personally, I'd probably say the intro. I don't get many moments to display my craft, as most rhythm guitarists shouldn't because I believe their skill should be displayed subtly. But that is one of them. I also take a lot of pride in the lyrics. While it may be a little wordy at parts, I think the chorus is super catchy."

How does "Hit The Town" differ from songs found later on the album?

BM: "This is one of the few songs that I doubled my vocals. You hear it in octaves for the choruses. It gives it a cool effect. In the 'story' of the album, this is the 'Hey, get off your ass, let's go tear up this night' song and it is definitely a call to action."

JA: "It's probably the most aggressive song on the album, possibly next to 'New Age Outlaws' and 'Teenagers Too.' The later parts of the album turn more into dispair, and this offers a glimmer of optimism.

You try to change up your sets as much as possible. Why is this song a mainstay?

BM: "It is one of the band's favorites to play, and when we have talked about cutting it for a show, the guys were sad and heavily protested. It's a kick-ass, balls to the wall, rock tune. I'm really glad Jon wrote this one."

JA: "I noted in the last article that it's super important for us to feed off one another for energy during our shows. If the energy isn't there, we can't have a good performance. This one gets the blood pumping."

How do you look back on "Hit The Town" at the end of the day?

BM: "It is extremely fun to play and just go apeshit. AC/DC on steroids."

JA: "I always joke it's the best AC/DC song since 1990...but honestly, I will always have a soft spot for it, and am glad it has become a staple of our sets and made the album.

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Teenagers Too"

Friends in Low Places, the first full-length studio album by Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, takes a look at the opposite spectrums of the teenage experience. Right off the bat, "Teenagers Too" hits the listener with a punch to the gut with its punk-inspired riffage and aggressive lyrics.

The site spoke with Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba, who co-wrote the entire album, to discuss the song.

What is "Teenagers Too" about?

BM: "'Teenagers Too' is an exaggerated and generalized look at the chaos that goes along with being an adolescent. I looked to older teen gang stories, such as 'The Outsiders' and 'West Side Story' to create a suburban world where the teenagers essentially did whatever they wanted. The song is very tongue in cheek, and is very sarcastic because while I was 16 when I wrote the song, I did not connect with most of the people my age, so this was my 'fuck you' to my own generation. The song is my response to how I was seeing my friends changing as they got older."

JA: "That song is very timely in regards to when it was written. The cool thing about it is, even almost four years later, it still can relate to a lot of people at the age of 16. People complain about this generation all the time...and I think that song addresses those complaints in a sarcastic manner. Even as we get older, that song doesn't lose any meaning, in my opinion."

How did the song come to be?

BM: "The song was written by Jon and I, in my basement. I had the lyrics written and Jon had the idea for the B-D-A-G riff that starts the song. We had most of the song written and then we brought it to Drew and Dave (drummer and bassist at the time) and we ironed it out and came up with an arrangement that is not all that different from the current form of the song, minus a longer intro and without the ending jam."

JA: "That's truthfully the first Jon and Bobby composition, in its fullness. I sat down in his basement and just banged out the B progression, including the rhythmic strumming for the verse. Bobby had essentially written the lyrics as a poem, anthemic in a way. We worked out the rest of the progression, including the key change in the solo, and just took it from there. The catchy bass riff was conceived by Dave, and the extended jam you hear at the end of the album was actually spontaneous during a gig from a few years back. The song also started with a different intro initially, which does not appear on the album."

"Teenagers" has been played at every single full band show since it was conceived in 2011. Why is that?

BM: "From the first time we played the song at Churchill Live (a popular local benefit concert) in 2011, we have played it at every full band gig. It is a high energy rocker that crowds, both young and old, really get into. Not only is it fun for the audience, but it is also a lot of fun for us to play. The end section of the song started as a jam we did live and we actually did it so many times that it became a really great part of the song."

JA: "I'd be lying if I said there weren't any songs I get bored with playing every now and then. 'Teenagers Too' is certainly not one of them. It is genuinely so much fun to play, and brings so much energy for us on stage that we are able to bounce off one another with. I mentioned it earlier, but it's anthemic, and I think the crowd really buys into that part of it."

Why does the song start off the album?

BM: "Not only does it get the album off to an explosive start, but it also is a great place to start the storyline of the album. It is an overture of sorts. It touches upon all of the themes of the album, in a general way, and then each song goes more in depth with each of those ideas. The album is about teenage confusion and alienation, so what better song to open the album with than 'Teenagers Too' ultimately?"

JA: "I think that speaks for itself. From the second we conceived the idea of an album, we knew that would be the opening track. For all intent and purposes, it's the definitive 'vintage' Seventh Son track. I came up with the idea of starting the song with the feedback, which was actually longer in one of the initial trackings we laid down. Instead of our old intro, the feedback cuts in to the hi-hat count and what I perceive to be a massive explosion of sound. It's funny, because the song had always been seen as the guaranteed closer for a Seventh Son show. We tried opening with it once in Summer 2013, and it worked. That's when I knew we could try making this happen."

What stands out about "Teenagers Too" in your opinion?

BM: "The big chant-choruses are quite different from our other songs, so it definitely stands out from our catalogue. I also think it has a cinematic feel to it- especially with Jon's 'rap' in the middle section. I think you can visualize the images in the song, despite how exaggerated those images are."

JA: "Honestly, I wish I had conceived the idea of a 'rap' while we were still recording. Now, it appears live, but on the record, you hear the 'Stand down and resume blind faith' bit. That was created on the spot in the studio and not pre-planned, with me coming up with the idea of some sort of resistance to the teenage uprising and Bobby filling out the blind faith bit. I think blind faith is another one of those underlying motifs in the album, and it's something that actually appears in new Seventh Son material as well.

What's your favorite part of the song?

BM: "First of all, I love the whole vibe of the song. It is reckless and rebellious and it kicks ass. I have played the same solo essentially every single time we have played the song, since the first demo, and it is still one of my favorite solos on the album. I am very proud of it. I also love the ending because it is just so much fun to play."

JA: "Definitely the solo and ending, like Bobby said. That solo tells a story, in my opinion. It starts out in the same vein of the early parts of a rebellion; there's rumbling, but it's just a concept. Then the key change promotes growth, and by the end, with the smashing of the cymbals, it's absolute chaos. The added ending also gives a hint of what the band is like live to the record."

Ultimately, how do you look back on the song?

BM: "It is amazing that after playing this song for the last four years, it is still fun and I love playing it every night. At the end of the day, its about having fun and making loud music with your friends, and with this song, I get to do just that."

JA: "It will always have a special place for me. It's one of the first rock songs that I ever got to write, and I think, it's still one of our finest. It may not be all that complicated, but it's based on the foundation of rock: Simple ain't easy. It takes a tremendous amount of intensity and passion to successfully play that song, so it makes us be that much better every time we play it."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

King Mike V

(NEW!) "I Shoot the Bus Driver"

"I Shoot the Bus Driver" by: Mike Vanderhoof   - SOLD  

14inx11in Acrylic on Canvas. Prints Available for $10 on my store page

Al Pitcher


hej hej folks ,


hope all is great , i am working hard on tour , please get your tickets and lets have shitloads of fun


Viva le Sverige 


heres all the DATES


puss puss



Spain The Band Song To Appear On MTV's "Finding Carter"

Spain's song "The Fighter" will appear in episode 8 of MTV's original program "Finding Carter", debuting August 19, 2014. "The Fighter" is from Spain's 2014 album Sargent Place. Spain's MTV Artist page is here.

I'm Still Free
Blue Moods Of Spain
She Haunts My Dreams
I Believe
Spirituals: The Best of Spain
Every Time I Try
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 2
The Soul Of Spain
The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session
Sargent Place
Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances
Sargent Place

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Unraveling a mystery: Where is Bing Crosby's storied denim tux?

Unraveling a mystery: Where is Bing Crosby's storied denim tux?

Updated 11:06 pm, Sunday, August 17, 2014

Carolyn Schneider's quest to track down an unusual tuxedo that belonged to her uncle - the legendary Bing Crosby - has become a hobby bordering on an obsession.

In a dossier in her Las Vegas home are documents, photos, newspaper clippings and other evidence, clues in a puzzle she has been putting together over the past decade.

"I guess I watch a lot of murder mysteries or something," she said. "It's kind of a detective story."

At the heart of the story is a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing with a singular backstory - a double-breasted denim tuxedo jacket that Levi Strauss and Co. gave Crosby in 1951 to right a wrong.

Schneider's search for the suit, and her certification by Levi's as a forensic expert on the garment, are a tribute to a man with whom she feels deeply connected.

She knows that she may never locate it. But Schneider hopes her exhaustive investigation will at least iron out what she sees as rampant wrinkles of misinformation.

"I've met some very interesting people and heard some very interesting stories," she said. "But I want the truth - the truth of the jacket."

Uncle Bing

Schneider, who declined to reveal her age, grew up in Alameda and went to San Jose State on Crosby's dime. After graduating, she lived with him in Los Angeles, while briefly considering a career in acting.

Her affection for her uncle inspired her to write "Me and Uncle Bing," a book published in 2002 that details growing up knowing the celebrated crooner and actor.

But it wasn't until 10 years ago - well after Crosby's death in 1977 - that Schneider set her sights on the tuxedo.

In doing so, she dug into how her uncle got the jacket, a story that went viral decades before the Internet and endures as part of Levi's folklore.

Legend has it that sometime in early 1951 - when Crosby's fame was at an all-time high - he and a friend were on a fishing trip near Vancouver, British Columbia.

When the two went to get a room at a local hotel, they were turned away because Crosby, whom the clerk didn't recognize, was wearing a dingy denim jacket.

The hotel manager, though, spotted the star, apologized and offered a room.

The tale traveled all the way to San Francisco, prompting Levi's to make the singer a custom, Western-style, double-breasted denim tuxedo jacket, complete with a riveted boutonniere, made from the iconic red tabs that flag the back of Levi's jeans.

It was a statement by the company that denim could be appropriate for any occasion.

On June 30, 1951, local dignitaries presented Crosby with the jacket at the Silver State Stampede, a rodeo in Elko, Nev.

"As Bing's career and fame grew, he became interested in property, especially ranch property," Schneider said. "Once Bing bought those ranches, he became involved with the community. He was considered a friendly fellow rancher."

Popular figure

Crosby was so well-liked in the small cattle town that he had been made honorary mayor and presented a key to the city in 1948.

At the rodeo, Elko's mayor, Dave Dotta, also got a jacket from Levi's. On the inside of each tux was an oversize leather patch signed by the president of the American Hotel Association.

The patch was a "notice to hotel men everywhere," which entitled the wearer "to be duly received and registered with cordial hospitality at any time and under any conditions."

The event was a publicist's dream.

Soon the story - along with pictures of Crosby wearing the jacket - was printed in newspapers around the country.

Paramount Pictures was set to release the star's newest film, "Here Comes the Groom," and executives jumped at the chance to parlay the press into promotion.

A month later, the film premiered at the Hunter Theater in Elko, and standing proudly out front was Crosby in his denim tux. After the premiere, though, the jacket disappeared.

But as the picture opened in other cities around the country, Levi's urged its retailers to exploit the story by sending them promotional window displays with replica tuxedo jackets, each with the leather patch that said, "Presented to Bing Crosby."

The jackets, Schneider said, were supposed to be shipped back to Levi's, but few were.

Over the years, she said, the replicas circulated around the world - one traveling to Japan and another to England. She ended up with one herself.

The sad truth

Many owners knew the story about Crosby and the Vancouver hotel, and after looking at the patch figured they had his jacket. At the time, few understood there were replicas.

Schneider's job has been to break their hearts.

She said she could pick the real jacket out of a lineup of look-alikes - and was even ordained as an expert by a former Levi's historian.

"Mrs. Schneider is eminently qualified to examine any Bing Crosby tuxedo jacket and determine its authenticity," reads a letter given to her by Levi's.

But Schneider won't say how exactly she can identify her uncle's jacket, explaining that she fears someone might alter it. Several replicas have been auctioned on eBay for thousands of dollars.

So far, Schneider has contacted more than a dozen people with jackets, including a museum in Elko that has the original tuxedo given to Dave Dotta.

Detective work

As part of her investigation, she either tries to see a jacket in person or asks the owner to send her detailed photos of the front, back and inside.

"I would love for you to have Bing's jacket, but what you have is a replica," Schneider recently told Rex Allen Jr., son of famed Arizona singing cowboy Rex Allen.

"Generally speaking, the owners are not happy to hear from me," she said, "because they love Bing."

One such fan and jacket owner is troubadour and cowboy folk hero Ramblin' Jack Elliott, who lives in Nicasio in Marin County and turned 83 this month.

"I've always been utterly charmed by (Crosby's) rather relaxed way of wording and singing his songs," Elliott said. "It sort of makes you want to tap your foot and smile."

Elliott was given his jacket as a present from a friend who used to deal antiques. In 1995, he wore it to perform at the Grammys in Los Angeles, where he accepted the award for best traditional folk album.

'It looked splendid'

"It looked splendid and it used to fit me. Now it's a little tight on me," he said. "Its made out of old-fashioned, tough, thick denim the cowboys used to wear."

Schneider spoke briefly on the phone with Elliott a number of years ago, and asked for pictures of the coat - but he never sent her any. For all she knows, he might have her uncle's original denim tux.

This year, Levi's reissued the jacket with a limited run of replicas. A display set up at Levi's headquarters in San Francisco mimics the Silver State Stampede stage where Crosby was first presented with his jacket.

Schneider hopes her search ends soon - so she can track down her uncle's famous jacket before more people come out of the woodwork falsely claiming to have the original.

She is adamant that she has no interest in possessing the tux. She simply wants to set the record straight, and she clearly takes pleasure and comfort from the adventure.

Schneider hopes whoever has the jacket is taking good care of it.

"It's become," she said, "kind of a holy grail for me."

Evan Sernoffsky is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Twitter: @EvanSernoffsky

Petty Theft

Friday @NelsonWinery, Saturday @mammoth_rocks and 8/29 @TheChapelSF

Hey Folks,

We have enjoyed an incredible summer and want to thank everybody who has turned out at our shows. We have some really fantastic shows coming up to close out the summer.


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Friday, 8/29 we are back in San Francisco to make our headline debut at The Chapel, a fantastic new live music venue in the city. We are very excited to be playing this club so grab your friends and help us bring the “Petty Party” to the city and make it a night to remember. Two full sets (no opener).

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Dance To Tipperary Announce 'Greatest Hits' Album and Single 'Seven Drunken Nights'.

Dance To Tipperary Seven Drunken Nights cover

Dance To Tipperary are pleased to announce the release of a 'Greatest Hits' album later this year. The retrospective set will be supported by the release of a single Seven Drunken Nights which will be available to download from November 21st 2014. 'Greatest Hits' will then follow on November 28th 2014 and feature all the hits, fan favouites and a few of Dance To Tipperary's other top downloads.

Dance To Tipperary have released four studio albums to date including their chart topping self-titled debut 'DanceTo Tipperary', Email At The Cliffs Of Moher, Life Goes On and Return To Me as well as many hit singles.

"It's over 15 years since we were busy in studio making our first self-titled debut album Dance To Tipperary and since then it's been one incredible ride."

"We had many consecutive hit single releases, played a fair few crazy enjoyable gigs, had some pretty heady days as well as experiencing and living through the extremes of lifes highs, lows, happiness and sorrow."

"We wanted to release something to mark this milestone, send you all on a unique Irish and Celtic music journey which we are most proud to have created and to say thank you to everyone"

Dance To Tipperary 'Greatest Hits' track listing and pre-order details will be announced in early November 2014.

Carry On

Crab Shack Shows Cancelled

Hey all, due to some unexpected scheduling difficulties, our shows at the Crab shack in New Port Richey have been cancelled for August and September. Please keep checking our calendar for updated shows, and I will try to keep everyone up and informed on whats next.


Carry On!

Majestic Bohemians


Follow @AlienajCustoms on IG! Know why? Because they are doing free photoshoots compliments of Bohemia Studios™ for special clients! All you have to do is follow them and you'll see the details! This special ends September 18th so hurry and get your free photoshoot!

Mark Mathews

Watch the new video!!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Just wanted to let you know that on Wednesday August 20th my latest music video for the upcoming single, The Girl, will be exclusively premiered over at my good friends, House In the Sand:

House in the Sandhave been a really supportive and friendly music blog towards me here at Mathews HQ and so I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather have playing the video out for the first time!

Another little surprise is that there will be some interactive features to this music video! Exciting times!

Also, for those of you in London or that can make it to London, in celebration of the release of, The Girl, and the fact it is the last Saturday of the month, myself and my band, The One Ts, will be headlining The Barfly on 30th August! You have got to get down to this one!

We are well up for it and so should you be, believe!


Join me on Snapchat and Frankly.Me: @markmathewssong

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

High Five for Fisting

Thank you for coming by to visit!

As a thank you for coming to visit our brand new website, we invite you to obtain a free download of our demo on us!  Just enter the code "givememusic"! And while you are at it, stop by our Facebook page and give us a like!


Terrible Musicians


Come see us live at the 2014 Cortland Celtic Festival.  We will be playing 2:30, Saturday, August 23, in the small pavillion.  It is bound to be a blast!!

Loner's Junction

Barberville this fall

hello guys! this year Unfortunately we will not be playing both days at Barberville! We have a wedding to attend! so many weddings! we will greatly miss being with you all on Sunday the 2nd! Have fun for us!

Good To Go

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son to play Light of Day Canada 2014

Light of Day Canada has announced Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son as one of the billed acts for its 2014 edition of its annual concert series.

The organization announced the following Tuesday, with a photo as well:

"#LODCanadaLineUp announcement!
They were so damn good on their 3 day mini-tour of Canada that we just had to bring them back! Opening the show in Niagara & Toronto, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son!! Bobby will be doing an acoustic set in Kingston!"

Earlier in the day, the organization teased the appearance with the following photo, a callback to the first track on Friends in Low Places:

As noted in the release, the band will play the first two shows on Nov. 6 and Nov. 7 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto and the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls, respectively. Bobby will then play solo acoustically at the BLUMartini Bar & Grill on Nov. 8 to close out the leg.

The shows will benefit Parkinson's Disease research, as all Light of Day events do.

"I have been supporting Light of Day for the last three years, in both Canada and New Jersey," Mahoney said. "And I can't wait for the full band to partake in this year's festivities. Such a great string of shows for such a worthy cause. We are very excited."

Prior to Tuesday's announcement, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band alongside Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan had been the only acts confirmed thus far for the shows. More acts are expected to be announced shortly. 

As noted in the release, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son recently completed a short tour of Canada, playing NiagaraToronto and Kingston in promotion of the new Friends in Low Places release.

"The energy we saw at the [Niagara] show was enough to make us want to have them open the Niagara and Toronto shows for Light of Day Canada," David Rotella, head of Light of Day Canada said. "Look out Canada, the New Age Outlaws are coming back across the border - we're just around the corner."

Tickets for all three shows go on sale Aug. 15 through the organization. More information on Light of Day Canada can be found here.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Bloody Diamonds

Halloween // Newfoundland Tour

The week of Halloween we're going to be playing some shows across Newfoundland. We'll be spending Halloween night in St. John's making stops in Stephenville, Corner Brook, and Grand Falls-Windsor along the way. First time back in Newfoundland in almost a year and we couldn't be more excited!

Tour Dates

10/27 - Stephenville @ Clancy's Pub
10/28 - Corner Brook @ The White Horse Lounge
10/29 - Grand Falls-Windsor @ Kelly's Pub
10/30 - St. John's @ The Levee
10/31 - St. John's @ CBTG's
11/01 - St. John's @ CBTG's
11/02 - Corner Brook @ The White Horse Lounge

More details at

Nightmare (Single)

Kick Bricks

Beta Dogs @ G&L 7.17.14

Beta Dogs @ G&L Tavern, Chicago  7.17.14  Download it here!

Insignificant Others

Akua Kamau

Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi

Akua Kamau

A tribute to the Eleggua and also in memory of my dear departed Mama Mzazi who commenced her journey in the spiritual world at 6:30pm on Tuesday 13 August 2013. I send sincere greetings to the Eleggua and I ask that you guide my beloved Momzee and that you usher her to the realm of the Ancestors. To my dearest most beloved Momzee I say, I miss you so much. Uhuru. Uhuru. You are now free from that dibilitating illness. I wish you could have spent much more time with me but I understand that your journey must continue in the land of the Ancestors. You have done very well dear Momzee and I will love you ever. HUGS and KISSES to you. CHEERS and HUGS too!!!

My Island Darling EP
Blades Of Grass - SINGLE
The Medicine Man (Rain Chant) - SINGLE
Nakupenda (Studio Version) - SINGLE
My Island Darling - SINGLE
Cries Of The Ancestors - SINGLE
What Am I To Do - SINGLE
Alkebulan (Land Of Origins) SINGLE
Oh Land Of Afrika (Swahili) SINGLE
Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi SINGLE

Majestic Bohemians

We Here Now!

Majestic Bohemians(1000 B) have released another mixitape!! "Young Brothers" You can find it in our music tab, soundcloud, datpiff, &! The mixtape is short & sweet! The beats are all wicked samples that you have never heard being produced by Legacy Beats( also member of 1000 B) Checkout the cover art below!!



Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - The Mansion, 8/9/14

All good things must come to an end. But that doesn't mean they have to go out quietly, as Saturday night's Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son show brought an electric ending to the Friends in Low Places Tour Canadian leg.

The venue was The Mansion in Kingston, Ontario, and Tim Gysin would once more set the stage for the gang. Gysin's strong stage presence behind the keyboard is one that can hardly be replicated, no matter how seasoned the performer may be. As he ripped into cuts from his new album Chapter Next..., the crowd appreciated his intimacy and passion with every song.

Photo courtesy: Felicia McIntosh

As Gysin took his final bow, the boys hit the stage, and the town, with a forceful version of the second track off the new album. The always popular "Danger Dan" and "New Age Outlaws" made way for a second, more polished verion of the new "Don't Ask Me Why," with Bobby bringing into question encounters of the past with the final line of the chorus, "why the hell are you surprised?"

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

Three more cuts off Friends in Low Places concluded with an enormous, impromptu rendition of "Scoundrels," with Bobby, Dan, Tim and Jon portraying the lost voices of those from the east side. The song was perhaps the highlight of the entire tour, and continues to be a staple in the sets.

After working through some more standards, including "Left For Dead," "It's a Long Way to the Top," and "Delicate Fall From Grace," the new "Running Away" made its return to the set once more. The infectious chorus had The Mansion crowd grooving, and the band was in control.

The rest of the set saw the band dabble in more standard tracks, though an intimate version of "Guilden Street" also pleased the crowd in the process.

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

"Another Deadbeat Summer" closed the night, with all the performers up on stage sending out the Canadian night in style. Between Gysin and the band, the leg was an enormous success, and big news will be following soon. Until next time...


1. Hit The Town

2. Danger Dan

3. New Age Outlaws

4. Don't Ask Me Why

5. Star-Crossed

6. Can't Stand Mysefl

7. Scoundrels

8. Left For Dead

9. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) (cover)

10. Delicate Fall From Grace

11. Running Away

12. Thick As Thieves

13. Meeting Up

14. Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine (cover)

15. Self-Induced Exile

16. Guilden Street

17. Light of Day (cover)

18. Teenagers Too

19. Another Deadbeat Summer

For more information on Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son sets, click here.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

High Five for Fisting

Demo has been Released!

Hey there Fisters!  Our Demo is now live, you can stream it here in the music section or also from Reverbnation in the links area!

Goat Leaf

Bitch & Moan

That's right, Bitch & Moan, mother fuckers. We got a new disc on the roll promoting our latest track "White of the Eye" Recorded at Goat Leaf HQ, The Noise Works, in June 2014. Displaying a tougher, fatter, hairier side to the Unholy Goat, freshly baked tones for 2014. Limited to 100 pieces only. Get some.

Yesterday morning at 10:30am we open the Bloostock Open Air Festival 2014. Shit! We couldn't have asked for more! You people are fucking legends. A super huge massive thank you to all freaks that came out to play. Good times!

A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales of crashing satellites

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The Devious Angels

Web Three

ENTER THE DUNGEON: Web Three vs. Johnny Voss

Enter the Dungeon presents Web Three vs. Johnny Voss - a matchup of bars and wits - who comes out with the win? Let us know in the comments section!

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - Cadillac Lounge, 8/8/14

Photo courtesy: Felicia McIntosh

Fresh off the hot start of the Canadian leg of the Friends in Low Places tour, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son took to the legendary Cadillac Lounge in Toronto, Ontario.

After the trek, the day saw the guys visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in the city (after all, they are tourists). In the process, they took a picture with Lord Stanley himself, a moment that made Dan Cohen "as happy as a little girl," (his own words).

Night 2 of the tour saw a 25-song set and kicked off with the second appearance of "Running Away," once again relying on its quick, intense verses and catchy chorus. "Meeting Up" would follow up a few cuts off the recently released album, showing that the new tracks are also here to stay.

Photo courtesy: Felicia McIntosh

A welcomed showing of "Delicate Fall From Grace" led way for a brief acoustic session with Bobby and Jon. The two delved into two more Delicate cuts, "Ultimatum" and one of Jon's favorites, "Crazy Dreams." Bobby even let Jon take one of the transitions on vocals, much to his surprise. Bobby would then take the stage solo for a performance of "Until The Wind Changes."

The band joined back on stage with a combination of more Friends in Low Places material alongside a showing of "Left For Dead."

After a break, things heated up once more with an encore of mostly covers, including an impromptu jam of AC/DC's "Gone Shootin'" and D Generation's "Degenerated." The major highlight of the encore, however, was the live debut of "Don't Ask Me Why," the fourth song debuted in the two shows so far.

Photo courtesy: Felicia McIntosh

Eventually, Bobby would finish the show with his ode to his idol with a solo performance of "Thunder Road." With his eyes on Kingston to wrap the leg of the tour, the band goes in hot, ready to strike.

1. Running Away

2. Can't Stand Myself

3. Star-Crossed

4. Meeting Up

5. New Age Outlaws

6. Danger Dan

7. Delicate Fall From Grace

8. Ultimatum

9. Crazy Dreams

10. Until The Wind Changes

11. Hit The Town

12. Left For Dead

13. Scoundrels

14. Teenagers Too

15. Self-Induced Exile

16. Another Deadbeat Summer

17. Pink Cadillac (cover)

18. Light of Day (cover)

19. Bitch is Back (cover)

20. Worrisome Child

21. Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine (cover)

22. Gone Shootin' (cover)

23. Don't Ask Me Why (debut)

24. Degenerated (cover)

25. Thunder Road (cover)

For more information on Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son sets, click here.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Scrap Rabbit

The Monthly Articles

this is issue #008 for The Monthly Articles

Storm Seizure features a new edition to my comic series packed with new improved imagery. Also Scrap Rabbit is open for new members to join, contact by contact page will go to my email. Located southwest Minnesota. And the video of the month is Goblin's Grove. Upon shooting it while some kids were screaming and then it got silent when it started.

The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - Yanks Old Niagara Bar & Grill, 8/7/14

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

After nearly 10 hours in a vehicle the day prior, and various Canadian encounters, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son took to Niagara Falls for the first of three shows in Canada.

Thursday saw the band hit Yanks Old Niagara Bar & Grill as the first stop, and from the start of the evening, anyone in attendance could tell something special was about to unfold. Tim Gysin, who last opened for the band at The Stone Pony in June, brought a killer set in honor of his new album Chapter Next... Tim's impressive powerful voice and stealth way of working a keyboard drew big numbers inside the bar, and opened the eyes of those watching him.

And when eyes are open, anything at a Seventh Son show is possible.

"We had a long trip up yesterday," Bobby said. "But we're excited to be here. You ready?"

Out of the gate, the outlaws from Jersey burst into the now-rare "Thick As Thieves." "Thieves" is a one of a kind Mahoney/Alba composition, dominated by clever notations from the rhythm section and driving vocals that gets the crowd going.

Following this would be a three-peat off Friends in Low Places, led by the always fun "Hit The Town" and going into "Danger Dan." An intense rendition of "New Age Outlaws" (which was preceded by Bobby sarcastically bemoaning to the crowd that it "hurt him" to have Jon's riff played) followed, with Bobby once again taking the spotlight with his ear-splitting solo.

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

"Meeting Up" would then make its second showing in a Seventh Son showing, with members of the packed crowd at Yanks picking up on the "hey girl" motif in the bridge. The Niagara faithful, however, were unaware that wouldn't be the only tease of new material they'd get Thursday night.

Bobby then said it was time to introduce his group of scoundrels, with the dynamic track of the same name following. Enamored with the big sound, he then felt it would be time to try something new.

"Pack your bags Maria," he whispered into the microphone under an arpeggiated familiar lick. He had referred to it at shows before, but now it was happening: the premiere of the extended, initially cut, verse of "Star-Crossed." Two times through, and the rest of the band came crashing in, creating a surreal sense of sound perhaps never heard at a Seventh Son show. 

But why stop there?

"Star-Crossed" opened up for another new track penned by the two who banged out Friends in Low Places, entitled "Running Away." Pounding drums opened for a year 2000-esque bass line by Joe, and an infectious chorus drove home what will surely be a welcomed edition to the Seventh Son catalog.

A dedicated "Guilden Street" with Tim on keys slowed things down for the time being, with those in attendance grabbing their loved ones and investing in the serenity of the moment. But then, one of the most interesting turn of events to ever happen at a Seventh Son show went down.

"I see we have a birthday," Jon said, as he looked towards the back of the bar to reveal a 20-something year old man with a birthday princess hat and strap on. "And he doesn't look a day over 16."

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

Predictibly, the feedback for "Teenagers Too" quickly started, and Zack the birthday boy joined the stage and quickly picked up on the song's chord progression. During the breakdown, Jon offered Zack a piece of advice:

"Zack...tonight is the night, the night we reign free, where the good boys go bad, and the bad boys boogie. Your manhood will ignite, and the fire will burn to the dawn. You'll break down all the walls you've built, you'll take no liberties. For tonight is the night your parents procreated, and dictated that you must stand down...stand down...and resume blind faith." 

Considering the show was sponsored by Light of Day Canada, "Light of Day" found its way into the set with a large portion of the crowd singing along. Things were brought down for the always intense "Self-Induced Exile," before Bobby called upon Light of Day Canada head Dave Rotella's son Evan to sing his favorite tune: "Another Deadbeat Summer." The youngster killed it, commanding the stage alongside Bobby as the audience rooted on.

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

Thirteen songs in, the train only continued to roll. A now-shirtless Joe took on lead vocals and guitar for The White Stripes' "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine," where tons of Niagara residents flocked outside the windows of Yanks to get a glimpse. "Can't Stand Myself," the last tune to be played off Friends in Low Places, led way to an extended and epic version of AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" closing the main set for the electric crowd as the band toasted a shot in honor of the tour's start.

The band left the stage, but Bobby stayed on to do two electrically on his own. "Called it Quits" made its second appearance in one of his sets, but as Jon assured Bobby to do one more, he made things interesting. "Anna, where did you go, you said you'd be somewhere between my heart and the shore?" he asked, and "Anna" debuted before the audience. It was catchy and had some audience members tapping their feet, but it was time to bring the band back for the encore.

A mostly spontaneous version of Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac," complete with dueling guitar and keys solos by Bobby and Tim respectively, got all the patrons singing. One of the more reckless versions of "Left For Dead" allowed for "Worrisome Child" to bring an end to a 21-song night of rock, friends and fun. 

All that in just the first night of the Canadian shows. The beauty of it? There's more surprises to follow. Stay tuned.


1. Thick As Thieves

2. Hit The Town

3. Danger Dan

4. New Age Outlaws

5. Meeting Up

6. Scoundrels 

7. Star-Crossed

8. Running Away (debut)

9. Guilden Street

10. Teenagers Too

11. Light of Day (cover)

12. Self-Induced Exile

13. Another Deadbeat Summer

14. Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine (cover)

15. Can't Stand Myself

16. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) (cover)

17. Called it Quits

18. Anna (debut)

19. Pink Cadillac (cover)

20. Left For Dead

21. Worrisome Child

For more information on Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son sets, click here.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

rob marcus

Rob Marcus Performing at the 25th Annual San Jose Jazz Festival

Join us in San Jose this weekend for the 25th annual Jazz Festival. I'll be performing at the Caffe Frascati Patio Stage from 5-8pm. 


Where's The New EP

Well, the last post did make reference to it, so we ought to own up and say that the EP has been delayed until Autumn. But this is no bad thing. The band have been working really hard, not only on new material, but also re-vamping some of the older songs to make better use of some new instrumentation, as well as other enhancements. The running order for the EP has also been revised, which has also led to the slight delay.

Hey People has gone back to the factory for another overhaul, largely because we need to figure out how to balance the full studio, multi-layered production with a version that we can also do live. We've nearly got it sussed, but it looks like it'll miss the EP. But no worries - Think Of Love will be on it, as well as another brand new track.

We've got a couple of free gigs coming up to promote the new EP and we'll be Tweeting details as soon as we get the confirmation signed off. Keep the start of September free....!

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