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The Despoilers

The Jug'N'Barrel 12th April

Day job commitments have limited gigs in March, however we play next on Saturday12th April at the Jug'N' Barrel. Always a lively gig and we plan to air a couple of interesting new covers.

Date for the diary!


The Despoilers


Clint Crisher

Laura Simone Chat w/Clint Crisher Video Part 3

The post Laura Simone Chat w/Clint Crisher Video Part 3 appeared first on Clint Crisher.

Perfect World
Terrific Distraction

Al Pitcher

Nääämen it’s Al Pitcher



Well here it is folks , the TOUR , its called 

Nääämen it’s Al Pitcher 

TICKETS go onsale on MARCH 26th at , (I will also try and get them onsale on other sites) 

Ticket prices are 195 - 350 plus service  , Show is 90 mins of new funny stand up . 

Spread the word and come along , 



Tisdag            21-okt             Stockholm      Rival (OK)

Fredag           24-okt             Malmö            Tangopalatset (OK)

Lördag           25-okt             Malmö            Tangopalatset (OK)

Torsdag          06-nov            Kungsbacka   Teater (OK)

Fredag           07-nov            Göteborg        Storan (OK)

Lördag           08-nov            Halmstad        Teater (OK)

Lördag           15-nov            Jönköping      Teatern

Söndag          16-nov            Kalmar            Teater (OK)

Fredag           21-nov            Västerås         Konserthuset (OK)

Lördag           22-nov            Karlstad          Scalateatern (OK)

Söndag          23-nov            Växjö             Teatern (OK)

Torsdag          27-nov            Kristianstad    Konserthus (OK)

Fredag           28-nov            Lund               Stadsteater (OK)

Lördag           29-nov            Ystad             Teater (OK)

Fredag           05-dec            Uppsala          UKK (OK)

Söndag          07-dec            Luleå              Kulturens hus (OK)

Torsdag          11-dec            Umeå             Sagateatern (OK)

Fredag           12-dec            Bollnäs           Kulturhuset (OK)

Lördag           13-dec            Gävle             Teater (OK)


Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey


A Taste of the Cure on the Road in 1979

Go to our Music Player and get to hear this great Track Live from 1979


More Pictures!!!!

Check out the Pictures tab for more!

The Pen and the Letter


New Videos of Connecticut Yankee

Check out the live show on our video page!

The Pen and the Letter

rob marcus

A taste of my SxSW set now on Soundcloud!

For SxSW 2014 I really wanted to debut a new song and with time running out, just two days before the show, I completed an idea that had been brewing for a couple months.

The recording is a little crunchy but you'll get the idea. What excites me about this song is how it's just full of energy. I know the crowd was picking up on that because there was lots of cheering during the performance which just ramped the intensity up even more. I had such a blast down there and want to thank all the Austin folks that made it out to support us.

I also want to thank Critical Sun for having us down to SxSW for the 3rd year in a row. Critical Sun is a growing collective of talented artists in the Seattle area who support each other in doing what we love to do, create great music and bring it to the people.

Petty Theft

Sold Out on the #MOFOTOUR2014 + More New Live Videos and @PetalumaMystic

Hey Honey Bees & Refugees,


This year we are off to our best start ever with every show…SOLD OUT, including our recent performance at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, our sixth consecutive sell out at this venue!


We really want to express our gratitude for the tremendous support we receive from all of you and feel very fortunate to do what we do.


The best is still yet to come, as we have some really great shows coming up and given the latest trend we recommend you get your tickets in advance.



Saturday, 3/29 at McNear’s Mystic Theatre in Petaluma with very special guests: STUNG (Tribute to the Police)  This is one of the best places to see us perform.  It’s a big venue with lots of room, killer sound and lights along with big screen visuals to go with the music.  Mystic Theatre always brings out our most pumped up, wildest crowds. Plus, we'll be filming and recording the show so come be in our next video!  Tickets are available NOW: GET TICKETS


Saturday, 4/19 at Powerhouse Pub in Folsom.  We have really been looking forward to playing this venue for quite some time now.  For those who know, the Powerhouse is party central, and we plan to make our debut there a night to remember.  We'll be rockin' two sets for a whole evening of Petty!


Saturday, 4/26 at Club Fox in Redwood City.  This will be our first show of the year in the South Bay for "An Evening With" show (no opening act). We’ll be playing two full sets of all the best Tom Petty songs!  Tickets are available here: GET TICKETS



We have now posted up two more videos for our series of new "Live Clips" from one of our recent shows at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette.  Posted now are videos of; "You Don't Know How It Feels" and "It's Good To Be King".  Please go to our YouTube channel, "Like" and post your comments, subscribe and check out all of our other videos… Stay tuned for more clips coming SOON.


“There's something good waitin' down this road"  #MofoTour2014



Dan, Django, Bagel, Michael, Monroe and Mike


Upcoming Shows(check our website for details and RSVP below):


  • 03/21  Private Event
  • 03/29  Mystic Theatre, Petaluma (+ special guests: Stung)
  • 04/19  Powerhouse Pub, Folsom (An Evening with Petty Theft)
  • 04/26  Club Fox, Redwood City (An Evening with Petty Theft)
  • 05/02  To Be Announced!
  • 05/09  Catalyst (Atrium), Santa Cruz (An Evening with Petty Theft)
  • 05/10  Park Street Spring Festival, Alameda

Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by FOLLOWING US ON TWITTER or ADD US ON FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS... follow us here. We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book the band for your party now!

Ted Stevens


Exit Zero
Dead End Dragstrip

Al Pitcher


Tjaaaa , Tjaaaa


Get ready for some cool things to happen soon .

I am in the CD editing process and dates are nearly all confirmed for TOUR in Autumn in SVERIGE 

Kram Kram 



Kultur Shock

Raising funds for the recording of our new record!


It has been a great run. 18 years with Kultur Shock would not happen without you. No other engagement in my life lasted this long (including my 3 marriages, BTW #3 is going great, thanks for asking). No other thing in my 52 years on this planet gave me so much joy and opportunity to share my passion and my love with so many people. Weather I personally know you (and a lot of you I do) or not, you became a part of my life that will stay here forever, regardless what the future brings. Since 1996 we have recorded 8 albums, released 2 DVDs, played close to 900 shows, 40 EU and a number of US and Asia tours. You gave us your love and we gave you everything we got. We promised you long ago that we'll never change, never commercialize, never just exist without the meaning and without creating new albums. Im proud to say that we kept our promise. Often in the last 18 years I use to think; "If I got hit by a train right now, my life is already worth living."

Now the hard part. I'm gonna have to ask you for a favor. Please donate to our Indie Go Go fundraising campaign ( )

The World has changed. We use to pay for our recordings and then got paid back by selling our CDs to you on the tour and in the stores. Today, you can get our recordings for free via internet. Record stores are mostly all out of business, gone. There is no way for us to get our money back. Unfortunately, the World doesn't care about the changes in the music  business.  Recording studios still want us to pay for the recording of our new album. Airlines are even less sentimental towards our problems, their prices were never higher. Hotels, food, rental equipment, touring (ground) transportation, crew + costs of recordings and promotion can get well over $ 50 000.00 (40 K €). We can still afford some of it but unfortunately not all of it.

For every donation we will pay you back in our products: CDs, shirts, tickets for our shows, production credits and all sorts of love that we share with you anyway. This time its just gonna be in advance. (Please see our rewards.)

We don't have a record label. We don't have sponsors.  We only have  you. That is why I am asking you for help.

Please be our record label.

Contribute to the Kultur Shock Indiegogo Campaign to produce our 9th recording!


Dragi moji,

Kultur Shock je punoljetan. 18 godina postojanja dugujemo vama I samo
vama. Nista u mome zivotu nije trajalo toliko dugo, ukljucujuci moja
sva tri braka (ovaj treci fino napreduje, hvala na pitanju). Za 52-je
godine bivstovanja na ovoj planeti ne postoji nista sto mi je donijelo
vise srece. Povrh toga, tu sam srecu imao priliku da podijelim sa
svima vama. Dijeliti srecu, ljubav I produkt sopstvene kreacije sa
toliko ljudi je  najvise sto bih sam sebi ikada pozelio. Mnoge od vas
licno poznajem,  ostale jedva cekam da upoznam, ali bez obzira na to,
svi vi cete zauvijek ostati najvazniji dio moga zivota, sta god da se
desi u buducnosti. Od 1996-te do danas, izdali smo 8 albuma, 2 DVD-a,
odsvirali preko 900 koncerata, sirom Svijeta u preko 40 evropskih,
desetak sjeverno-americkih I par azijskih turneja. Vi ste nama dali
vasu ljubav, a mi vama sve sto imamo. Nekada davno obecah vam da se
nikada necemo promijeniti, nikada komercijalizirati, nikada postojati
bez svrhe postojanja I bez izdavanja novih projekata. Ponosan sam
danas reci da smo ispunili obecanje. Nostalgia nije razlog za
postojanje. Samo aktivno kreiranje umjetnickog djela jeste. U
posljednjih 18 godina cesto sam znao sam sebe uhvatiti u razmusljanju:
" Da me sutra tramvaj udari - imao sam za sta zivjeti."
E sad je na redu ono sto ja licno ne volim. Moracu da vas u ime Kultur
Skock-a pitam nesto sto nikad do sada nisam: Ako ste finansijski u
stanju, molim vas pomozite nam. Koliko mozete, sponzorisete snimanje
naseg novog albuma. ( )
Svijet se promijenio. Pogotovo svijet muzike I disko industrije. Do
nedavno je sve bilo jednostavno. Mi platimo za snimanje, stampanje I
promociju naseg albuma, a onda dobijemo taj novac nazad od prodaje
CD-ova. Danas se nasi albumi I snimci mogu naci na internetu, a
prodavnice CD-ova se zatvaraju jedna po jedna. Za nas to znaci da ne
postoje sanse za povrat nase investicije. Novac koji potrosimo na
snimanje albuma necemo nikada vise vidjeti. U posljednja dva albuma
smo sve finansirali nepovratno, ali vise nemamo sredstava. Producenti
I vlasnici studija nisu bas zainteresovani za nase probleme. Oni traze
da im se plati bez obzira na prodajnu krizu u diskografiji. Avio
kompanije su jos manje sentimentalne I skuplje nego ikada. Hoteli,
hrana, iznajmljivanje opreme, vozila + troskovi snimanja, stampanja I
promocije dosezu preko $ 50 000.00 (40 K EURO). Mi jos uvujek mozemo
pokriti neke od ovih troskova, ali definitivno ne sve.
Za svaku donaciju dobili bi ste kompenzaciju u nasim produktima:
CD-ove., majice, DVD-ove, karte za koncerte, LP, cak I kredite za
produkciju ostampane na albumu, te raznorazne dokaze nase ljubavi koju
svakako dijelimo sa vama vec godinama. Ovaj put ce to samo biti
placeno unaprijed, jer mi iskreno vise nemamo sredstava. (Molim
pogledajte listu kompenzacija)
Mi nemamo diskografsku kucu, mi nemamo sponsore. Mi imamo jedino vas.
Zato se za pomoc obracamo vama.
Molim Vas budite nasa diskografska kuca.
Voli vas,
Contribute to the Kultur Shock Indiegogo Campaign to produce our 9th recording!

Contribute to the Kultur Shock Indiegogo Campaign to produce our 9th recording!

Ministry of Kultur
Live in Europe
We Came to Take Your Jobs Away
Kultura- Diktatura


HIJK on TurnStyle Music's Blog

Check out a blog written about us. Thanks to TurnStyle Music!


The Pen and the Letter


Happy St. Patrick's Day, Stop the Rock, Irish EDM and Celtic Club Anthems.

Celtic Club Anthems.

Wishing everybody a safe, great and a very happy St. Patrick's Day 2014.

The song Stop the Rock currently features on a TV Advert for Kia Motors. Dance To Tipperary's 'Stop The Rock' is a very popular Irish EDM track and Dance To Tipperary's Celtic Club Anthems top download on Beatport, iTunes and Amazon for St.Patrick's Day this year.

Check out the brand new audio video of Dance To Tipperay Stop the Rock on YouTube at Tipp'DJ YouTube Channel


Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers Starts Spring in France!

"That's not a slide on Roy Rogers' pinky, it's a time machine.  With it Rogers transports you to the Mississippi's past and future...." ~   Guitar Player

Look at your crystal ball and world wide globe and see if RR & DRK are in your future!  :)

Spring is around the corner, and we are sure all of you on the East Coast of the U.S. are more than ready for it.  You've all taken a beating this winter.  Not so here in Northern California where the daffodils are popping up, the dogwoods in bloom and the temperatures are mild!

The band is looking forward to their French tour starting next week where they will start at Billy Bob's at Disney / Paris (20th) and continue up to Abbeville to a festival at the Theatre Municipal (23rd) .  They are playing festivals, chateaux, and clubs  - so look carefully to the show listings for all information.  We know some of you are flying in from other countries to see Roy in France - so we have updated as much information as possible on the 'Tour Dates' tab on the site.

After that it will be a bit of rest before RR & DRK hit The Little Fox in Redwood City, CA.  on April 19th and then gearing up for New Orleans Jazz Festival May 3rd and Memphis in May on May 4th.  A busy year hopping the globe - so far in France, U.S., Canada, Norway and Australia already on the books. 

Keep rockin' and rollin' and as always, thanks for supporting live music! 

Check the site often for show updates.   Happy Spring!  

Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales

Harbour Your Betrayal

Battle Of The Bands

Hey guys we just wanted to let you all know that we are going to be playing March 22 2014 at Billies Lounge in Grand Rapids and we want everyone to try and be there. Tickets are $10 but if you buy them from us they are $8.We will be going against bands like Ohhh Darling, Crash, Tail Of The Crypt and more. We need your support on this. our set list is:

All The Small Things by Blink 182

Loser (Original)

New Girl (Original)

Bullet by Hollywood Undead

Sorry (Original)

Saturday (Original)

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day


Tipp'DJ CAVALCADE, Celtic Club Anthems and The Fields Of Athenry now available on Beatport.

Beatport logo

Tipp'DJ CAVALCADE (The Evening Lust Mix), Celtic Club Anthems (The Irish Sssions), The Irish Rover (The Bantry Bay Remix) and The Fields Of Athenry (Celtic F.C. Mix ) are now available on Beatport.

Founded in 2004, Beatport is the largest music store for DJs in the world. Beatport offers music in premium digital formats and provides unique music discovery tools created for and by DJs. Each week, Beatport's music collection is refreshed with hundreds of exclusive tracks by the world's top dance music artists. Beatport is privately held and headquartered in Denver, USA and Berlin, Germany. 

A Beatport exclusive remix of Tipp'DJ's CAVALCADE will be released during Summer 2014.

Click to listen and buy Tipp'DJ CAVALCADE (The Evening Lust Mix) on Beatport.


Fear Incorporated Announce Dark Carnival Album Release

 photo 1617693_10152147040015971_1529536035_o_zps2030e72a.jpg


The Fear Incorporated Dark Carnival Album Will be released in summer of 2014.

Encompassing twelve dark songs telling the story of a travelling troupe of weird and vicious freaks and geeks terrifying towns and innocent folks everywhere they take their brood of monsters and dark uncanny creatures..

Are you willing to take a journey into the heart of darkness?

The Dark Carnival album will be available on Secret Sin Records and will be a CD in special carnivalesque packaging.....

The album will be available directly from the record label and also from this site on the webstore.

A digital release will follow a little later after the CD.

Keep your ears flayed and eyes peeled for this fiendish and freakish forthcoming release..... 




Sawney's Cave

Lazarnie Smichki

Next Show April 12, 2014!!

Next show at The Masquerade, April 12, 8pm, $12!

Sandz Of Time Band


Sandz Of Time is going thru some restructuring. We'll be back at it in a short order. Stay tuned for all band news happening right here!

King Mike V

(NEW!) Tattooed Marilyn Monroe

 (NEW!) Tattooed Marilyn Monroe

20inx16in Acrylic on Canvas - For Sale: $400 plus shipping Contact my email for inquiries.

Both Print Versions are now available on my store page: $10 each

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe Tattoo, Marilyn Monroe Portrait, Norma Jean, Marilyn Monroe Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe Ghost, Marilyn Monroe Zombie

The Despoilers

Victoria Vaults Shoe Festival

Another very enjoyable evening at the Victoria Vaults. We look forward to entertaining the good folk of York next in May.

Last nights gig became a bit of a "shoe-fest" and we hope that some of the more conservative dressers within our ranks take up the challenge for our next showing at the Jug'N'Barrel, Stanningley on Saturday 12th April.

Rock N Roll

The Despoilers

Scrap Rabbit

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #003 for The Monthly Articles news column.

Thousands of crop circles haved formed throughout the years in dozens of Countries. Glowing Orbs claimed to hover above some of the fields. Magnetic anomaly, and aliens. I wanted to do one for my music video Crop Circles, but years ago with a stalk stomper I observed my field the following days the formation seemed to revert back to normal. Thus the video was changed to have a reaper merely in the fields.


The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)

Al Pitcher


Hej Hej 

The live CD recording at  La Cucaracha, Bondegatan 2 in Stockholm on March 10 is FULL

Sorry if you didnt get a ticket but I will put the show online for free on youtube and spotify




Puss for Now Yo



rob marcus

Rob's Going to SXSW!

SxSW 2014

Mark Mathews

That's a Wrap

Brothers and Sisters!!!

Well, we have wrapped on the first single "London Lives". It was three days and nights of carnage and fun and it looks AMAZING!!

Huge thanks to all those that came out and got involved. I have to say the intitial idea of it all being filmed in one night was far too ambitious, not least of all because allowing alcohol on set for the extras did prove to mean it was harder to control you all! Ha! But that is what made it all the more fun and the jumping on London transport and sneaking shots here and there made this challenge so enjoyable!

In actual fact all you London Transport peeps deserve a round of applause as well! You were so accomodating and kind to our huge gang of cast and crew that it made our lives so much easier. Big Love.

The final scene was in the pub (of course) and the wrap party was a very boozy affair for those that did stay around...

So, now it is in the edit and things will progress on that as I go straight ionto pre-production for the second details just yet about that though!

Obviously, with all that has been going on gigs have been slim on the ground with one here and there. But they are starting to be booked in again and I will keep you in the loop about anything else, beleive!!





Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl

The Despoilers

Victoria Vaults

Anyone wondering where to party this weekend should look no further than the Victoria Vaults, York.

9:00 pm Saturday we gonna be rockin the place and would love you to join us.

Trains run while late back to Leeds: Go on be a Devil!

Rock N Roll

The Despoilers

Bloody Diamonds

North American Tour!

This spring/summer we're going to be touring North America. This is by far our biggest tour ever and we couldn't be more excited about it. All shows will be with our stripped down duo set. Here are the dates for the first leg of the tour, more dates will be announced soon.

4/26 - Halifax, NS @ Plan B
4/28 - Moncton, NB @ Plan B
4/29 - Saint John, NB @ Callahan's Pub
4/30 - Fredericton, NB @ Nirvana
5/01 - Quebec, QC @ Le Knock-Out
5/01 - Quebec, QC @ Le Scanner Bistro
5/02 - Montreal, QC @ Barfly
5/03 - Ottawa, ON @ Brass Monkey
5/04 - Kingston, ON @ Zap Records
5/05 - Peterborough, ON @ Bluestreak Records
5/05 - Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
5/07 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club (Canadian Music Week)
5/08 - Oshawa, ON @ The Atria
5/10 - Belleville, ON @ The Core
5/11 - Toronto, ON @ Rancho Relaxo (CMW After Party)
5/12 - Bowmanville, ON @ The Village Inn
5/13 - Lindsay, ON @ Coach & Horses
5/14 - Alliston, ON @ Coyote Cutie
5/15 - Cambridge, ON @ Millpond Records 
5/15 - Guelph, ON @ Jimmy Jazz
5/16 - Sudbury, ON @ Fromagerie Elgin
5/17 - North Bay, ON @ Raven & Republic
5/18 - Saint Catharines, ON @ Mahtay Cafe
5/20 - Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's
5/21 - Kitchener, ON @ The Hive
5/22 - Hamilton, ON @ Hammer City Records
5/22 - Hamilton, ON @ This Ain't Hollywood
5/23 - London, ON @ Grooves
5/23 - London, ON @ The APK
5/24 - Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge
5/26 - Wyandotte, MI @ Tongue's Coffee
5/27 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome
5/28 - Grandview, OH @ Strange Loop
5/29 - Columbus, OH @ Bourbon Street
5/30 - Cincinnati, OH @ Rake's End
5/31 - Lexington, KY @ Al's Sidecar
6/01 - Knoxville, TN @ The Birdhouse
6/03 - Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot
6/04 - Athens, GA @ Flicker
6/05 - Columbus, GA @ The Foxhole
6/06 - Tuscaloosa, AL @ Green Bar
6/07 - Monroe, LA @ The Trial Bar
6/09 - Houston, TX @ The Jet Lounge
6/10 - Austin, TX @ Beerland
6/11 - Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Bar n' Grill
6/12 - Denton, TX @ J & J's Pizza
6/13 - Amarillo, TX @ The 806
6/14 - Albuquerque, NM @ Blackbird Buvette

More tour details at

They've Got Secrets
Nightmare (Single)


Huxster (Late) Winter Update

It's been a long, cold, lonely winter! However, we've continued to work really hard on the new record and we're super close to completing the tracking and turn it over to Paul Hagar to be mixed!

We're so itching for warmer tempertures and getting out there to play some shows! We hope to be posting some live show dates very soon!


Snake Oil
Side Two


Huxster's Music Catalog Available For Stream or Download - FREE!

Please visit the Bandcamp page to stream or download. You’ll find a link to Bandcamp on the menu bar. No info required! Enjoy!!

Snake Oil
Side Two

Petty Theft

New Live Video & Friday @SweetwaterMV #MofoTour2014

Hey Folks,

After a couple of weeks off we are raring to get back to rockin' this week starting with…

This Friday, 3/7 we return to one of our favorite venues, Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley!  We will be performing two full sets of all the best of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers songs. Sweetwater is a great place to see the band and all of our previous shows there have sold out, so don't wait on getting your tickets! Get 'em in advance NOW here: GET TICKETS


Saturday 3/29 at McNear’s Mystic Theatre in Petaluma with very special guests: STUNG (Tribute to the Police) This is the place to come see the band perform in a big room doing the BIG show… Plus, we'll be filming and recording the show so come be in our next video!  Tickets are available NOW here: GET TICKETS

Saturday 4/26 at Club Fox in Redwood City.  We return to our "home" in the South Bay for our first "An Evening With" show (no opening act)  Two full sets of all the best of Tom Petty songs all night!  Tickets are available here: GET TICKETS

Saturday 4/19 we will make our debut at the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom.  We have been looking forward to playing this wild room for quite awhile now and plan to make it a night to remember.  We'll be rockin' two sets for a whole evening of Petty!


Check out the first of a series of new "Live" video clips, "Learning to Fly", from one of our recent shows at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette!  Please go to our YouTube channel to "Like" and post your comments. You can also subscribe to our channel and check out all of our other videos… Stay tuned for more clips coming SOON.



“Some say life will beat you down, break your heart, steal your crown””



Dan, Django, Bagel, Michael, Monroe and Mike


Upcoming Shows(check our website for details and RSVP below):

  • 03/07  Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley (An Evening w/ Petty Theft)
  • 03/21  Private Event
  • 03/29  Mystic Theatre, Petaluma (+ special guests: Stung)
  • 04/19  Powerhouse Pub, Folsom (An Evening with Petty Theft)
  • 04/26  Club Fox, Redwood City (An Evening with Petty Theft)
  • 05/02  To Be Announced!
  • 05/09  Catalyst (Atrium), Santa Cruz (An Evening with Petty Theft)
  • 05/10  Park Street Spring Festival, Alameda

Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by FOLLOWING US ON TWITTER or ADD US ON FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS... follow us here. We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book the band for your party now!

The Green Pajamas

Live At The Sunset Saturday Night

Rehearsing in West Seattle.  Photo by Eric.

The Green Pajamas will perform this Saturday, March 8th, at a KEXP benefit for Nick of Time Foundation which is dedicated to educating schools, athletes, families and communities about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The Pajamas will open the show at 9 o'clock followed by the bands, Campfire OK and Tango Alpha Tango at Ballard's Sunset Tavern.   


Edge Of The Night (Unreleased Vol. 1)
The Complete Book of Hours
Poison In The Russian Room
Hidden Minutes
If You Knew What I Dreamed...
Box Of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2
The Night Races Into Anna
21st Century Séance
Ten White Stones
Through Glass Colored Roses: The Best Of The Green Pajamas
Essence Of Carol
Lust Never Sleeps
If She Only Knew
In a Glass Darkly
The Carolers' Song
Narcotic Kisses
All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed
Strung Out
Indian Winter
Strung Behind The Sun
Ghosts Of Love
The Red, Red Rose
For The Swan In The Hallway
Ash Wednesday Rain
Green Pajama Country
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
Summer of Lust
Death By Misadventure
Happy Halloween!

Al Pitcher


Tjjjjjjjeeeeeeennnaaarrrreee my friends , I need your help ,

I am going to record my stand up on audio . I am putting it on CD to give away at shows, and online to give to anyone who wants to listen to it. I will be doing a 45 minute recording in Stockholm on Monday March 10 at 20.00 at La Cucaracha, Bondegatan 2,. I am hoping some of you want to come along and laugh , its 50kr entry and the venue can hold 60 people , so heres what you need to do to get tickets , please mail , we need all names of guests, (not just Leffe plus 7) and please make sure you can make it. You will get a mail back with all the details. The deadline is March 5 at 12 , so please mail now. 

This wont be my new show , I want to record my jokes and I want you people to laugh at it or with it. 


Puss Puss , Have fun , Al 

Kick Bricks

Beta Dogs @ Uncommon Ground, Chicago 3.5.14


Sharing a bill with Mean Mary, and The Greenleaf Band, Beta Dogs took to the stage at Uncommon Ground on yet another snowy Chicago night and tore through a mix of covers and originals, including a first ever performance of the Jethro Tull classic "Locomotive Breath" and spirited renditions of "Hollywood", "The Way That it is", "Promise" and "Rosali McFall". In the middle of all of that rucus, the band pulled back the reins and stripped things way down for a quiet soulful version of Iwo-Jima. Topping off the day, Beta Dogs learned that it has been confirmed for a standing gig at G&L Tavern on the third Thurday of every month! All in all, another great night! Listen and download it here!

Insignificant Others

Michael White Quintet

MWQ UNIT2 For Free Public Concerts

Michael White Quintet UNIT2 will be available  
featured at your Free Public Concert
in July-October 2014

You can apply for a concert if you represent a
Park, Juvenile Hall, Civic Center, Library, Probation Camp, Senior Citizen Center, Hospital, Arts Organization, Non-profit Performance Venue

The Online Application Deadline on 
Monday March 10, 2014 at 5pm

The application and program guidelines link:

The Land Of Spirit And Light
White Night
Motion Picture
Spirit Dance
Spirit Dance / Pneuma

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers & DRK performing at Memphis in May International Festival May 4, 2014!!

Details about the festival including tickets can be found at: 

Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales

Ted Stevens


MARCH 14th ! Moon over Myakka Concert Series at Myakka State Park SR 72 Sarasota. Buy tickets at the gate for $15.00.

We play at 7pm under the stars on a nice outdoor stage in a lush park setting,  bring chairs, reserve a campsite,  bring your camera and fishing rods!

MARCH 22nd ! BILLETPROOF FLORIDA is the BIGGEST CAR SHOW in FLA at Big Daddy Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala.  FREE admission,  bands all day, vendors, lots of cars,  we usually play around 9 AM to kick off the event ! 


Exit Zero
Dead End Dragstrip

Akua Kamau

Site Visits Around The World

Akua KamauIn our previous release, we had spoken about a number of countries that have surprised us here at Fern Gully Records, by the number of site visits and the volume of business and airplay that we are receiving from them. The good thing about our music is that being instrumental, there is no language barrier, so everyone from everywhere can listen and enjoy. Our Cries Of The Ancestors video will obtain its six thousandth (600th) view today. Not exactly bad but we were hoping that by now we would have been approaching about fifteen thousand (15000) views or there about. If you havent seen it as yet, you may do so by clicking here. Anyway, back to the site visits, you might recall that the initial seven (7) countries that surprised us then, were as follows:

  1. Algeria,
  2. Egypt,
  3. Turkey,
  4. Argentina,
  5. Russia,
  6. Venezuela
  7. Colombia,

Well no there are four (4) additional countries that have burst on the scene and are now being reported on the first page of the server logs. These are:

  1. Ukraine,
  2. Morocco,
  3. Vietnam,
  4. Moldova.

Recall too that this is in addition to the major markets that we also mentioned then. We notice too that our South American friends all seem to love The Medicine Man (Rain Chant) which is quite understandable because of the ethno-social make up of their environment. Our predictions are that this should be the same for our Asian friends. Vietnam is a prime example of this beginning to take place. Our friends from the Middle East seem to go more for Cries Of The Ancestors while our friends from the major markets seem to go for Blades Of Grass, AJ Blues and What Am I To Do. Our two (2) love songs ie. Nakupenda (Studio Version) and My Island Darling seem to be preferred mostly by females and these are evenly distributed around the world.


My Island Darling EP
Blades Of Grass - SINGLE
The Medicine Man (Rain Chant) - SINGLE
Nakupenda (Studio Version) - SINGLE
My Island Darling - SINGLE
Cries Of The Ancestors - SINGLE
What Am I To Do - SINGLE
Alkebulan (Land Of Origins) SINGLE
Oh Land Of Afrika (Swahili) SINGLE
Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi SINGLE

King Mike V

(NEW!) Commissioned Piece: "Funhouse"

(NEW!) Commissioned Piece:  "Funhouse" by: Mike Vanderhoof - SOLD

24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

Annie Woode

New demo - Wondrous Cross ( Glorious)

New demo posted.

Christian music  -  Wondrous Cross ( Glorious)


When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the prince of glory died
My richest gain I count but loss
And pour contempt on all my pride

Forbid it Lord that I should boast
Save in the death of Christ my God
All the vain things that charm me most
I sacrifice them to his blood.

Wondrous Cross
Jesus, you are my glorious

Were the whole realm of nature mine
That were an offering far too small
Love so amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, my all


Greatest War
He's Always There
Blood Covers Me

The Devious Angels

Friday Feb 28th at Puckett's

We're extremely excited for next Friday, Feb 28th at Puckett's in downtown Nashville!  

We'll be joining two great friends/singers- Billy Yates and David Kroll.

Call 615.770.2772 to make your reservation today!

The Devious Angels

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