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Baking Hot Night at The Hop Wakefield

Our first trip down to Wakefield proved a real plus, Baking hot, fantastic crowd. Can we come back please!!!!

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Feature: Ramblin' on with Ramblin' Jack A Marin musical legend rolls on down the road

Posted: Thursday, July 24, 2014 9:00 am

Not so long ago, many American boys dreamed of becoming cowboys—but of course few really did. Teenager Elliott Charles Adnopoz of 1940s Brooklyn, however, made his dream come true, running away from home to live the cowboy life. While that career choice didn't last too long, it influenced the rest of his life, as he evolved into Ramblin' Jack Elliott, a true American musical hero—often called an icon, a living legend and a pioneer. All of which he is.

Ramblin' Jack has lived in West Marin for well over two decades. He was born on August 1st—his birthday is next week—at least eight decades ago, but as he notes below, he is now "aging backwards." Hearing and seeing him play his guitar and sing, one tends to believe him. He still tours consistently, but given that airports drive him "crazy," his travels tend to be literally on the road, as he has been famed for since the 1950s. And all that traveling means that he's had memorable encounters and friendships with many renowned figures—some of the most famed in modern American culture. Yet Jack himself remains about as down-to-earth a guy as one could ever meet, more prone to talk about transmissions and horses than anything else—although he'll talk about just about anything.

His musical career has been up and down, with fame first garnered in the 1960s, then a fallow period, then a resurgence with his first Grammy for his album South Coast in 1995—for best traditional folk album—and then another, for best traditional blues album, in 2009 for A Stranger Here. But despite his collection of Grammy awards, he still sails a small boat on Tomales Bay.


So, how does a nice Jewish boy named Elliott Adnopoz from New York City become a folk legend named Ramblin' Jack Elliott?

Well, I've been nice, but I wasn't very Jewish. My dad was a doctor and the phone was always ringin' all night long and he was running out on house calls to deliver babies and such. When I was 9 I saw a rodeo in Madison Square Garden and when Gene Autry came splashing in on his horse through a disc of white paper with his hat, saddle and spurs and came galloping around the arena, that was it for me. I was a cowboy in my heart from then on.

And soon you were gone on the road yourself ...

In September 1945 the war had just ended and I was 14 and I heard hoof beats on the street and it was a real cowboy. Not long after, I took off with a couple of poets, hitchhiking, and at a truck stop a driver had room for only one person and I took it and never saw them again.

How long were you gone that time before your parents started looking for you? There's a "missing person" sign your parents made that says: "May be on a ranch. Parents not opposed to him staying on ranch."

You think they wanted to get rid of me? They were tired of me roping the furniture. Anyway, with the cowboys I found I lived on flapjacks and one old rodeo clown knew my folks were lookin' for me and said: "If you stay here you will end up being a cowboy, but if you go to high school and get your dee-ploma you can do anything, including being a cowboy." So I went home and thanked my parents for inviting me back.

How'd you pick up the guitar?

I was just strumming a bit, but when I went back I got more serious about it.

And then something very important happened in your life, about 1951—you met Woody Guthrie. His daughter once said you became his closest friend.

I was hanging out in Greenwich Village—this is a very unromantic story; I wish I could say I met Woody changing trains in a yard in Omaha, or something—but I'd heard from other singers he was not feeling very good already, and called him up. We spent a lot of time together over the next few years, did some travelin', and sang a lot of songs together. He was a great influence and some of his songs are some of the greatest poetry describing man's inhumanity and with some good ideas on how the world could maybe be a better place to live. He was the Walt Whitman of the working man, and he thought the communists had some good ideas and that caused him some trouble, but they wouldn't really have him, as he was a bit too sloppy of dress.

Around then, I heard that Jack Kerouac read the entire manuscript of On the Road to you. How long did that take?

Three days and three bottles of wine. I think he had a thing for my girlfriend. He came around many times to visit, along with other authors and poets.

Well, somewhere it says that both Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg thought you were the one who was very good at stealing other guys' girlfriends ...

Those writers were very biased, you know.

Then you got married and moved first to Hollywood and then to London ...

We got to London in 1955 and were in and out of there for six years, with my wife Jan—I mean June—I crossed wives there; Jan's another wife ... we had a great time traveling around Europe on a Vespa motor scooter. Anyway, back in London they had these big tabloids and I recall seeing one reading, "FILM STAR DIES," and it was one of June's ex-boyfriends, a cat named James Dean who was just starting out. I'd met him some and serenaded him some in his white Porsche—the first Porsche in America—and the one he died in here in California.

And when you got back to New York, there was this early 60s "great folk scare" scene going on ...

That's right, but I wasn't aware of it as such; when you are in the middle of something it's not like it was on TV or something.

And there was this other nice non-Jewish boy named Bob Zimmerman, or Dylan, around. He was a young kid who wanted to be a singer.

Yeah, Bob had just hitched in from Minnesota, to see Woody as much as anything, and was only 19 years old. I was there too, so we met.

In his book Chronicles, Dylan wrote, after he heard one of your records: "Damn this guy was great ... he was so confident it made me sick ... Elliott was far beyond me ... I'd have to block him out of my mind, forget this thing, tell myself I hadn't heard him and he didn't exist. He was overseas in Europe, anyway, in a self-imposed exile. The U.S. hadn't been ready for him. Good. I was hoping he'd stay gone." It sounds like you gave the young Dylan an existential crisis!

I didn't mean to—I'd never heard of him yet at that point. But later I learned his song "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" from his record, over a bottle of Cutty Sark—the one with the clipper ship on the label—stuck in a nice warm cabin in a snowstorm for three days—that was some kind of speed record for me, as it usually takes me three to six months to learn a song. And, when it thawed out we drove my 1950 Chevy truck motorhome up to New York City where they were having an open mic with all sorts of folksingers, would-be folksingers and has-beens, with my pals Dave Van Ronk, Peter and Paul—Mary was out shopping I believe—and I thought I'd get up on stage, as the previous singer had been booed off the stage. I sang "Don't Think Twice" and Bob was there, and it's dark in there with only a little light sort of glinting off his halo and he said: "I relinquish it to you." I'd never had anything relinquished to me but it's one of my favorite songs ever since.

Van Ronk wrote in his book that your parents finally came to see you play around then and your mom loudly said: "Look at those fingers—such a surgeon he could have been!"

Yeah, sometimes they never let up on all that ...

You kept on recording through the 60s and into the 70s, and then reunited with Dylan for his 1975 "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour, with Ginsberg, Sam Shepard, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Roger McGuinn, all sorts of people, and some of Dylan's greatest performances.

That was great fun. There was too much whiskey. And there was a filmmaker doing a modern-day fairytale—a very long one ...

That was Renaldo and Clara, Dylan's notoriously baffling four-hour flick. After that you started recording in earnest again, and things seem to have taken off for you, and you wound up with Grammys in both folk and blues ...

Bob Dylan wrote me a letter of introduction to the great John Hammond Sr., who had signed Bob to Columbia Records and had practically discovered everybody from Bessie Smith to Billie Holiday to a long list, a charming man who I'd never met ... Bob wrote: "Dear John, I want to introduce Ramblin' Jack Elliott, who is my long-lost father ..." etc., full of such nonsense. Obviously I'm not old enough to be Bob's dad; I'm only 10 years older. It was great. And John's son played on one of my records—in fact Dylan played harp on one, too, but couldn't use his real name so he was "Tedham Porterhouse." That record has just been reissued on vinyl, called just Jack Elliott. I think I've done at least 20 LPs all total.

By 1998 you were in the White House getting the Presidential Medal of the Arts from President Bill Clinton. After all your hard traveling, what was that like? How was the food?

The food was very good, once we got to it. I didn't really know what to say to him. I don't really rehearse such things, I just kind of blurt it out, hoping that it's gonna be true. Now, I'd had one solid bourbon in the Abraham Lincoln Room and then two glasses of red wine before the dinner came and I got a little bit carried away—I get patriotic when I'm drinking and they were playing "America the Beautiful" and I was singing along "A-MERrrrica ..." and my wife Jan was a bit embarrassed. She looked over at the presidential table where Clinton was sitting with Gregory Peck, but Clinton and he were just grinning with me. I was singing along with the United States Marine Marching Band. I don't know if they have a recording of that one.

Your latest record came out in 2009, called A Stranger Here and it is fantastic, with a wonderful band, recorded in a basement once owned by the widow of President James Garfield in Los Angeles, produced by Joe Henry with guys from Los Lobos and such, and is mostly blues-based songs.

I had little to do with putting that one together, actually. I listened to about 15 of the wildest and greatest old blues songs the record company guy had recommended, only some of which I'd heard and only one of which I already knew [how] to play. I just sort of took a musical bath there and let the music flow by as I listened to them, and then when I went down to Pasadena and met the guys and [we] started playing together I just thought: "Oh, OK, this is gonna be no problem, no worries. In fact, it's gonna be great."

And it sure was. I think Joe Henry writes in the liner notes: "How many people in the seventh decade of their musical career are making the best music of their life?" It's just incredible stuff.

Well, I thank you. And him.

I bet you've never counted, but how many songs do you think you know?

Hmm, I did count way back once when I was a kid, and I probably knew more than 300. Woody wrote 2,000 of 'em. I only know about 25 of his now I think. But Woody once wrote a long, long ballad about The Grapes of Wrath called "Tom Joad" and he put the whole big fat book into about 14 verses of a song. He later received a letter from John Steinbeck who was very pissed off and wrote: "You little son of a bitch, it took me 600 pages to say what you did in that one song!"

How did you end up living in West Marin?

Well, I first came here right after I met Woody, and he told me to go across the street from the hospital, where he was sick, to meet his wife and kid. I then drove out in a car, and I've always loved boats ... [Here Jack launches into a long involved technical description of boats, sailing and trucks with many names and dates, more about Woody Guthrie, touring with Cat Stevens and getting his favorite guitar stolen, all of it fascinating ... but never gets back to West Marin—but does demonstrate how he got his lifelong nickname "Ramblin'."]

OK then; we can see now why Kris Kristofferson said about you: "I never heard anyone so enchanting on subjects I didn't give a damn about."

Well, I do sometimes get carried away on subjects and forget what I was talking about. Pete Seeger was singing me "Happy Birthday" backstage at the Newport Folk Festival and I saw the cake and it said "80" on it and I thought: "Never been there, ain't going there"—so I double-clutched, got it into reverse, and I'm going backwards now, and I'm 78 now, goin' on 77. It's the best decision I ever made. And I still go out on tour just to get cat food and diesel fuel—I like trucks, and the sound of trains and trucks, horses snortin' ... and some music. I'll keep making it as long as they let me. And then some.

King Mike V

(NEW) Svengoolie

(NEW) Svengoolie by: Mike Vanderhoof

20"x16" Acrylic on Canvas

Carry On

Thirsty Marlin!

We had a fantastic show at the Thristy Marlin Saturday July 20th! We want to thanks everyone that came to see us, as well as all the great staff at the Marlin! We hope to play there again soon!

Carry On

The Crab Shack! AUG 23!

Next show coming up in a month from today! August 23 2014 at The Crab Shack in Port Richey!

This will be our second show there this year, and if its anything like the first one, we will have a blast! Come and see us riverside at the Crab Shack, enjoy some great food, great drinks, and great entertainment with us! Bring your dancing shoes!



Goat Leaf

Blood sweat and beers

Greetings children of the sun. We are very proud to announce that we shall be laying down our thing at this years Bloodstock Festival.The unholy Goat will perform on the New Blood stage on Friday 8th August 2014. We would be honoured if you could join us in the worship of amplified sounds and all things illicit and intoxicating.

This coming weekend sees Sheffield's mighty Tramlines Festival roll forth once again. The Goat shall be performing three shows over two days. Check out the full details and set times in the 'Upcoming Shows' section. The shows are all free and some truly killer acts are playing. Come outside, join in with the summer time madness.

And last but not least. We have new Goat bling in stock. Variations on a theme. Our classic No Class shirt in some pretty fucking bad ass colour schemes. Be the coolest bitch on your block, put a goat on your chest. Check em.




A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales of crashing satellites

Josh Roberts and The Hinges

First Leg Was Great!

First leg of Summer Tour was excellent! Columbus, GA, Huntsville and Muscle Shoals, AL, and Memphis, TN! Great times, all. Now we head across the Mississippi. Norman, OK on Wed, then Wichita, Denver, and the Rockies!

My War Cry is Amor
The Sugar Bird Test
Are You Going to Eat That?
Mighty Old Distance and Murky Old Time

Mark Mathews

The Girl: Music Video

Brothers and Sisters,

What up??!!

Feeling bored now the World Cup has gone? Well, if that's the case come on down to one of my many gigs and say, "hello"!

Good times guaranteed!

It's getting very near to the release of the second single, "The Girl", (Released AUGUST 25th) which therfore means the video is not far away! It is currently in Graphics Post Production, but let me say it is looking so friggin' good!

It is a slight homage to a scene from The Beatles film, "A Hard Days Night" which incidentally is 50 years old this year..., go figure!

Here's a couple of Behind the Scenes Pics:

There are loads more to check out here:

Exciting times, believe!


Join me on snapchat: @markmathewssong

Buy Tracks here: 




Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - Roxy & Dukes, 7/19/14

It had been a long time since Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son had taken the stage together at Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse in Dunellen, N.J. More than two years, to be exact.

The last time they did? This happened. For the first time ever.

So what would this set bring? Normally, the setlist would tell...if there had been one to start. 

"Let's just play," Bobby said to the band, and with that, the show kicked off with a ripping version of "New Age Outlaws" for the first time in more than a year. Jon's lead resonated throughout the roadhouse, with each pounding crash of Mac's cymbals echoing throughout the one of a kind venue.

"Hit The Town" (and one broken Dan Cohen string) would bring the boys to the next track, which brought the callback to the aforementioned video.

"Two years ago, we played this song here for the first time," Bobby said. "So I think it's time we do it again. This one's called 'Left For Dead.'"

And with that, the clean guitar led to the groovy chorus which led to the big ending. It's a song that is always enjoyable, and allows for the guys to kill off some early-show energy in a big way.

The rest of the set saw the Seventh Son delve through some more of Friends in Low Places, complete with yet another broken string by Dan and "Self-Induced Exile" once again serving as a powerful closer to the show.

With just the Blueberry Lawnching Festival around the corner, the band's last show before the trip to Canada, who knows what is in store. But if any of these festivals from the past have proven something, it's to expect not just the unexpected, but the completely unexpected as well.


1. New Age Outlaws

2. Hit The Town

3. Left For Dead

4. Danger Dan

5. Scoundrels

6. Teenagers Too

7. Another Deadbeat Summer

8. Self-Induced Exile

For more on Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son sets, click here.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Al Pitcher

Happy Happy SommarTID

Hello Hello, Hej Hej , Tjeeeeeeennaaaarre

I hope the semester is da bester 

Tickets are selling fast for Nääämen its Al Pitcher , so please dont miss out 

The first show is Oct 21 in Stockholm, all the dates for the tour are to your right of the screen, thats it, move your eyes to the right , your right , then under shows , now pull your eyes back in

Enjoy you summer people, If in Sverige, please take sunblock and an umbrella, wherever you go


Al x 



Jerry Hannan

Update on 'Mad Hannans' - a Martin Shore Film



The story unwinds.    Read about Mad Hannans here >>>> 



Sounds Like a Story
Madly In Love With You
The Light Gets Brighter

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Woody Guthrie 'audio walking tour' of NYC being released as 3-disc set (stream a track)

The late, great folk singer Woody Guthrie called NYC home for 27 years, and that portion of his life will be celebrated with a new three-disc album, My Name Is New York, on September 23. According to a press release:

Featuring new interviews with luminaries like Pete Seeger (in one of his final interviews), Woody's son Arlo Guthrie, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, as well as with Woody's many other friends and family, the first two discs take listeners on a virtual tour of the city as Woody experienced it through visits to 19 locations. They include the boarding house on 43rd Street where "This Land Is Your Land" was written; the Greenwich Village apartment that The Almanac Singers -- an all-star folk collective included Guthrie, Seeger, Lead Belly and Josh White - called home; and his home on Coney Island, where Woody tirelessly composed over 100 songs, and was eventually laid to rest.


The collection also includes a bonus music disc featuring an array of Guthrie's NYC songs, including the first recording of "This Land Is Your Land"; two previously unreleased home demos he recorded in the city, including the song that gave the set its name and a duet with Sonny Terry; and five premieres of previously unpublished lyrics from a variety of artists, from contemporaries to younger musicians following in his tradition.

You can stream one of the tracks (via Rolling Stone) with the tracklist

Kick Bricks

Steve in NY

Steve performing in the barn at Camp Copperhead

Hello everyone, it's Steve. Recently, I have had a couple of cool opportunities to learn from some really good song writers. In May, I was able to go down to Austin for a workshop with Texas songwriters Owen Temple and Gordy Quist (from Band of Heathens). More recently, I participated in Steve Earle's Camp Copperhead, a 4 day song writing camp in the Catskill mountains, in upstate New York. Both workshops have deepened my appreciation for the craft of songwriting. Hopefully, some of that translates into better Beta Dogs and Kick Bricks shows! I can't wait to get back to Chicago and get to work!

Insignificant Others

Luis Ogando

Fun And Sun At Beeston Carnival

Beeston Carnival proved to be a great day of fun and sunshine, with a monster crowd and some great live music, including a 50-minute set by Luis, which involved original, covers, acoustic and backing-tracked numbers.

"It was great fun, and I've never actually bothered with any backing tracks when I'm doing acoustic sets, but I thought I'd give it a go and see how it went. Playing an acoustic guitar solo to Take It Easy by the Eagles was interesting, but it did fit the mood of the song and the audience were singing and dancing along, so I was quite happy with the result."

"I also had a backing track for I'm A Believer by The Monkees, which seemed to get people smiling, although I think I'll stick to the electric guitar when I use this backing track in future."

Kicking off the set with new song Blow It All, Luis followed up with a mix of his own material and a variety of covers spanning 5 decades, including Budapest (George Ezra), Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard (Paul Simon) and a bizarre mash-up of Robbie Williams, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Show...

"It's an odd mix, I admit. I played this last year at the Hemlock Happening and people seemed to like it, so I tried it again here. It's a bit of fun and normally gets a whoop at the end, so I threw it in. I may well make it a permanent feature for outdoor gigs!"

And then there was the encore...

"Haha. I couldn't believe it when they shouted for an encore. It's a good job I had a couple of reserve songs up my sleeve! I left them with Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver, as the crowd seemed to be responding well to the old favourites."

Keep an eye out for more local gigs by Luis in the near future.

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Show Report - 7/12/14

To say July 12, 2014 was an exhausting day for Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son would be an understatement.

But hey...the show must go on. Or rather, the show(s).

The band began the day out in the near-90-degree heat in Bradley Beach, N.J. at the annual "Lobsterfest" in front of a crowd of people. It wasn't the typical venue for a Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son show, and the set proved it.

Photo Courtesy: Ann Mahoney

The boys went on for nearly two hours, bouncing between originals off both Friends in Low Places and Delicate Fall From Grace, with Bobby and Jon even bringing back the now-rare "On The Edge" off the Only Ashes Remain EP. They were also joined by familiar guest Ed McIntosh and his buddy Joey Cartwright for some tunes, while local saxiphonist Zack Sandler even hopped on for a few covers and a killer rendition of "Another Deadbeat Summer."


1. Lowlife (John Eddie cover)

2. Hit The Town

3. Danger Dan

4. Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine (White Stripes cover)

5. Star-Crossed

6. Pink Cadillac (Bruce Springsteen cover)

7. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n' Roll) (AC/DC cover)

8. The Bitch Is Back (Elton John Cover)

9. Worrisome Child

10. Delicate Fall From Grace

11. Thick As Thieves

12. Can't Stand Myself

13. Scoundrels

14. Light of Day (Bruce Springsteen cover)

15. Ultimatum (Bobby and Jon)

16. On The Edge (Bobby and Jon)

17. Teenagers Too

18. St. Jimmy (Green Day cover)

19. Another Deadbeat Summer

Later on, Bobby made his way to the Strand Theater in Lakewood for a quick acoustic set that saw him ignite the crowd before a viewing of Destressed, the film featuring the title track off his last album. He would hop up with Tommy Byrne and Jeffrey Thompson of Tommy Bryne and the Sellouts for some jam tunes as well.

Photo Courtesy: John Posada


1. Another Deadbeat Summer

2. Delicate Fall From Grace 

3. Stand By Me (The Drifters cover)

4. Hang On Sloopy (The McCoys cover)

But it would be the later set that would prove to be the real attention-grabber.

For the first time ever, the guys took to the basement of the New Brunswick-famous Court Tavern. Gracing the stage where Mahoney idol Brian Fallon once did himself, he and the Seventh Son tore through some tracks off the new album.

Photo Courtesy: Laura Gubrud

Mahoney's intensity shined through most in this particular performance. With his fuse ready to blow after playing his third set of the day, he took every opportunity he could to drive home the thematic elements of Friends in Low Places. After a few blistering guitar solos and even a sax-filled cover of Springsteen's "Light of Day," the evening ended like no other show has yet.

Panting into the microphone, the lights centered in on Bobby, as he began to strum away at the opening chords to "Self-Induced Exile." Silence fell across the crowd, with the clock close to midnight, and the singer/songwriter channeled the anger and angst that fueled FILP. It was as bombastic of a closer as the band has ever had, and Bobby dropped his guitar as the final crash hit to send the crowd home with a sense of astonishment.


1. Teenagers Too

2. Hit The Town

3. Danger Dan

4. New Age Outlaws

5. Scoundrels

6. Another Deadbeat Summer

7. Light of Day (Bruce Springsteen cover)

8. Star-Crossed

9. Self-Induced Exile

For more information on the three sets, click here.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts

Mark Mathews

Promote is in your title!!

Brothers and Sisters,

How are we all doing? Exicted for the World Cup Final?! According to this, I reckon North Korea will win...???!!!!!


Crazy, crazy place!

I'm just getting ready to go to my gig today in Soho. Looking forward to it. I've played with these promoters before and they do a great job in, well, promoting their shows. Because that's the problem: so many Promoters don't do what their title suggests...


I say this because, like most up and coming acts, I play everywhere from the toilets and shitty pubs of the circuit, to proper, decent music venues and clubs. We bring our crew and fans down to as many gigs as we can and we sometimes even sell tickets before hand. I accept this and in actual fact have no problem with it.

I love to play live.

All I ask is that we are treated correctly and respectfully and the promoter does his/her job.

However, all to often the situation is thus:


  • We don't get paid
  • The venue is not promoted and therefore empty
  • We are expected to be grateful that we are being allowed to perform live and given "Exposure" an empty audience.


So, let me put things into perspective:


  • Us musicians PAY to get to the venue. Transport is not free especially with a load of gear.
  • We rehearse in rehearsal studios that COST MONEY
  • We have spent time and effort crafting our act and our skills. Years of hard graft goes into this. YEARS!
  • Our equipment has to be BOUGHT and it has to be maintained via BUYING and PAYING for parts and servicing
If a Plumber, who spends time and money learning his trade, came round to your house and you said "Well, you won't be getting paid for this but it's great exposure. I'll be sure to tell people about you", you can be certain your toilet is going to stay blocked!
As muscians we are providing a service to any venue that has us. We are entertaining the customers which in turn is going to get them to buy more drinks, come back again etc. We are NOT lucky to be there. You are lucky to have US there. I have enough people these days lining their pockets from my hard work without being stung by some wanna be somebody, who thinks Musicians owe them something. 
We don't.
Now, I know certain venues and nights simply cannot pay muscians and in return they offer us a few drinks and a crowd.
That is fine.
We all do free gigs from time to time. It's the nature of the beast.
We do it because we want to play live and we want more people to hear the music we make. We understand that it is fans that make us, that move us forwards and playing live is how you do that. I regularly play for certain promoters and venues who offer just that. A great crowd, a few drinks and at the end of the day I get a new fan or three from it.
Great stuff. Happy to be a part of it.
But if the gig is done for gratis and then you 'Promoters' don't do as your job title says and PROMOTE it, then turning up makes it TOTALLY pointless.
We are getting NOTHING out of this.
This happened to me yesterday. Regardless of it being ticketed and costing to get in to this gig, I was not paid and was only allowed tap water from the bar and aside from the staff and organisers, there was no one to play for.
When I asked what I got out of this, I was patronisingly told:
"It just gives acts a place to play"
I walked out.
I'm a professional musician, so be a professional promoter. Give me a crowd and I'll play.
And then there are the "Pay to play" section. Two words:
Fuck yourself. 
So, I went and did some busking instead. I had a great receptive crowd, I was paid for it and my second single, The Girl, (released on August 25th), went down an absolute storm. I even got a record number of kisses and I was propositioned by a Gay Guy, so the love was felt!
Rant over.
Germans to win tonight, believe!


Buy London Lives here:

Get the Mark Mathews App Here:


Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

Luis Ogando

Luis Storms The Big Friday Night

The Big Friday Night music festival held at The George Spence Academy on 4th July looked like it was in danger of getting washed away at one point. The rains came and came heavy, but that didn't stop the crowd from rocking up to the venue, kitted out with umbrellas and rain macs, nor the acts themselves who kept spirits high and the audience splashing as well as clapping!

Luis was 2nd up at the festival, and a good crowd had gathered. Kicking off with brand new song, Blow It All, he set out his stall early with a fast-paced beat-strum number that grabbed the attention and kept the heads bobbing. 

Then it was into the rest of the set. All original numbers, including Take A Look, Love and A Little Bit Like Kiss Me, before pleasantly surprising the audience with his own take on the Foo Fighters' Learn To Fly.

"The crowd were great. They braved the rains and stuck it out in the interests of live music and support of the event, which made it even more special to have been involved."

"I was really happy that my original music was so well received, and the feedback I got from other acts and the organisers was excellent. I felt proud to be a part of it, and I'm really made up that the event was a success."

"There was a lot of new, young bands showcasing the event and I was really impressed with their musicality and approach to doing live gigs. Nottingham has some great young talent rising."

Luis' next solo gig is at the Beeston Carnival on Saturday 12th July, Broadgate Park, Beeston. Also take a look at the Photos section where you can see some pictures of Luis at the Big Friday Night Event.

Hereward The Wake



Hereward the Wake is happy to announce that we will have an original song on the sound track of a Horror Anthology called 'Volumes of Blood'. 


This is a great Indie project with some great indie talent! 


Thank you to P.j. Starks and Verite Cinema's for asking us to be apart of such a great project!













Petty Theft

BBQ On The Lawn 2014 at Rancho Nicasio, NEW Live Video + Summer Shows Schedule!

Hey all you Honey Bees & Refugees,

We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July Holiday. We have been enjoying a few weeks off as well.

THIS SUNDAY, 7/13, we are back for one of our favorite shows of the year and our 6th annual "BBQ On The Lawn” at Rancho Nicasio. All Ages are welcome for this special show in the beautiful outdoor setting of Rancho Nicasio. Feast on some of the tastiest BBQ, speciality drinks, and get ready to sing and dance all afternoon to your favorite Petty tunes. Gates open at 3PM and show starts at 4PM.

Tickets are available NOW here.

Get them in advance as tickets for this summer concert sell fast!

We have a lot of great summer shows coming up in July and August so please check the below schedule to find one near YOU.


Check out our LIVE performance of “DON’T DO ME LIKE THAT” from our last show at McNear's Mystic Theatre posted on our YouTube channel. Please “Like” it and feel free to leave comments and subscribe to our channel for more upcoming video releases.


That’s right folks, brand new shirts featuring our new logo are here in stock and available at all of the shows. We have men’s and women’s tees along with women’s tank tops available… Grab some this weekend and be one of the first one's to sport the new PT swag!

"I got a room at the top of the world tonight…And I ain't comin' down"



Upcoming Shows (check our website for details and RSVP below):

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You can also Track us on BandsInTown!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips.  Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.

We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book the band for your party now!

Scrap Rabbit

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #007 of The Monthy Articles

Find on the STORM SEIZURE CHANNEL (youtube)

the ribs of sorrow series (unreleased tracks)

1. Paradise For Parasites

2. Shred Us Down To Your Size

3. Cold Blooded

4. The Unseen

5.Still Searching (bonus)

The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)


Demico's new album 'Galactic Stardom' is now available.

Demico's new album 'Galactic Stardom' is now available exclusively at:

The Despoilers

Tour Bus to Wakefield

Another new venue and one we have been drooling over for some time!

Mark Mathews

Online Love

Brothers and Sisters!

How do? To all my London brethren, did any of you go to The Libertines reformation gig in Hyde Park last night? 

It was top wasn't it?! Even though I have stopped drinking (I'll talk about that some other time), I managed to completely do my knee in from all the jumping around I did. Literally, the end of the night was spent with my leg elevated with a pack of frozen peas on my knee!

Rock n Roll!

Still, what a night and I did manage to write a new song whislt my leg was in agony. Lyrically, it felt like a bit of a release from all the Charlatans and thieves I am dealing with currently...

...again, something for another time!...but even if I never use it, it was good to write!

Anyway, what I will talk about is this new (for me) online dating stuff going on. I returned from a worldwide trip a little over a year ago now. I was out of the UK for around 4 years and when I left, online dating was something of a taboo. No one was on it, or if they were, they kept it a well hidden secret. 

Fast forward 4 years and I return and EVERYONE is on some kind of dating website. It still seems slightly odd for me personally to be on one (I in no way judge anyone however, I do kind of understand it, especially in cities like London) and so I steered clear of the 'Plenty of Fishes' and 'Ok Cupids'.

However, one that was recommended and I was curious about was 'Tinder'. So, I went on it and checked it out, for research purposes of course (!), and you know what? It's been fun! 

But there is this new one called, 'Happn' where people you pass on the street are connected with you. I downloaded it before going to Hyde Park to see how many people are on it...

Turns out there are a lot of people on it!

But what's weird is it pin points where you crossed paths, how many times you passed them and all the other creepy stuff your Iphone tends to do these days! It's proper weird.

However, I am kind of fascinated by these things and who goes on them. It's on the one hand very convenient and on the other, crazy weird! We're almost cutting out the spontenaity and excitement of love and finding a relationship...aren't we?...or is that just me that thinks that? It's hard to tell!

My next single, The Girl, (released on 25th August) is about a relationship, all be it a doomed relationship and I wonder how different that song would be, written in context of the current trend of virtual dating. I guess there would be talk of splitting up via text and not swiping to the right etc.


Still, if you cross my path, give us a like, eh?!

Loads of gigs booked in, so if you want to have a good time and meet people in the flesh and maybe find a new boyfirend/girlfriend, then this could be the palce to come to, beleive!


By London Lives here:

Get the Mark Mathews App for you phone here:

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

Josh Roberts and The Hinges

Summer Tour Time!

Here we go to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, and Missouri! Tour starts in Columbus, GA, on July 16! Here's a link to the shows!


My War Cry is Amor
The Sugar Bird Test
Are You Going to Eat That?
Mighty Old Distance and Murky Old Time

The Despoilers

Roman Bath- Rock N Roll

Well thats our gigs at the Roman Bath, York done for another year! Boo Hoo

Thank you all who came along and made last night such a great event for us. Special mention to our travelling support from Nottingham and Leeds.


The Despoilers

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Ramblin' Jack is Back!

Thanks to everyone who saw Ramblin' Jack Elliott on his whirlwind tour of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana - ending in Los Angeles attending his daughter Aiyana's re-release - with the assistance of the Sundance Institute - of the digitally re-mastered "Ballad of Ramblin' Jack" - now available on Netflicks and Amazon platforms.

Happy 4th of July - look for dates in the fall for Ramblin' Jack to come to the mid-west soon! 

The Despoilers

York Bound

I hope the good and not so good people of York are ready, as the dregs of Leeds are heading your way shortly and we gonna rock the Roman Bath to its foundation.

See you soon! LOL

Bloody Diamonds

Final Leg of North American Tour // Bovine Sex Club Residency

When we are done in the states we're going to head to Toronto for a bit to do a residency at Bovine Sex Club. Starting on July 14th we'll be there every Monday for the rest of the month with different special guests each week. We'll be doing some other shows around Ontario as well before we start heading back east and finally end this 100 day tour.

Upcoming tour dates:

7/03 - Milwaukee, WI @ Riverwest Public House
7/05 - Chicago, IL @ Abbey Pub
7/06 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room
7/07 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Grape Room
7/08 - Baltimore, MD @ Jojosouth Record Shop
7/09 - Washington, DC @ TBA
7/10 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop
7/11 - Somerville, MA @ P.A.'s Lounge
7/12 - Rochester, NY @ Monty's Krown
7/14 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
7/15 - Waterloo, ON @ House Show
7/18 - Belleville, ON @ The Belle Pub
7/19 - Trenton, ON @ Stix N Stones
7/21 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
7/23 - Kitchener, ON @ The Hive
7/25 - Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
7/26 - Oshawa, ON @ Wasted Space
7/28 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
8/01 - Kingston, ON @ The Artel
8/02 - Ottawa, ON @ Avant-Garde Bar

More details

Nightmare (Single)

The Green Pajamas

I'd Rather Be Filming In Vanda's Room

Susanne Kelly's pissed off statement about working a 'souless day job,' is on our video page, here, or on YouTube, here.   "I wanted to make it gritty," says Jeff.  Starring, among other cats, her brother, John (late of Brewtal Thirst), on Rickenbacker bass guitar.

Edge Of The Night (Unreleased Vol. 1)
The Complete Book of Hours
Poison In The Russian Room
Hidden Minutes
If You Knew What I Dreamed...
Box Of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2
The Night Races Into Anna
21st Century Séance
Ten White Stones
Through Glass Colored Roses: The Best Of The Green Pajamas
Essence Of Carol
Lust Never Sleeps
If She Only Knew
In a Glass Darkly
The Carolers' Song
Narcotic Kisses
All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed
Strung Out
Indian Winter
Strung Behind The Sun
Ghosts Of Love
The Red, Red Rose
For The Swan In The Hallway
Ash Wednesday Rain
Green Pajama Country
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
Summer of Lust
Death By Misadventure
By Reckless Moonlight
Happy Halloween!

Web Three

ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Mosh Jelton

Miami Mayhem was a mega event featuring battlers from all over the state. Art Of War collaborated with The Bar Exams to bring you this historical moment in Florida History. Who will win?!? Watch out and find our for yourself!

Luis Ogando

Luis Ogando at Beeston Carnival 2014

Luis will be playing at this year's Beeston Carnival on the 12th July 2014, and is already getting excited about it!

"It's going to be great fun supporting the carnival and I'm really looking forward to getting some new material out at such a great event. We go to the carnival every year and love the atmosphere, especially the entertainment and live music, so it will be total blast to be a real part of it."

"I've been working on some new songs, so to be able to premier them for my home town is also very special for me."

But it's not just the original material that Luis has been working on. He's been tinkering with his set list and adding additional covers to his repertoire, which also have additional backing tracks to boot.

"I normally only use backing tracks for parties where I expect a lot of dancing, but I think it would be good to add some oomph to the Carnival performance with some extra sound. I've custom-built all my backing tracks so that I can still play the guitar, or harmonica, or whatever over the top without clashing. It's a fun way to deliver a full-band sound as a solo artist."

The Beeston Carnival takes place on Saturday 12th July at Broadgate Park, Beeston. Check the SHOWS section for directions. Festivities start at 12 Noon.

Luis Ogando

Gearing up for the Big Friday Night

The Big Friday Night event at the George Spencer Academy, Nottingham is getting closer and Luis is gearing up his 5-song set for the event, which includes a special treat, as he'll be kicking off the set with new song, 'Blow It All'.

A sneaky pre-release version of the song has been available on the Player for some time now, but this will be the first time the full song will be performed officially, in its completeness (the preview song only has 1 verse and chorus).

"I'm really looking forward to performing the song, as it's a real return-to-my-roots sort of affair. No complicated chords or sequences, just a great beat-strum foot-tapper. The sort I like to do." 

"There are good and bad points about bringing a new song to the fore, especially with a relatively new audience. There's the intrepidation of whether it'll be well-liked or not, but if it goes well, the feeling is just magical. So I'm hoping it'll be well-liked!!"

"I'll also be performing 'Take A Look', 'Love', 'A Little Bit Like Kiss Me' and a cover - which I haven't decided on yet, but it'll be something I like, so I hope it'll go down well."

You can catch Luis from 6.40pm at the Big Friday Night event, this Friday, at the George Spencer Academy. For more details, visit the Level events website:


Mark Mathews

We are not Worthy (farm)

Brothers and Sisters!!

How was your weekend? Did you make it to Glastonbury? If you lucky buggers!

I think that this years was one of the best of recent times. Owing to gig commitments I couldn't actually go down to Worthy Farm and get involved, however I managed to watch hours and hours of it on the cost of everything else I needed to get done!

A small price to pay though, as I was just astounded by every act I saw. Whether it be on the Introducing stage or the Pyriamid stage, every act seemed to have turned it to eleven and gone that extra mile. Haim, put on a great show even if their lipsticked bassist did look as though she had shoved 14 grams of MDMA up her anus.

There were so many acts who put on a proper 'show' this year and made it abundantly clear: You gotta be good to be on the top. It really opened my eyes and allowed me to see what it really means to be an act. Those 4 or 5 people (or 45 if you're Arcade Fire!) on stage are lifted to a status of almost God like stature (well, that's the pedal stool I put bands on, anyway!). I want them to be out of reach, out of this world and out of their mind as they play their Bass guitar or whatever. They need to be doing something so awe inspiring that you are amazed at where it cam from...Did you see Royal Blood?...I mean, fucking hell, that's a bass guitar he's playing like a guitar!!!

This years festival re-energised my love for live music and I wasn't even there! I was inspired, dumb founded and back in love with all that is happening in the world of Western music. Lilly Allen proved how great a pop act she is, Kasabian put on a 'go fucking mental' rock n roll show and Dolly Parton sang the hits through a mountain of Botex atop the biggest tits in the business!

Myself and The One Ts played on Saturday in Piccadilly. It was a pretty good show, (aside from a dodgy Promoter, but I'll save that rant for another blog post!) but after Glastonbury I want more! So, expect us to be sticking class A drugs up our arses, make our instruments sound like something else and for us all to have face lifts and gigantic man boobs.

It'll be one hell of a show, believe!!


By London Lives here:

Get the Mark Mathews App for you phone here:



Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl
Misspent Future

they go pop!

Special Guests: Rio Ventura & MC L8X on June 28th!

Joining tgp! for the first time and kicking vocals in to overdrive: Rio Ventura!  And a very special appearance by MC L8X.



Video Jam Interview

Check out our interview on Video Jam! It's going to air tonight and tomorrow at 9pm on WCCA TV but you can stream it here (interview starts around 5:19)

If You Sing It, They Will Hum...
Dance 2 the Grave

Petty Theft

Summer Shows Schedule!

We got one more show tomorrow at El Dorado Hills Town Center (6:30-8:30PM) before we take our brief summer vacation break.  We will be back in mid July!  Here is our summer schedule:

7/13 Rancho Nicasio Restaurant & Bar 6th Annual BBQ on The Lawn!
7/26 Benicia Waterfront Festival
7/27 Park Street Art & Wine Faire in Alameda
8/01 Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco wTainted Love!
8/02 Rio Nido Roadhouse
8/10 The California Beer Festival (Hamburger & Hops) Aptos, CA.
8/15 Northgate Mall Terra Linda (Concerts Under The Oak)
8/22 Nelson Family Vineyards
8/23 Mammoth Lake (Mammoth Rock Concert Series)
8/29 The Chapel in San Francisco!
8/30 Los Gatos Brewing Company at San Pedro Square

For more Info and tickets

Kick Bricks

An active period for Beta Dogs & Kick Bricks


It was an active week for Beta Dogs, as they played two shows in Chicago's North Center Neighborhood, including their monthly "Third Thursday" residency show at G&L and a backyard jam at a neighborhood garden, as part of the annual North Center Garden Walk. Both shows were recorded and will (hopefully) be put up on this site. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Kick Bricks performed a couple of sets as part of

The Chicago Music Conference:

                  Next Up: Our monthly  "Third Thursday" residency show at G&L. Hope to see you there!

Insignificant Others

King Mike V

(NEW!) Edgar Allan Poe

(NEW!) Edgar Allan Poe by: Mike Vanderhoof - SOLD

14"x11" Acrylic on Canvas

Prints Available for $10 on my store page


John-paul Gard

tour jon dalton

Just a quick update, the Jon Dalton Tour is going great were on the last week, this week sees us playing at Stratford Jazz Club on wed 25th June, Bristol Fringe thur 26th June, this gig will be videoed as part of the tour, and our last gig will be in gasgone place on 29th June, 

Please come and hear the trio its sounding great and fresh

Come On Rita

Akua Kamau

Fresh Release!!!! Fresh Release!!!

Akua Kamau

My Island Darling EP
Blades Of Grass - SINGLE
The Medicine Man (Rain Chant) - SINGLE
Nakupenda (Studio Version) - SINGLE
My Island Darling - SINGLE
Cries Of The Ancestors - SINGLE
What Am I To Do - SINGLE
Alkebulan (Land Of Origins) SINGLE
Oh Land Of Afrika (Swahili) SINGLE
Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi SINGLE

View Artist Showcase

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