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New Name

After spending months kicking around ideas and names, when they should have been spending time working on more new material, the band finally come up with a name!

Some may be aware of The Rubber Onion Band, which was put together by Luis, Pat and Dave some years ago. After taking on additional guitarist, Pete, the band decided to change name somewhat and became known as Greytone.

Then, Keli joined the band, primarily as vocalist, but now applying her hand to instrumental duties too, and it only seemed fair that we rename the band to take Keli's totally-not-grey persona into account.

And so Anteloup were born. Still providing their eclectic mix of styles and genres in a totally unique and original package.


Song added!!

Brand new song from our brand new set-list has been added to the Music Player. (The) Woman In The Blue Shoes was written by bassist Pat and was actually recorded in our practice room on an iPhone! Have a listen.

John-paul Gard

New videos with Mike Britton (guitar) and Gethin Jones (drums)

There are some new videos on my you tube channel

of a recent jam session with the great Mike Britton (guitar) and Gethin Jones (drums) 

hope you enjoy them

Come On Rita

John-paul Gard

Great gigs in brussels

Ive just come back from the Swing Wespelaar 2013  with the Eddie Martin Trio, great festival with some great acts


Come On Rita

Graffiti City

Final breakcore song added to the Early EP!

I watched a documentary on homeless people in the UK and this inspired to me to create a breakcore composition which attempts to capture the tension of such a situation, with haunting sounds and a choir symbolising a cry for help. This wasn't an easy composition to make...

*** My Early EP is FINALLY complete and is availiable for download at !

Song via Youtube -

Graffiti City

Early EP out now!

I am proud to present my debut EP "Early" availiable for download now at !!!



Tipp'DJ Cavalcade Beatport Exclusive Remix.

A Beatport exclusive remix of Tipp'DJ's CAVALCADE will be released during 2014.

For all the latest updates follow @dancetotipp on Twitter and Dance To Tipperary (Official Group) on Facebook.

Graffiti City

I have a Bandcamp!

Now you can preview and, if you want to, download my latest showcase Early EP online! Here you’ll find the first three #minimal #breakcore songs I have made with a final one on the way. We begin with the more complex No Idea, then go onto the crazy Shut Down, with the #chipbreak style song Game Of Dreams! 

The final song on the way is inspired by a documentary I saw about homeless people in the UK, and attempts to capture the tension of that kind of situation. I’m thinking of calling it Without A Home…

Listen/purchase: Early by Graffiti City

Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

You Tube for Musicians

YouTube: home to cute cats, inane memes, and the most revolutionary music-discovery platform in history!

YouTube is quickly becoming the world’s most popular search engine for music. Think about it: whenever your friend recommends a new band, whenever you have a craving to hear a rare oldie, whenever you want to see if a musician can put on a good live show, where do you turn? YouTube.

For today’s independent musician, having a strong video presence is practically a requirement for a successful DIY music career. YouTube videos are easily accessible and easily shareable across blogs, websites, and social networks. But it’s not always clear how a YouTube view translates into albums sales or concert attendance. 

YouTube is one of the most effective music promotion machines ever.

David Ullman

"Happiest Sad Song" (In-Studio Music Video)

Check out this music video for my duet with "Zach." The song comes out today on his new duets CD: Provenance--with proceeds helping to fund Akron area non-profits creating programs for nonviolence.

Dog Days
Deja Vu
Light The Dark

O.Z Bangaz

O.Z Goes Global

I attended the Global Mixx 2013 Music Conference. I was blessed to chop it up, and politic with the likes of Jamal Smallz, DJ V- Dub, and Grandmaster Jay. It was a great experience. The knowledge I acquired is priceless. The connections made are promising.

O.Z Bangaz and Grandmaster Jay at Global Mixx 2013 in Chicago, Illinois

Jamal Smallz and O.Z Bangaz at Global Mixx 2013 in Chicago, Illinois

Petty Theft

Windsor, Ukiah & San Rafael!

Hey All,

We've had a blast playing shows recently for a private event party up near Redding recently for some die-hard Petty fans (we're talking multi-generational family of Petty music lovers)!  Did we mention we love playing parties?  Book us for your special event by Contacting Us.  

Last week we had the pleasure of playing to nearly 5,000 people at the Concord Farmers Market!

WHAT'S NEXT:   We have some great shows coming up as we continue our outdoor summer concert series tour… This Thursday 8/22 we will make our debut in Windsor for their "Summer Nights on the Green" concert series from 6-8PM: FREE & All Ages Welcome.  On Friday 8/23 we will make our debut at the Nelson Family Winery a beautiful outdoor venue with food and drink.  Tickets are only $10.00!  Get your tickets in advance HERE.  (Small capacity venue so don't wait!).

Last but not least, we are looking forward to being back at George's Nightclub in San Rafael next month on 9/13!  Tickets are on sale now HERE.  This show is expected to sell out so get them now and reserve your table in advance while you can.   

Please see below for our upcoming show schedule and check our website for future shows and other information about the band. 

"Yeah that's when it happened, the world caught fire that day…"



~Dan, Django, Bagel, Monroe, Mike and Michael

Petty Theft


Upcoming Shows (check our website for details and RSVP below):

Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by FOLLOWING US ON TWITTER or ADD US ON FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and all you INSTAGRAM'ERS... follow us here.

We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book the band for your party now!

King Mike V

(NEW!) Commissioned Piece: "Monster Bar"

(NEW!) Commissioned Piece for Private Collector: "Monster Bar"

24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

horror art, horror artist, frankenstein, dracula, mummy, werewolf, Igor,dive bar, horror tattoo, bela lugosi, boris karloff, universal monsters, halloween


New song, "Convalescence", New album


Thanks to everyone who downloaded the album. Share it with as many people as you can.  The album will now be on cdbaby to download. The link is in downloads section.

A new song has been posted which hints at the sound of the next LP and will be on the new EP.  You can hear it here

The EP will feature:

1. Convalescence

2. Living Nightmare

3. I Forget



Hidden in Blue
Fact and Fantasy

Rhema Soul

Dope Beats Good News vol. 2 Official Release Date

We are back together with non other than GAWVI aka G-Styles. It’s been an awesome time being back in the studio with our long time friend. The Chemistry between us is like none other. We are proud to announce the collaborative album, Dope Beats Good News vol. 2, will be released on October 8, 2013 [...]

Dope Beats & Good News
Worn Soles

Jerry Hannan

Mad Hannans Film in Progress....

Our Kickstarter has funded !   Big thanks to all.....   


Check out the project here >>>>


Sounds Like a Story
Madly In Love With You
The Light Gets Brighter

Katie Garibaldi

23 Club This Friday - New 8 PM Start Time!

Hey live music lovers,

Please note that this Friday's show at the 23 Club in Brisbane has changed to an 8:00 PM start time.  Don't miss out on the goodness!

See you there!

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

O.Z Bangaz

O.Z and Kick Bricks Bang the Hops Fest

O.z Bangaz and his band Kick Brick State of Mind, will be playing for the Hops fest in Wisconsin on Saturday August 24, 2013.

Get more info at:

Hops Fest Logo

Soul Fire Saints

Soul Fire Saints to play O2 Academy Slot for 'Sell Out' Gig!!

We're delighted to announce we'll be playing at the prestigious O2 Academy in Sheffield on Friday 22nd November supporting 'The Sherlocks', this is the final gig of The Sherlocks mini tour and the week after they support The Enemy and Reverend & the Makers.

Tickets are £4 each and are available from any band member. If our gig at Plug is anything to go by then this is a night NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Tickets are expected to sell out fast, and our allocation is almost gone so be sure to get in touch ASAP if you wanna come see us!!


Graffiti City

New breakcore original!!!

On Youtube:

I tried to go all chip tune on this one with a heavier use of the bitcrusher plug in and more synthetic instruments. Think of this like an attempt at video game music being fused with breakcore and even pop! It's not as heavy and crowded like the previous No Idea composition, as I wanted to draw more attention to the electronic riffs rather than the composition on the whole.

Hope you enjoy :)

John Karl

"OLD RIVER ROAD" Hits the Airwaves

    John has released his new single "Old River Road" to radio. This song is an summertime anthem for the lovers and life livers of life. you will find yourself bopping along with this catchy tune. if you enjoy yourself some JK then call, text, facebook or email your local radio station and request this great song. It will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers very soon. Tell your friends , keep the faith and lets keep our JK Nation growing!

Are You Ready For This
Redneck Rich (Hillbilly Happy) Single
That's What I Believe

Kick Bricks

Kick Bricks has been Keeping Busy

Kick Bricks has been busy of late. Over the last couple of weeks the band put on an acoustic performance at Abbey Pub, played two sets as a part of Ronan Park's outdoor concert series, and made several appearances at Mystery Street Music Festival, perorming our own music and providing backing support for a variety of rappers, including Mystery Street's own M.G.D. Next up: Hops Fest in Dodgeville WI, on 8/24!

Insignificant Others

The Devious Angels

Homecoming for Steevie


DVS will be in Steevie's hometown of Blairsville, PA this Saturday 8/17 at the annual Knotweed Festival.  The performance will be her first since moving to Nashville!  Stop on by if you're in the area!

Showtime is 8 PM.

For more information on the Knotweed Festival click HERE

The Devious Angels

Bloody Diamonds

Newfoundland Tour in October!

We're going to tour Newfoundland in October! We'll be making stops in St. John's, Corner Brook, and Stephenville at all our favourite spots plus a special in-store performance at Fred's Records in St. John's. Dates are listed below, more info available here. The poster artwork was done by Neil Molloy and is available in t-shirt form here.

10/15 - Stephenville @ Clancy's Pub
10/16 - Corner Brook @ The White Horse
10/17 - St. John's @ The Levee
10/18 - St. John's @ CBTG's
10/19 - St. John's @ Fred's Records
10/19 - St. John's @ CBTG's

Bloody Diamonds Newfoundland Tour 2013 Poster

They've Got Secrets
Monsters 7"

Mark Mathews

Finally, my balls will drop and I will become a man!

Brothers and Sisters!!

I hope you can hear me. The weeks of constant gigs, events, busking and the inevitable recreational behaviour that follows it all has caught up with me and my once boisterous voice, is somewhat deflated...poor me!

But golly, it has all been worth it and I reckon a few easy days and I'll be back to fine fetal and ready for the next onslaught!

The "Dig The City" festival in Manchester was quite simply quality! Massive thanks to the organisers for booking for the two days and thank you to all the fans new and old that came along and have been in contact since seeing me at the festival. I had such an AMAZING time up there and reconnected with a city I forgot was so awesome! You're all very beautiful people up there!

Then the string of gigs in London went exceptionally well and in actual fact the "Hug Me For No Reason" event just went off! People dancing on tables, 2 stage invasions and a hell of  alot of Czech Beer from the rider, made this little guy have the time of his life. Carnage. What's not to love about that?

For those that made it to last nights gig at Boogaloo I thank you very much and can only apologise for only being able to do a 4 song set. My voice just couldn't handle much more than that, which you probably noticed when it kept breaking and sounding like my balls were about to drop!! Still, the night was run by some lovely, lovely people and I hope to be back there in the next month when my balls finally drop and I get my voice back!

So, I'm now resting up until Sunday when I am playing the 15 minute club in Bloomsbury. Should be top, so get along to it if you can. 

Few different videos being planned, which is all pretty exciting as well as recordings being done and decisions being made about exactly what I am to do next...lots of exciting options, just got to make the decisions, believe!!


Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements


beard @ Hooligans Sat | Aug | 31st

Black Unicorn

The Despoilers

Rest after The Ball

The Old Ball gig was a fantastic night and boy did we enjoying playing.

It's a rest period until the next public gig on Saturday 12th October at the Golden Lion, Pudsey.

Pete, Phil & Steve make their Despoilers public debut. Come along and give them some support.

LOL The Despoilers 




Adeline Yeo

Adeline Yeo: “Wonderful World” Relies On Sparseness To Achieve Its Expressiveness

Adeline Yeo grew up in Singapore in a close knit family of four. Today, she is an Internet Marketer, but her passion is composing music. With no prior experience, Adeline stumbled upon music composition while playing with a new computer program. After hitting a few sour notes, her fingers grew more nimble, and soon she was creating beautiful music.

Every day she pours her energy and enthusiasm into learning more about her craft and improving her composition skills. Her dream is to continue composing music that thrills her fans and introduces her talent to the music industry.

“I’m passionate about music. It inspires me. Piano music brightens-up my life, and I want my music to do the same for others.”

In 2009, Adeline’s father passed away from cancer, and now her mother’s health is fading. She is constantly by her mother’s side, providing care and comfort as Adeline creates and performs original compositions for her. Being so young yet intimately familiar with the shortness of life, Adeline is dedicated to making music composition the next stage of her life.

“I don’t wish to be resigned to my fate. My fate lies in my own hands, and I want to contribute my beautiful piano music to the world.”

Few things are as pleasant as finding that a source of enjoyment has more in it than you expect. Whether this is as profound as a new line of discovery or the simple pleasure of an album of music that you had overlooked, the joy is similar. Adeline Yeo is a piano soloist combining new age melodies with light modern pop and jazz influences, making music that can delight and uplift at the same time.

Wonderful World is Adeline’s latest 5-track Ep. The tracks represent visions, impressions and emotions wherein Adeline seems to be wholly inspired. The track titles are almost self-explanatory; “Wonderful World”, “Previous Life”, “Believe Yourself”, “Noble Castle” and “Rainbow Bridge”. Being a totally self-taught player, Adeline isn’t bound by traditional styles and strict techniques in anyway. Her music is free flowing, a little ‘undisciplined’, and with just a pinch of melancholy romanticism in her fingertips.

If you enjoy piano music that is soothing and relaxing, you will like this. The pieces are calm and tranquil at times, yet deep and passionate. Obviously this Ep isn’t for everyone, solo piano never is, no matter who is playing, but if you have a slight tendency to like easy listening piano melodies, you’ll be ok with this.

One of the things that set Wonderful World apart from other piano works is the clear shift away from pure technical and textural complexity to an introspective style that relies on sparseness to achieve its expressiveness. Apart from the fact that she is only at the very beginning of her career and musical playing experiences, Adeline is a stylist rather than a virtuoso piano player, which at this point suits her music perfectly.

If you are looking for a place to start, for something that represents Adeline Yeo, then Wonderful World is the Ep to buy. Whether you are an inquiring mine or an old piano hand, Adeline is well worth the listen.

Wonderful World
Beautiful Butterfly



To celebrate the launch of their new E.P - The Awakening, Wolf Regime will be hosting a huge night of Metal with live performances from Taibhse, Snowblind Ireland & Lace Weeper!!

The EP Launch Gig & Celebration of Irish Metal will take place on Friday 6th September 2013 at Fibber Magee’s on Parnell Street in Dublin, Ireland:

And when the live music ends you will hear nothing but the best of IRISH Metal & Hard Rock, new & old.
There are also a couple more surprises in store!!

The EP download  is available listen and download on Bandcamp :  






Her Divinity

Graffiti City

Just a quick shot of breakcore...

(On Youtube - ) This is just a quick little thing I made - it's meant to showcase the drama of a computer shutting down hence all the epic strings and delays I put in. I hope you enjoy it :) In other news, I'm surprised and happy that my last song I uploaded to Youtube got 100 views overnight ( ) somehow so thanks for that! Also, a shoutout to one of my favorite record label Edsillfor Records who has recently released another awesome breakcore album from Glitch / Eternal Sunset called Archaea!!!

Johnny Hewitt

Review; Upton blues festival.........!/tommyallen.johnnyhewitt

Review in Slap mag for Upton gig -

Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt
oh my god Tommy played guitar, drums and sang
whilst Johnny Hewitt blew up a storm on harmonica, by
the end of their set they were dripping , the audience were
dripping, I had melted...primal rock n roll blues at it's best.

Graffiti City

New song and video!!!

Vid on Youtube! -

From a few simple riffs to a full on composition, I welcome you to my first break core song "No Idea". I myself like the idea of break core being unpredictable, interesting and complex, and this gave me a chance to include my favourite plug in sounds like the Guitar Amp, Distortion and Bitcrusher to create a gritty and tough sound with a minimalist approach. Don't bother asking me what the song is about, as I have No Idea!


Album Release Today!

The album has been released!  Download it in the downloads section!  The album's artwork is by Neko Zero, who also did the art for the previous album. This album follows the story of a character getting into trouble and, eventually, doing time for it(though not in that particular sequence. This is also the first album to include Jason on the cover art, playing both sides of the story.  The albums style is much more laid back as compared to the upbeat pop of 2011's "The Great American Tour." The overall feel is of a more cinematic approach this time around.


Final Tracklist:

01. Pleasant Dreams

02. Can't Be Too Careful

03. Over and Out

04. Fact and Fantasy

05. Tell Me What You Want From Me

06. The Voice That Carried You

07. Svetlana

08. I Always Get My Way

09. Alcatraz

10. Summer Gets Me

11. In Closing...



For No Reason

Planned Escape


The Day I waited For

Gone Away

Your Eternal Mysery

Years Old

Dark Stranger

If You Belong

The Voice That Carried You(band version)


Hidden in Blue
Fact and Fantasy


The Band Spain To Release "The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session".

"The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session", a live recording of the band Spain's Oct. 4, 2012 session on KCRW's acclaimed and influential radio show, is being released in the European Union by Glitterhouse Records on Oct. 7, 2013, with a U.S. release to be announced soon. More information.

I'm Still Free
Blue Moods Of Spain
She Haunts My Dreams
I Believe
Spirituals: The Best of Spain
Every Time I Try
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 2
The Soul Of Spain
The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session

Katie Garibaldi

August Shows Featuring 23 Club 8/16!

Lover of live music? I've got some fun shows coming up this month, including a big ol' one at 23 Club in Brisbane on Friday, August 16th! Hope to see you out there!

Get all the details for this month's shows and more in my August Newsletter, out now!

If you're not already on my mailing list, just click to and sign up to receive my monthly newsletters in your inbox to keep up with shows and news, so you won't miss a thing!

 See you out and about in August!

Next Ride Out
Fallen Angel
Baby We're Really In Love - single

Composer Phillip Kane

Latest Guitar Composition-"Everlasting Light"

Here Is My Latest Guitar Composition, "Everlasting Love". This Is A Video Snippet Filmed In The White Mountains, New Hampshire In August 2013.

"Everlasting Love" Video Snippet

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers August Update

Almost the end of summer - and plenty of chances to catch up with your favorite slide guitar player. 

Roy and DRK hit a benefit in Carsen City, Nevada  this week - end on Saturday August 3rd and then play Folsom on Sunday August 4th.

  Check the August dates coming right up.  Hope to see you at these upcoming shows!! :)

Cheerro! ~  from London Town (across the pond for a bit...)  :)  :)  -    All the best,   Gaynell

Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Ramblin' Jack Back from Newport and Has A Birthday!

He's back after a most successful trip to Newport Folk Festival where he performed w/ Beck and got huge media attention!  Now time to rest before his tour of Colorado at the end of this month with Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally.  Happy Birthday Jack!!!! :)

See these exciting links!

Jack and Beck at Newport:

Dig Boston_

One of the true greats, 82-year old folk legend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott played the most heart-wrenchingly wonderful sets of the entire weekend. True to his name, he told a lot of stories while up on the Fort Stage, ranging from the ol’ “me and Woody Guthrie had an argument in a van” tales to the “I was at a Belgian cowboy rodeo that I got to via Vespa” anecdotes.

He opened with “The Cuckoo,” and his simplistic, soulful style was worth the price of admission, but it was really all about his stories of Newport history. He played what he called his favorite Woody Guthrie song, “Talkin’ Sailor,” and I admittedly teared up a little when he went into “Diamond Joe.”

 The Boston Globe __

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, turns 82 this week. He was likely the only artist at Newport this weekend who could tell stories about his adventures with Woody Guthrie….As Sunday’s headliner, Beck had obviously considered Newport’s legacy and played a special set indebted to the surroundings. He embraced his inner folkie, revamping some of his songs with rootsy arrangements, dedicating a Jimmie Rodgers song to Ramblin’ Jack, whom he called “a big influence,” the man himself sauntered out on stage and took Beck by surprise. “Oh! Hello, sir,” Beck said, as the two then swapped verses.

The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack: Original Soundtrack


New photo shoot!

We're Monkeys

Checkout the other pics

The Pen and the Letter

David Ullman

"Wise Blood" Remix by Brian Ullman

The latest "Wise Blood" remix comes from my brother Brian. Within 8 hours, he arrived at this super-cool take on the song. My first listen turned into 4 back-to-back plays!

Check it out, then go grab the tracks and make your own version

Dog Days
Deja Vu
Light The Dark

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