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The Despoilers

Ready to Rumble!- New Inn, Drighlington

We are ready to get this show back on the road starting at the New Inn, Drighlington on Saturday 7th March. Its a new venue for us so another chance to make some new friends and catch up with some current buddies.

Band on from about 9:00pm

We woukld love to see ya there!

King Mike V

(NEW!) Album Cover Art for Psix

(NEW!) Album Cover Art for Psix - "Mystical Voice of the Spirit World"

dropping March 6th 2015

Al Pitcher


HELLO Great People ,

Isnt it bloody wonderful to see the sun is actually still in the sky ?

I have great news , we have added 2 extra shows for the Nääämen tour 

Extra Show in Umeå on March 21st - Its for STUDENTS only - Its a special price show and starts at 16.00. ( 4pm ) 

Also Stockholm is getting a show at Rival on April 22

All dates can be seen by looking right at the SHOWS column , please come and see a show , or tell your enemies and friends


Also I do a Football podcast each week , if you love the game and want to laugh , listen to this free podcast - Its great fun -

Spread the Word , Krams all around

AL x  


15 Years Ago Today Maniac 2000 and The Irish Rover entered the Irish Charts.

Fifteen years ago today Maniac 2000 by Mark McCabe and Dance To Tipperray's The Irish Rover single entered the Irish Charts top 10 for the first time and occupied the No.1 and No.2 positions in the Irish Dance Charts. Irish indie EDM had well and truly arrived, was in the charts and continued to lead the party for millenium celebrations of St. Patrick's Day 2000.

King Mike V

(NEW) Booba Fett by: Mike Vanderhoof

(NEW) Booba Fett by: Mike Vanderhoof

24x36 Acrylic on Masonite - For Sale: $600 plus shipping Contact my email for inquiries.

Prints Available for $10 on my store page

Sandz Of Time Band

Hiring A Musician

Hiring a musician/band or thinking of asking them to play at your event?


What you think you're paying for:                     

      Someone to play some music.


What you're actually paying for:

Someone to play some music plus:

Equipment and instruments.

Hours of rehearsal time.

Rehearsal space.

 Transportation to and from the venue.

 The amount of money spent on lessons and training to become the musicians that they are.

Promotion and Website costs.

The percentages that go to income tax.

Telephone and internet bills spent organizing the performance and its rehearsals.

Any manager, agent,or other booking fees.



Not to mention......the payment also has to cover food, housing, bills, and all other living expenses. 




You wouldn't expect a plumber, carpenter, hair-dresser, doctor, dentist, optician, electrician, chef, auto-mechanic, dressmaker, or shop owner to work for free would you?


- Article courtesey of Tune Core

Yes, we're having fun......but it takes a lot of time and money investment to have this fun.                               

John-paul Gard

New Videos with Colin Tulley and Eddie John

Ive just done 4 new videos with the amazing Colin Tulley and Eddie John, there on my video page were playing some Marvin Gaye, and David Sandborne tunes, they are great players please have a look

Come On Rita

Petty Theft

Rock the VOTE for Petty Theft @Pacific_Sun #bestofmarin + Upcoming Shows! @hopmonknovato #MofoTour20

Hey All,


The Pacific Sun is running their annual “BEST OF” readers’ poll and Petty Theft is honored to be one of the nominees amongst several other great local bands. If you find yourself so inclined… we would love your support and VOTE! (Closes 2/15)

You can vote HERE under the Arts and Entertainment category.




We return to Hopmonk Tavern in Novato, Friday, 2/20 for the first time in two years! Grab a bite to eat in the restaurant, sample some tasty micro brews, and get your groove on in this intimate live music room with a nice dance floor. This show is expected to sell out in advance! Get your Tickets NOW while you still can HERE.


We’re excited to get back to Harlow’s Niteclub this month, Saturday, 2/28. It’s always a wild time up there. Let’s party!! Get your tickets now HERE Oh my my OH HELL YES!


Double your pleasure and join us at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette for another two-night stand on 3/6 & 3/7! Both shows last year sold out in advance, so we HIGHLY recommend you get your tickets NOW… tickets available for both nights HERE. Come to one, or both! We will be changing up the sets on both nights, so this is your best chance to hear nearly every song we know!

We have a lot more shows announced for 2015… Check out our show schedule on our website or below at the bottom of this email and get your tickets to a show near you!


"Well I know what's right, I got just one life

In a world that keeps on pushin' me around

But I'll stand my ground and I won't back down”


-Petty Theft aka Dan, Django, Bagel, Monroe, Michael & Mike



Men’s Tees, Women’s Tees, and Women's Tanks featuring our logo are now available at all of our shows! Shirts are also available online HERE

Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by following us on TWITTER, like us on FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS follow us.

You can also track us on BandsInTown and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips. Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.

We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book Pety Theft for your party now!

Goat Leaf

Like a Big Fuckin' Train.

Hermanos y hermanas veintitrés días para ir! The voyage into the Red Sun begins in Barcelona on the 5th March 2015. We toil on four wheels, magnetic coils and high voltage devices be our harvest. Come, sacrifice oneself to the Unholy Goat, loose control, worship the mistress that is the night. Interested parties can check out the the 'shows' link for the full venue details and directions.

On other news, we are very pleased to announce we will be playing the Red Sun Festival (Cardiff) on Friday 1st May along side some very fine musical entities. Again, the full details of why, what and where can be seen on the shows link.

Keep your head to the sky.

A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales of crashing satellites

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

The Rose of No-Man's Land tour

Ramblin' Jack Elliott is on tour again with The Rose of No-Man's Land performing alongside Nell Robinson and other special guest artists. Check the tour page for listigs near you!

King Mike V

New Convention Date just added!

Come visit my booth at Mad Monster Phoenix Horror Convention!

Pick up some limited edition size art prints and T-shirts featuring my illustrations and just say hello!

May 8 - 10,  2015      For more info visit

Scrap Rabbit

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #14 of The Monthly Articles News Column

This month I want to display 1 of 3 vimeo "only" albums, First is "The Collecting Tank". It consists of rare songs. A few taken from a 40 disc set of mp3's I put together last year for an unreleased collection. The titles are as follows... 1. Aimless 2. Dead Clown Surprise 3. Keyflow 4. Dead Clowns Entertain Us 5. Inside My Mind 6. Dead Head Clowns 7. Sorrow Succabus 8. Deflect Ions 9. Artificial Vortex 10. Wrong Sequence Error. (15 minutes time) The link is below.

Also here's a new blog to check out. It contains an assortment of facts, photos, and stories

Here's a performance recorded January 29th. It is divided into 15 clips. Go to this link to navigate through.

Fireball (track 1) 
Head Confusion (track 2) 
The War Machine (track 3) 
Nothing Too Great To Keep (track 4)
The Wrath Child I & II (track 5)
The Dissembler (track 6)
Deflection (track 7)
Desolate Mass Waste (track 8)
Vanilla Pudding (track 9)
Magical Fear (track 10)
Intolerable Injustice (track 11)
The More I Live (the more you die) -track 12
Static Form (track 13)
Like Knives In A Heart (track 14)
Gone Insane -discharged (track 15)

The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)

Bobby Mahoney

Behind the Song: "Star-Crossed"

Courtesy: Nathalie Le Pennec

It's now been more than seven months since the release of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son's debut full-length album, Friends in Low Places. Despite the time, the songs remain fresh for much of the loyal fanbase.

One of the favorites for the crowd continues to be "Star-Crossed." Bobby and Jon discuss track No. 8 in the newest "Behind the Song."

Where did you draw inspiration for "Star-Crossed?"

BM: "I drew inspiration from 'Peter Pan,' 'West Side Story,' 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Bonnie and Clyde.' A lot of fucked up love stories that were doomed to fail. These relationships were completely romanticized and ill-advised, but they were dumb and in love and followed their hearts (usually to their own demise)."

JA: "I didn't have much to say with the lyrics for this one, but very much its aura. We didn't really have a true bombastic, epic-in-sound track yet for the album at that point, and that's something I'm big on. So I would say I had a pretty big influence on the track sounding (audibly) how it does."

How did the song change since how you initially wrote it?

BM: "What ended up being the chorus, was originally the bridge and at Jon’s suggestion, I re-worked the song and it came out to how it is on the record. There was also a third verse that we cut in order to streamline the song, but we use it as a live intro to the song. I wish I didn’t have to cut it, but I’m glad we were able to repurpose it."

JA: "The song was originally three verses, a bridge and a chorus. He was going for something different, and I respect that, but when I heard the bridge, I knew that was the catch. That was the part I remembered from it. That was the part I could see thousands singing along to at once. I begged him to redo it with that as a chorus, throw in a solo and have this huge ending. I actually ended up composing the drums for this song, with two sticks I had laying around and a bedspread. I also wrote the lead for the song that Dan plays live."

What's your favorite element of the song?

BM: "I really enjoy the verses and the solo. The crowd usually sings the chorus, so I also enjoy that aspect of it."

JA: "Obviously the chorus is great, but my favorite part of the song is undoubtedly the solo. It tells a story, which I beg and push Bobby to do every single time he records one. It's actually my favorite part of the entire album."

This is one of the poppier songs on the album. Were you trying to write one like that?

BM: "Not really. When I sit down to write, I don’t go 'oh I’m going to write a pop song, or a love song' I just put the pen to the paper and let my mind wander until I find something that feels right."

JA: "I don't think it hurt that we wrote one. I wanted this enormous sounding anthem of sorts. I think, to a degree, that gets across."

How is it represented live?

BM: "Like I said, we use the cut third verse as the intro, and the crowd really gets into this song because of the easy, catchy chorus. It is always a fun, high-energy song to play live."

JA: "It's the only song that we play I use effects on. So that's pretty cool. Crowd really gets into this one, and I give a nice lead-in to Bobby's solo. Dan and Joe add a lot on backup vocals too."

Where does it stand on the album for you?

BM: "It is the only full 'love' song on the record, and the main character is referring to the same girl he is refers to in the end of 'Scoundrels.'"

JA: "I personally would have placed it after 'Deadbeat' on the album, but I get why it comes after 'Guilden Street.' It works."

Will this one stick around as you enter Another Deadbeat Tour?

BM: "I don’t see why not. I like it and the band likes it and the crowd likes it. Even Joe sings along."

JA: "Not my say, but I sure hope so. Maybe stagger it a bit to make it more special."

Mahoney also noted he recorded all the leads and solos for the song in one take, a rarity these days for musicians.

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts
Shot in the Dark

Sandz Of Time Band

Great Turnout!

Wow! Our fans are the most AWESOME! You all sure make us feel real good!

What a fantastic turn out on January 31 to to start our year off!

So here's a BIG THANK YOU to you, our fans, friends and family for coming out and making that night so spectacular!


Petty Theft

Rancho Nicasio, @hopmonknovato, @HarlowsNiteclub + MORE! #MofoTour2015

Hey All,

BIG THANKS to everyone who turned out for our last show at Hopmonk in Sebastopol. It was our first sell out at this venue and the energy was off the hook!!
THIS Saturday, 1/31/15 we return to Rancho Nicasio, our original stomping grounds. Great food, drinks, and dance floor await you here at this rustic and fun venue.  We are hearing that table reservations are already SOLD OUT, but you can call to get on the list for show only tickets or the waiting list for tables (if someone cancels).  But don’t wait…call NOW: 415-662-2219.  You can also check the day of the show to see if show only tickets are still available at the door.

We will be returning to Hopmonk Tavern in Novato Friday 2/20/15 for the first time in two years!  Grab a bite to eat in the restaurant, sample some tasty micro brews, and get your groove on in this intimate live music room with a nice dance floor.  Tickets are available NOW HERE.  
SACRAMENTO Peeps:  We will be back at Harlow’s, Saturday 2/28/15 Tickets are on sale now HERE   Oh my my OH HELL YES!
We have a lot more shows announced for 2015… Check out our show schedule on our website or below at the bottom of this email and get your tickets to a show near you!

"BEST BAND" IN MARIN?  Hey folks in the North Bay, the Pacific Sun is running their annual “BEST OF” readers poll and yours truly is honored to be one of the nominees amongst several other great local bands.   If you find yourself so inclined… we would love your VOTE!  You can vote HERE THANKS!
“It's time to move on, time to get going
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing
It's time to move on, it's time to get going”

-Petty Theft aka Dan, Django, Bagel, Monroe, Michael & Mike

Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by following us on TWITTER, like us on FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS follow us.
You can also track us on BandsInTown and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips. Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.
We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book Pety Theft for your party now!


Huxster's New Self Titled Album OUT NOW!!

Long awaited third album is finally here!! Currently available through iTunes  Amazon and CD Baby








Huxster In The news!!

 Great new articles from Jay Miller of the The Patriot Ledger and Georgia Sparling of Sippican Week






Snake Oil
Side Two

Petty Thieves

2015 Tour Name

We are going to be announcing our 2015 Tour Name soon!  We think your going to like it!

Jay Yates

Sat Apr 25 15 06:00 PM

Las Fajitas in Bella Vista, AR -

Jay Yates

Sat Apr 04 15 06:00 PM

Las Fajitas in Bella Vista, AR -

Jay Yates

Sat Mar 07 15 06:00 PM

Las Fajitas in Bella Vista, AR -

King Mike V

King Mike V art on the Svengoolie TV show on MeTV channel

Check it out! watch my little feature clip! Thank you Svengoolie for the kind words!

King Mike V art on the Svengoolie TV show on MeTV channel



Xokalled is back with another banger!

The Nigerian upcoming rapper begins this new year with a special song for his fans

He titles this one' CHRIST IN MEa song based on Galatians 2:20.

produced by ghanaian producer GAFFACI, mixed and mastered by Norvicost

the song contains deep punchlines and word play that speaks his mind on the way the world is and how he has chosen to let Christ take the wheels in his life.

Click the link below to download and enjoy!


Fear Incorporated-Cloak & Dagger-New Album


The new Fear Incorporated album 'Cloak & Dagger' has been recorded and completed in our dark musical cobwebbed chambers.

Themed on vintage violence and dark and evil villains from the past...

Traverse the eerie gas lamp shadows with us and meet Jack The Ripper,Sweeney Todd,Burke & Hare and other terrible characters on this dark avant garde musical journey..

See the video for 'Sweeney Todd' from the album below.

Look out for more updates in the future.

 photo Fear Inc. Cloak And Dagger Cover New_zpsuljdcxab.jpg

Sawney's Cave

Al Pitcher


hej hej folks 


hope 2015 is awesome so far 


the Nääämen Tour is onsale, so please book early , would love to see you at a show. See all tour dates at the right of the screen 

UMEÅ has SOLD OUT on March 21 , so we have added another show on March 20.

take care , avoid slaaaaaask 


al x


Remembering Steve Spiller.

Steve Spiller

We lost our great dear friend and photographer Steve Spiller just over one month ago on December 8th 2014. Steve was diagnosed with cancer during September 2014. Steve fought really hard and was amazingly positive for the last few months but unfortnately the cancer was very aggressive.

From a meeting at a bar in Ilford to many a great day in many an amazing place and many a great laugh the memories of Steve will be with us forever. We shared many a good day and night at concerts, gigs, motor rallies, parties and all enjoyed some great times together over the past 20 years or so.

One of Steve biggest passions was music, and he loved having a jamming seession with friends.

Steve's other big passion was photography, a highly accomplished and skilled photographer Steve  devoleped his photography into an outstanding career with many worldwide famous pictures of many a star and event taken by Steve earning him the great title in London of "King Pap".

Steve took all our early pictures and even the picture of the stand at Celtic Park which became the cover of  The Field's Of Athenry (Celtic. F.C. Mix). Steve also helped set up and shoot our Ole, Ole Ole video in 2002 and took all the wonderful pictures that day back in 2002 as well as many great outstanding pictures with us in studio, on the road and at gigs over the years.

So proud and happy to have been able to put Steve's song Fairy Queen on our Emails At the Cliffs Of Moher album, something I know he cherished to have had a song he wrote recorded and on one of our albums. Steve joined us the night Greg and I mixed our most downloaded track Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young. It was our last night in studio finishing that Life Goes On album and what a night it was, a night to cherish forever.

Steve loved Ireland and together we shared many a great day at a motor rally. Steve really enjoyed the buzz and craic around the rally scene and made many good friends and contributed to a fair few memorable rally days and nights along the way with great hospitality and nights at Steve's parents house in Carlow en route.

Steve and Aine's wedding was a great day in Mayo and one was so happy to be invited to.

It is so sad that Steve has been taken from us all, most of all his so loved wife Ann, his family and friends. Life can be so unexplainably cruel at times.

Ann, the Spiller and Monaghan families have set up a Justing Giving page for Steve to give family, friends and colleagues the opportunity to donate to Cancer Research UK so that the battle may be won by others in the future.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ann Spiller, the Spiller and Monaghan families at these very unexpected sad times. Rest In Peace Steve, you will always be with us and your great fab work will live forever. Donald.

John-paul Gard

Great Gigs last week

Just a quick update, have had some great gigs this week that include playing with the Mark Lawrence Quartet at the Illminster Arts Center with special guest Tony Roberts on Sax, what a great player 

Then after a burning gig with Simon Spillett at the Plough in Swindon featuring Billy Weir on drums and Ben Lee on guitar a great gig, also I managed to get asked to play with Emily Wright and the Royals a band that is in the style of the great Nat King Cole Trio with Emily Wright vocals, Wil Harris on Bass, Mat Hopkins guitar, top class stuff


Come On Rita

Composer Phillip Kane

About. Me

I Have A New Profile On About.Me .  You can check it out here:


Composer Phillip Kane-About. Me

Bobby Mahoney

Show Report - Light of Day, 1/16/15

Photo courtesy: Conni Freestone

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son has been a little busy over the past few we apologize for the lack of show reports.

But that's not a bad thing of course. In fact, 2014 was the busiest year the band ever had. So needless to say, 2015 was due for a big start.

The band took The Saint by storm Jan. 3, debuting a slew of new material and rocked Bar A in Belmar, New Jersey in honor of Clarence Clemons. But it would be Friday, Jan. 16 that would be etched in the history of Seventh Son lore. And nonetheless, it was for a good cause. 

Just a couple of months after taking to Canada for the foundation, Light of Day brought itself to New Jersey for what has annually become one of the biggest weeks in the Tri-State area. And this year, the Seventh Son band was part of it.

Photo courtesy: Jeff Ross

Hundreds graced The Stone Pony in Asbury Park for the second-biggest show of the whole weekend. While of course Bobby & Co. would be featured, they would be a small footnote on a tremendous bill of some of the most talented rockers and songwriters in the world today. Names like James Maddock, Ten Ton Mojo, Willie Nile among others were there to help raise money to cure Parkinson's Disease, and as Canada showed, Light of Day truly is one of a kind.

It would be a short set for the guys, but nonetheless, one of the most exciting in the band's history. With barely any space to move in the audience, Seventh Son hit the stage with an explosive start. "New Age Outlaws," fresh with its extended introduction, kickstarted the five guys into a frenzy, with Bobby and Jon sharing the microphone as the song climaxed to an immense crash.

In keeping emphasis on power, the band launched into the recently-debuted ".38 Special." Hamming it up more than ever, Bobby motioned for Jon to "shoot [him] down," igniting a breakdown fueled by musical craftiness. The bass, interweaving with breaks left open by the guitars and drums, created a spectacle for the crowd.

A tight version of "Danger Dan" led way for the always powerful "Scoundrels," which was cut short due to time constraints. However, the band introductions allowed for a slowing down of the set, setting the perfect pace for what would be the finale.

Photo courtesy: Julie Grant

"Another Deadbeat Summer" took its familiar spot as the show closer, but this time, it was chaotic. Danny Gochnour of Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, "Mouth of the South [Jersey]" Gary Tripieddi, Johnny Pisano of the Willie Nile Band, Joe Rapolla, Eddie Mac of Projex and even Bobby's mother herself joined the band on stage among several others to set the table for what would eventually prove itself as one of the most epic nights of Light of Day.

It was one of those nights where you realize there's something special in the air. And whether it was the electricity of a Mahoney guitar solo, the high voltage brought on by a Marshall with some mojo, the showmanship of a man from Bleecker Street or the dedication of the tremendous Light of Day staff, it all just came together.

And we're just around the corner until next year.


1. New Age Outlaws

2. .38 Special

3. Danger Dan

4. Scoundrels

5. Another Deadbeat Summer

Friends in Low Places
The Outskirts
Shot in the Dark

Jay Yates

MU Sydney

When: Fri Jan 16, 2015 5pm to Fri Jan 16, 2015 6pm  CST

Event Status: confirmed

Web Three

ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Lion Da Animal

Thank you to everyone that tuned into ‪#‎wakeupcall‬ with ‪#‎therock‬ last night. At the filming I battled 4 times. Including twice against the guy the show was about. He was actually decent. For some reason the producers chose to change the script to make it seem as if he gave up and didn't battle..? Oh well. ‪#‎webthree‬ logo commercial tho! Lol.

Checkout my latest battle here. Thanks again guys.

Loss, Love, and the New Normal featuring Kaaren Styles
Tales from the Barstool
Do You

Web Three

Catch Web Three on TNT's Wake Up Call with The Rock!

Catch me this Friday at 9pm on @therock reality show #WakeUpCall on #TNT #webthree #webthreemusic #battlerap

Loss, Love, and the New Normal featuring Kaaren Styles
Tales from the Barstool
Do You

Al Pitcher


Welcome back to the real world


Hope your holidays were awesome 


More NÄÄÄMEN shows are now onsale , including an added date in Umeå on March 20


Puss Puss , Stay Warm yo  , Al x

UB42 booking for 2015

ub42 are now booking for 2015.please contact asap if you would like to book the band,as dates are limited


important news-gig cancellation

ub42 will not be performing at the victoria,walthamstow on saturday 24th jan as stated on our gig list

John-paul Gard

Web Update for 2014 Videos and News

Happy New Year to you all, heres a few highlights of 2014, in the videos section theres quite a bit of new stuff including

Videos for the UK tour with Jon Dalton in June,A new promo video with the Diamond Dust Band, Some new videos of me at the Barga Jazz Festial in Aug, Videos of the UK drum Fair with me and Robert Brian, and lastly my New Solo Project there are 4 new videos

Im going to post some new pics of stuff thats happened last year too

Last year has been great year for me and have played a met some great players and met some great new friends

2015 is going to be good, theres some nice gigs coming up a new video with the Amazing Colin Tulley Trio in Feb, and the development of my LA project this year

Will keep it posted up here 


Come On Rita

Ted Stevens


Tune in to 88.5 WMNF Tampa FEBRUARY 27th ,  Friday from 2-3 pm,  we play on the LIVE MUSIC SHOWCASE !!!

Exit Zero
Dead End Dragstrip
Cursed Cadillac

Web Three

Afroman, Web Three light up Propaganda!

Web Three set the house ablaze at Propaganda with Afroman! #becauseigothighbecauseigothighbecauseigothigh

Loss, Love, and the New Normal featuring Kaaren Styles
Tales from the Barstool
Do You


On Pulsipher

Hey guys, this is Doc, here's an update that will make certain things about Team Nakrikal's famous Pulsipher project clear.

Fun fact: While Pulsipher seems to be an actual surname, the band was named after a Star Wars character. It looked to us like a portmanteau of pulse and cipher.

1. Membership

Pulsipher is a band and its members are referred to as "Stateslavers". The thing is we do not disclose the number of members or their identities, so the "Band Members" sections should remain empty.

2. Stateslaver Zero

Pulsipher disbanded in January 2013, however, Stateslaver Zero released some music as Pulsipher as he composed the sequel to "Maritropa" and released an EP in March 2013.

The nickname obviously stems from the term by which Pulsipher's members refer to themselves (plus it's a nod to a great game titled Slave Zero). However, S-Zero was never a band member, as the band disbanded two months prior and "Maritropa II" was a post-humous release authorized by Team Nakrikal.

As for an AKA... S-Zero released his alternate theme for Cyberpunk 2077's cinematic trailer as "Stateslaver Zero/Pulsipher" and it all stems from here. Stateslaver Zero figured as an alternate name for Pulsipher for some time, but that was more of an attempt to make a connection between S-Zero's theme and it being a "trailer of the things to come", that is the EP. Basically, it's invalid and we fixed it already.

3. Doc Demagol in the project?

Nope, Doc Demagol is more of a persona (also known as Mr. Demagolka and Doctor Collargol) related to Demagolka as the band founder and its original member. 

I also moved on to The Sap Drains (a new record is on its way!) as a full-fledged member of that band and contributed to the perfect failure (?) - still do, actually.

As a side note:

Doc Demagol is also a solo musician. Projects like Salt the Carthage (?), Luftpirat, etc. are all solo records, actually. We are planning to bring all those releases together on RateYourMusic under "Doc Demagol". 

What about Crumbling Flesh Industries? Is it an EP? Is it an album? Doesn't really matter, the thing is that this is actually Doc Demagol and some of the releases were just mistagged and mislabelled, a shame, really. There was one silly song, a parody of Incy Wincy Spider attributed to Pulsipher, for example, but it's all Doc.

Anyway, Pulsipher's gone and we have no plans to reform that project in the future. Right now we have Hypnotic Implant and we are focusing on Shock Ti & The Beach Troopers and MicroSol.

- Doc Demagol

Michael White Quintet

Michael White & Leisei Chen at Harrison House

The Land Of Spirit And Light
White Night
Motion Picture
Spirit Dance
Spirit Dance / Pneuma

Jay Yates

Keith Nicholson Las Fajitas Bella Vista

When: Sat Jan 31, 2015 6pm to 9pm  CST
Replaces event originally scheduled for: Sat Jan 31, 2015 6pm

Where: Las Fajita's, 42 Sugar Creek Center, Bella Vista, AR 72714, United States
Event Status: confirmed
Event Description: 2 hours for $125.00 3 hours for $175.00 No food or drinks included.

View Artist Showcase

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