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Mark Mathews

The Leap Home

Brothers and Sisters, what the hell is up?!

I trust all is well. I hope so, it's been so long it's hard to bad.

But it is because I have been jetting here there and everywhere playing gigs left right and centre and putting right what once went wrong and hoping that the next leap, will be the leap...oh hold on, that's 90's TV show "Quantum Leap" not my life. I always do that!

But the gigs have been keeping me busy. Tunbridge Wells Forum has a special place in my heart and I even got to play my home town of Maidstone. Keeping it about as real as you can. Loads of fun. Personally, I think I have been playing some of the best shows I have ever played. It feels like I'm in a groove and on a roll and so thanks to all that have come and seen me and given me praise, because i promise you it fuels the fire.

I've also been getting pretty prolific of late and writing tons of new material. There are certainly two new songs that I absolutely love to play and am thinking of chucking them into my sets coming up.

Talking of which I am at the "Dig the City" Festival in Manchester this weekend playing on both Saturday and Sunday. I've somehow managed to miss Manchester on my tours since coming back to the UK (I know, Bad me!) so I am really, really looking forward to getting up North and playing for you all. Then there are a string of London shows whilst I sort out some studio work and get on with recording some tracks.

I have also confirmed I'll be playing the Oxjam Festival (Clapham) this year, (Oct 26th, save the date), which is awesome news and something I can't wait for.

Loads happeing behind the scenes as well, but as usual it's best to keep it hush hush till I know for certain the old fan fare can be brought out and we can have a bit of a knees up, believe!


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A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements

Composer Phillip Kane

"Undulate"-New Promo Video

Here's The New Promo Video For My Song, "Undulate":

'Undulate' Promo Video

Petty Theft

August Shows + More!

Hey All,

We had a couple of fantastic shows these past two weeks.  Our 5th annual BBQ on the lawn show at Rancho Nicasio sold out for the first time!  Thank you all who came out to spend the afternoon with us.  Last weekend we were back in the East Bay performing for a packed crowd at the Alameda Park Street Art & Wine Faire.  It's been a great summer so far but we're just getting started!... 

The fun continues in August as we have one of our busiest months of the year with seven shows coming up.  Starting this Friday, 8/2 we return to the Terra Linda Northgate Mall in Marin for their summer Concerts Under the Oak series from 6 to 8pm.   It's FREE and All Ages are welcome.

On Saturday 8/3, we return to one of our original stomping grounds: Dan's Bar in Walnut Creek.   Always a wild n' crazy rock n' roll fest in this joint.  We’ll be playing all night so it's a good place to hear us bust out some Petty rarities.   Drinks will be flowing and the dance floor will be moving…JOIN US!

Please see below for our upcoming show schedule and check our website for future shows and other information about the band.
"Yeah and she looks so right, she is all I need tonight…"
~Dan, Django, Bagel, Monroe, Mike and Michael
Petty Theft

Upcoming Shows (check our website for details and RSVP below):   

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9 Mile Roots

Third Single Release Available Now

Check out "Simplify" - Our third single release from the new album LIME !

Download it FREE here

And The Rest Will Follow

Goat Leaf

Hey Pendejos!

Hail! Brothers and Sisters of the sun. Goat Leaf are proud to announce our very first venture onto foreign territory. Check it.

Cut loose, feel the burn mother fucker, break out the hard liquor and smoke em if you got 'em. See you at the show.

A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales of crashing satellites

Echoes de Luxe

summer of dreams

Not long now til we head east and play some shows for friends and fans back in our old stomping grounds.  

Hold On EP

King Mike V

(NEW!) "Take Your Medicine"

(NEW!) "Take Your Medicine" by: Mike Vanderhoof   36"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

horror art, horror artist,pulp art, pulp cover, pin up girl, pin-up girl, tattoo, nurse, mad scientist, laboratory, frankenstein, tattoos, horror tattoo, horror movie poster, comic book art, horror comic, universal monsters, halloween


New single: "Bull Kull"!

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, so here's something - a new single! Demagolka's own Hotline Miami soundtrack, "Bull Kull" is an edited and differently mixed version of "MoTeK/Nateshimura" from the band's latest studio album, "Haestrom".

We tested it in the game, replacing one of the existing tracks and it fit perfectly!


The Alien Nation

Quest Love Blogg

Quest Love from The Roots speaks about race relations after returning from an overseas tour. The Roots Quest Love


Ramones | Stones Tribute Night | Sister Bar Aug 3rd.

Black Unicorn

Composer Phillip Kane

New Website



My Amber Roses 

My new website is up and running!  Hope you enjoy browsing and make sure you check out my other links below!

The Wayward Sons

CD Release shows

On The Wayward Path

Katie Garibaldi

Acoustic Bistro Tonight in SF!

A friendly reminder!

I'll be performing at Osteria in San Francisco TONIGHT for the Acoustic Bistro showcase! Set your dinner plans for Osteria and be serenaded at this lovely Italian bistro while you enjoy the food and wine (the live music is free!). Remember to call ahead and make reservations to guarantee a table.

TONIGHT! Mon, July 22
KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro
At Osteria
3277 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA
7:00 - 10:00 pm - There are two rounds of performances by the artists on the bill where we each play a set in the first half of the show and again in the second half of the show.
No cover charge / all ages
To guarantee seating, please place a reservation at Osteria by calling
(415) 771-5030
Join the Facebook invite HERE.
I've been to this restaurant before so take my word, they have great food and a wonderful atmosphere (plus plenty of close free parking!) so plan on a nice dinner and live music night out in the city tonight!
Featuring live music from:
Jason Berk

Michael Shoup

Josh Hoke

Katie Garibaldi

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

Huke Green

CD Release shows

On The Wayward Path
Rustic Poet

King Mike V

(NEW!) "The Red Widow" by: Mike Vanderhoof

(NEW!) "The Red Widow" by: Mike Vanderhoof

30"x24" Acrylic on Wood

horror art, horror artist,pulp art, pulp cover, pin up girl, pin-up girl, tattoo, nurse, mad scientist, laboratory, frankenstein, tattoos, horror tattoo, horror movie poster, comic book art, horror comic, universal monsters, halloween, black widow, red head, ginger

The Alien Nation

"The Veil" Inspired by Trayvon Martin

This veil that I wear is heavy! I wear it daily and it gets cumbersome because I constantly have to place it upon my head even on the days I want to breathe the fresh air.  My white male counterparts don’t have to wear a veil he can walk freely. Not me, a black male! Our skin is a burden to society and we have to see the world through this veil. Live two separate lives in one body so that we can survive the world.  

W.E.B Dubois wrote in his book The Soul of Black Folk that, “One ever feels his twoness, -- an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.”

If the murders of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and Darius Simmons, who are all under the age of 19, their twoness led to their deaths.  Their deaths reveals how America truly thinks of black males.  It is more than just a white and black issue but a societal issue; black males are forced to live two lives.  

Their two lives are between the images protrayed in the media and their actual lives.  Many would want to believe most African American males are full of mischief, deceit, anger, and lies.  While many are trying hard to be fathers, lawyers, doctors, and a role model of their community.  The constant fight of trying to be a man is often distracted by the color of his skin.  The deaths of four African American young men, who were innocently shot, shows that we still have to live in two worlds that conflict with each other.

The reality of it all is that no black man is a threat and the images are false.  “I am not a Threat!” shirt is to show the world that black men want to live in one world.  Where they can live, breathe, eat, laugh and love freely without being seen as a menace. Available now in the store. CLICK HERE


Let the world know that your are not a threat.  

Mark Mathews

A week is a long time

Brothers and Sisters,

Well, they say a week is a long time and by jove they might be onto something! A few interesting things and people have popped up recently, that are affecting the course of action I was on. I've always been happy to change if it benefits the overal cause and so I am heeding the advice I have been given and making some changes.

What this means is the EP and Music Video are to be put on the back burner for now. I'm gutted in many ways because not only was I excited to get it out for all to see and hear, but I was working with some amazing and talented people and I hate letting folk down.

Alas, it is by no means over, but more a new chapter unfolding. In actual fact instead of the music just being released MORE is to be recorded and MORE exicitng projects will come of this.

So, watch this space and await further instructions for loads of new tunes!

I'd just like to thank all of those involved with the artwork (below, and you can also check it out in my photos page) and the Music video. The video was going to be mega and everyone was so professional and keen for it and so it's a real shame it has had to be put on ice. However, it will get up and running again at some point, so if you're still up for it the door is always open for you, believe!

Forwards!! Modern Romance EP ArtWork


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A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements

Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

Top 10 Music Videos

The Top 10 "You Tube" Music videos July 15th 2013


Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

GettingYour music onto Radio

Getting your music onto radio is a clearly defined target for most artists when they are preparing for the release of a single or EP. We all know that the competition for airtime is tough but are there things that you can do to give your new release a better chance of hitting the airwaves?

In this article we speak to 2 professionals who seek promotion to radio from different perspectives. Mark Muggeridge owns and runs Evil Genius Media, a full service music marketing company that promotes music to radio on behalf of their clients – a service known as radio plugging; and James Bursey, the producer of Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show which receives hundreds of tracks each week for consideration to be included in the programme. 

"When I am promoting a new artist to radio for the first time I like to start by sending the track to either regional radio or to shows that play new artists at around 6-8 weeks prior to release." says Mark Muggeridge. "I am trying to get my first one or two spins of the track along with a quote from the DJ before I go into the main part of my promotion to radio. Once I’ve got these, then I’m revising my press release to include a mention of these and I’m onto going out wider with the track and the new press release.

Although digital is great it’s also important to have physical CDs and a printed press release. A lot of radio shows will only accept a CD promo. Can you imagine having to download hundreds of MP3s every week just to listen to them once? It’s a nightmare for some radio staff and it’s really still just so much simpler for them to organise physical CDs when they are working out what to play each week. This said It’s also important to know which shows prefer a CD and which shows want digital. The Unsigned Guide is great for that kind of information."

"Unsigned artists often have to do a lot for themselves and this is a burden than slows things down, but by running a smaller campaign and only sending your music to those shows that you are confident play new music by new artists you can help keep your costs down and chew up less of your time than sending a hundred promos." says Muggeridge.  "Also when I am writing the press release to go to shows like John Kennedy or Tom Robinson I’m careful not to overstate what an artist has achieved to date. I see a lot of press releases from unsigned artists that try to convince me that their last EP ‘was a massive break-through…’ or their last single was ‘hugely supported’ by a particular radio station when in fact they only received one play. People who work in radio will read between the lines; everyone has to start somewhere and clearly stating that you had a play from or were ‘supported’ by a particular show helps us all to know where you are up to in developing your audience and how we can help you further."

James Bursey is the producer of Zane Lowe’s show on Radio 1. "When you’re first sending tracks to us at Radio 1 it will take us a little time to get to know you. We sometimes talk in terms of a new artists’ journey." 

That journey should begin at a local level via the BBC Introducing uploader.
 "This is a great way to get our attention at BBC Radio. It’s surprising how many artists don’t use this path to get music to us when we are always listening to tracks that have been uploaded. Once you’ve been played on your local Introducing Show then your next target should be the shows that are on air from midnight to 4am, from there the shows that are on air from 10pm to midnight." explains Bursey. "In terms of how to send us music, using a plugger is a great idea as they are a trusted source for us to find new music. However if you want to DIY sending your music to radio then send us tracks via a streaming service, such as SoundCloud so we can have a listen; then also give us a download link so that if we like the music we can grab the MP3 or WAV file. The important thing here is that for a first listen we don’t want to download or sign in to anything. It has to be click and play."


Mark Muggeridge and James Bursey both give presentations as part of the Guest Presenter Programme at The Music Business School MMBE course in London. The MMBE (Managing a Music Business Enterprise ) is a new accredited qualification that offers participants a fast-track course of study to get them up and running in the music business. The guest speaker programme brings a unique roster of active music business executives into contact with the students via small group presentations. These sessions give students a chance to ask direct questions and connect with leading players from across the music business spectrum.

Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

Radio online

Facebook: camdenunsigned

Twitter: camdenunsigned


 Independent online radio station playing the best new unsigned acts in Camden and beyond. Mostly focus on Indie, Rock, Folk and Punk music. To get airplay visit the Contact page on the above website and fill out the Submit Your Act form online. 

The Devious Angels

Vote DVS "Best Country Duo of the Year"


The Devious Angels have been nominated for "Best Country Duo of the Year" in the Nashville Independent Music Awards!  

Click HERE to VOTE and help them win!


The Devious Angels

Mark Mathews

Trials and Tribulations

Brothers and Sisters, what's gwanning?!

Well July has been fraught with trials and tribulations: Being messed around by "professionals", having some more drama with the EP and trying to pull together this Music Video...(Mark takes a deep breath)'ll all work out in the end, but I want it all worked out NOW!!!

So, those that saw my tweet will know, the EP is likely to be put back again! It's driving me mad to be honest and just want the thing done and dusted like it should have been months ago. The latest missed deadline was last week when it should have been mastered but the situation is looking even more dire and ANOTHER studio is going to have to be booked and more of the same work done AGAIN...

Releasing this EP cannot come soon enough!

Still, onwards and upwards.

Whilst we wait even longer and in case it never sees the light of day, here's the track listing for shits and giggles:

1. If Only For Today

2. Suicide Tuesday

3. Bones

4. The Girl

5. Idle Wish

6. What You Do

You've probably heard most of them now if you've come to any recent gigs and a few of them have a "The Couch Session" video that you can check out. I did also record a song called "Lucky" and "She's The World (And She Spins For Me)...I don't know if they will ever surface!!!

The music video has had it's own problems and issues, mainly the use of Victoria Park costing the equivelent of the Queens Jewels (Oooh Errrrrrr Missus!). So, that has been pushed back by a week to the 2nd and 3rd of August, which because of the above EP issues is not a huge problem for me!

If you happen to be free and want to get involved on the Saturday (3rd August) drop me a line as you're more than welcome. It will still be in London somewhere, just need to work out where.

Still this heat wave has made for a fun month none the less, so I'll push on with getting everything back on the straight and narrow and before long there'll be an EP and Music Video to watch and I won't even remember this struggle, believe!



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A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements

Soul Fire Saints


Sheffields Biggest Music Festival is upon us this weekend in the form of TRAMLINES 2013, Hell Yeah!!

We have secured 2 gig slots for this mammoth city centre festival, so make sure you catch us!!

Saturday 20th July - We are playing TIGER WORKS @ 17:00. The venue is bang next door to West Street Live, in the heart of Tramlines territory!! Prime Time, Prime location!! No excuse to miss us, LIVE & LOUD, PUT SOME FIRE IN YER EARS.

Sunday 21st July - We are headlining BAR 27 @ 21:00. Just out of the centre at the bottom of London Road, meaning you should be able to get a beer without waiting an hour!! Come down and see us rip sh*t up whilst you enjoy an ice cold beer. This one threatens to be a more chilled atmosphere, for those that don't want the hustle & bustle of the CIty Centre.

We'll be taking a break from gigging in August, but be sure to join us in Doncaster for our gig at the Vintage Rock Bar on Saturday 7th September!!




King Mike V

(NEW!) Movie Poster Concept Art

Coming Soon...

horror art, horror artist,pulp art, pulp cover, pin up girl, pin-up girl, tattoo, grindhouse, poster, tattoos, horror tattoo, horror movie poster, comic book art, horror comic, universal monsters, halloween, zombies, zombie, dawn of the dead, the walking dead

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers & DRK at the Fountain Blues Festival Saturday, July 20th

The blues come to the bay!

Join Roy Rogers & DRK at the Fountain Blues Festival in downtown San Jose this Saturday, July 20th : 2pm-3:30pm.

For more information :

Enjoy the show! 

Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales

Terrible Musicians

Upcoming show

Woohoo, we will be playing at the Cortland Celtic Festival on August 24!  Stay tuned for times and updates.  In the mean time, save the date and check it out.  Click here for the link.



The Despoilers

Old Ball Friday 19th July: Its a Big One!

Run for Brenda.

The atmosphere is building already. 2 sleeps and we can rock the Old Ball down to its foundations. 

Its a great opportunity to have a great evening amongst friends and support a great cause!

See you there!


The Despoilers



Christian D

Cut Loose and Live - now on iTunes!

Yep - here it is on iTunes- does that make it more real? 


Anyone wanna go buy it and kindly drop a review?

Shake It or Leave It
Broken/ Bloodline
Cut Loose and Live

O.Z Bangaz

Kurtis Blow at Hip Hop Revival in (North Lawndale) Chicago

Kurtis Blow performs at Hip Hip Revival in the North Lawndale community of Chcago.
He did it for free to support movements against the senseless violence that plagues the streets of Chicago. It was a pleasure to open for and watch one of Hip Hop's pioneers, bring magic to the stage for all that watched.

Check out O.Z Bangaz and Kick Bricks at and

O.Z Bangaz

O.Z Bangaz Opens for Kurtis Blow

O.Z Bangaz and  Kick Bricks the Band performs Promise for the Hip Hop Revival in  the North Lawndale community of Chicago.They were an opening act for Hip Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow. Check out more music and videos from these artist at and

Clint Crisher

Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) Currently 23rd in House

Sticky(DjMyTRemix)Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) by Clint Crisher is a mixture of house, electro pop and trance but done like no one have done before. No matter what your favorite style of dance happens to be you will like all three …

The post Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) Currently 23rd in House appeared first on Clint Crisher Official Site.

Perfect World
Terrific Distraction



Here is some music to start. Check out my Albums and Music page for more.

New Dawn
Uninspired Love
Electric Emotions
Burning Desire
Missing Love
Forward Conversation

Composer Phillip Kane

Many New Features!


Welcome to my new website on !

With the new formats on, I have decided that it was time to move on and create a more versatile website where I could display music, photos, etc.  I will be working hard the next few weeks getting some new sites up and ready.  I will still keep my myspace account, but will have to reorganize it a bit.

A lot of brand new and creative endeavors coming your way!  Please keep on coming back for more updates!

Thank You-

Composer Phillip Kane


Petty Theft

Rancho BBQ on the Lawn 2013 + More!

Hey Honey Bees & Refugees,

We hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer season.  We have been doing so ourselves taking a few weeks off from the gig trail.

We head back into the great wide open with some fun outdoor shows coming up.  Starting this Sunday, 7/21 we perform our 5th Annual "BBQ on the Lawn" show at Rancho Nicasio.  This is truly one of our biggest and best shows of the year!  Enjoy great BBQ and custom summer drinks while relaxing in a beautiful outdoor setting and listening to all of your favorite Petty tunes.  This show is perfect for the whole family!  Joining us will be the fabulous Austin DeLone filling in on keys for Mike Emerson (who is on the road in Europe with Carlene Carter).  Audie is the “real deal” and we are honored to have him sit in with us again.
The following weekend we return to Park Street Art & Wine Faire in Alameda on Saturday, 7/27.  We close out the festival on the Encinal Stage from 3:30-5:30PM.
Look forward to seeing you all SOON!
"Into the great wide open, under the skies so blue…" 
~Dan, Django, Bagel, Monroe, Mike and Michael
Petty Theft

Upcoming Shows (check our website for details and RSVP below):   

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We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book the band for your party now!


The Wayward Sons

New Album Pre-Order available now

The presale of the album is now under way! We'll be adding a few other perks and offers as we get closer, but for now, you can pre-order the album for download or physical copies. They'll be either digipak or eco-wallet depending on how the presale goes, etc. We're also offering a new t-shirt with a black and white rendering of the album artwork, which was painted by Huke. The downloads will go out the moment we're done with mastering and the physical copies/shirts will be to you no later than the end of August, though probably much sooner. The goal is to sell 100 via presale, let's do it! Click the cover Below to go to the store!

On The Wayward Path


New Line Up, New Recordings & More Gigs!!

So, we'd like to welcome our two new members to the Regime.

On lead guitar - Jared Flood & on drums - Alan Flannagan.

Both the lads are fitting in as if they were always part of the band and are bringing a new excitement to Wolf Regime!!

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to our ex-guitarist, Mr Sean Moroney who helped to shape the sound of Wolf Regime.

Thanks for the good times, the laughter and your amazing talent.

We love ya brother and wish you well in whatever comes your way!


We re-enter Loop Studios in Dublin this Monday to finish off five new tracks, which will be released in August. be prepared for some heavy monster riffs and some sweet melodies and harmonies!!

We've been playing a few low key gigs around Ireland in order to prepare for our U.K dates beginning this Autumn.

We'll see y'all real soon!



Her Divinity

Graffiti City

New EP on the way!

The new EP is on the way.

It's gonna be 4 tracks long.

All pop songs.

Lots of piano.

Lots of epic.

It's gonna be great.

I want to explore the theme of love.

How cliched...

I'll explore it in a way never explored before!


Off The Walls at Cafe Du Nord

Here is the exciting last minute and 10 seconds of "Off The Walls" from last Saturday's show. Enjoy!


The Pen and the Letter

David Ullman

Twin Cities Folk Rocker and X-FACTOR Sensation Perform at First Avenue's 7th St. Entry

Join me and Josh Krajcik at First Avenue & 7th St Entry for an evening of curly-haired, bearded dudes from Wayne County, Ohio belting their effin' lungs out! Click HERE for more info and tickets.

Dog Days
Deja Vu
Light The Dark

Christian D

here it is - Cut Loose and Live - Play Loud!


I've always loved live bootleg albums, when I was a kid I used to buy them on cassette at head shops. Usually printed on the back was "Fan club release only, not for sale" - but there they were, right beside the rock t-shirts and rolling papers, usually for around 12 bucks. 

I had a bunch of them, with tacky labeling and questionable sound. Almost always right under the track listing was printed  "PLAY LOUD." Which of course, you did.

They always seemed really cool to me, and a lot of times really different from the records that the songs were from. I was fascinated by how the bands would approach stuff live. Maybe they'd strip it down to bare bones, or speed it up. If they were from before the album was released you'd get different lyrics sometimes. Or a lot of swearing and drunken shenanigans. 

Most of the bootlegs I'd had have long since been stolen or got eaten up in various shitty cassette players. Wish I still had them though.  

Also - one of the ballsiest albums in Rock and Roll is the MC5 putting out that kick ass live album as their debut. If somehow you've never heard it go quick and look it up!

ANYWAY - all my teenage bootleg love led me to always want to release live stuff. And, the tech has caught up to me- clubs are starting to have digital rigs now for live sound, which means in the right place, getting live recordings is really easy. It's 2013 and you can bootleg yourself!

So- here's ours. Listening back I kinda wish I had started with " I'm Christian and these are the Hangovers- Kick out the jams motherfuckers!" 





Shake It or Leave It
Broken/ Bloodline
Cut Loose and Live

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