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Petty Thieves

Petty Thieves at the Lake Geneva Cruise Lines Wedding Showcase

Petty Thieves will be performing acoustically at the Riviera Docks in Lake Geneva at the Lake Geneva Cruise LIne Wedding Showcase Sunday, Sept 28th from 10am to 1pm.   We will be set up on one of the Boats playing samples of our music.    We have performed for weddings on these boats in the past and it is always a beautiful setting.  For more details  or to pre-register your attendance at the event you can visit:


Petty Theft

Ventura, Lafayette, Mill Valley and Sacramento. On the #MofoTour2014

Hey Folks,
This weekend we head down to Southern California for the first time to perform at the California Beer Festival in Ventura on Saturday 9/20 from 2:15-3:30PM. Please tell your friends in the area to come see us! On Sunday 9/21 we will be back in the Bay Area to perform at the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. We hit the stage at 1:30PM.

Friday 9/26 we are back at one of our favorite and finest music venues, Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley. All of our previous shows here have sold out, so we highly recommend you get your tickets NOW here. Our Mill Valley fans our definitely some of our best. This is sure to be a great night!

Saturday, 9/27 we return to Harlow’s Night Club in Sacramento. This will be our first “Evening with” performance as we cover the entire evening with the best of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers music. The Sacramento Petty fans came out in full force at our last show with a line around the block before doors were opened … Join us for another “Petty Party” and get your tickets NOW here.

We are really excited to be going back to some of our favorite music venues this month as we  head into our fall schedule.  

Check out our schedule for more upcoming shows in your area! 

“Oh, yeah, you wreck me, baby
You break me in two
But you move me, honey
Yes, you do"


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You can also track us on BandsInTown and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips. Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.
We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book Pety Theft for your party now!

***Get your tickets in advance as many of these shows are expected to sell out.

Bursalblaader Music & Mick Dorey

About Time you met Ellie Rose Rusbridge

In the corner of a basement cocktail bar in Camberwell, framed by three faux-stained glass panels, the softest voice in London is playing some of the most honest music you are ever likely to hear in the capital. Adjectives like ‘fragile’ and ‘haunting’ often come with music this poignant, but this particular singer’s vocals are just as resolute and unwavering as they are beautiful. A chocolate smooth tone flows over melodies that sound as if they were composed in the name of nothing other than a love of the craft behind them. It’s about time you heard: Ellie Rose Rusbridge.

Read the entire feature

The Devious Angels

Bad Tattoo E.P.

We're excited to announce that the "Bad Tattoo" E.P. is now available here on our website!

Click the "music" tab at the top of the page to take a listen to a few of the songs.  

Each online order comes with a FREE download of the song "Wake Up" that will be sent to your email address!



-steevie n jd

The Devious Angels

Sandz Of Time Band

Sandz Of Time Live!

We sure had a blast at Dominick's Restaurant in Winter Springs Last Friday night!

To all our friends and family that made to the event we thank you! Stay tuned in for more band happenings.  

Al Pitcher

U are YOU ? U U U U Umeå ?

Great fun news , we have added an EXTRA date in Umeå

Its on December 10 , please spread the word , I love that place , great audiences , so I am very happy to do an extra show 


See you in Malmo , Goteborg , Ystad , Stockholm, Uppsala , fyfaaaaaaaan take a look , I am trying to get everywhere , more shows and other cities will get visited as well I hope.


Kram Kram 


Mark Mathews


Brothers and Sisters!

How are we all?! I hope you're rested and happy...I've been kept up all night by annoying new neighbours. Sigh. Still, at least every day that passes we are all slowly dying so every cloud, huh?!

Sorry, that was a bit morbid. I'm tired. Very, very tired!

Anyway, just a little catch up really. It's been quite a few weeks, what with headlining The Barfly, (including stage invasions and semi nakedness!), releasing The Girl and playing a host of other gigs that have gone past in a blur of sing-alongs, dance-alongs and quantities of Guinness that the Dublin breweries would be in awe of.

So, just a few thank yous:

To those of you that have come out and partied and supported the live gigs - It is massively appreciated and the way in which you guys are reacting to the live shows is payment alone for what I am trying to do.

To those that have bought the single - Thank you for the comments and love you have shown for this song. And if you illegally downloaded it, fuck it, enjoy it! 

I did some wonderful gigs with promoters that really care and people in this industry who are not just self serving, thieves are rare and deserve props - The Wallington Arms, Barfly and The Worlds End were amazing! Thank you.

All a bit sappy, I understand, but my weeks speed by in a flurry of busking, gigging, promoting and striving to acheive and it can sometimes be a thankless task so if I get the opportunity to thank people, I do.

Normal service will resume on Sunday and these posts will be a lot more butch, believe!!


Join me on Snapchat, Frankly.Me: @markmathewssong

Join me on Instagram: @markmathewsmusic

Buy Tracks here: 



Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl

Luis Ogando

Pre-EP Free Gigs!!

Everyone loves live music - and FREE live music is even better!

To celebrate his upcoming EP "Blow It All" Luis is offering FREE 30-minute sets to event organisers and venue owners between now and Christmas.

The sets can be original or cover music (whichever you prefer), and special rates can be established for those wanting longer sets.

So, if you have an event, party, bar, bistro, restaurant, or function, and you would like some live music with very little outlay, then contact Luis via the Contact link in the menu bar above.

If you would like a taste of what Luis can provide, then come along to Belle & Jerome in Beeston on Saturday 20th September, from about 9pm, and check out a double-set featuring laid-back and upbeat covers as well as brand new, original material. 

The Devious Angels


Hey all!

Seems our new DVS shirts have been getting around a lot lately.  We've seen them in; selfies with our friends/family/fans, onstage with Florida Georgia Line, random bars, and even on the Late Show with David Letterman!

We love seeing where these shirts wind up after going home with you so we've started a new photo gallery called #DVStshirtTour.  

From the simple, "grocery store w/ an adorable head of lettuce" selfie to the epic, "OMG i'm higher than a Kentucky Corn Falcon on Lynyrd Skynyrd's bus" pic...we wanna see em! 

Simply, use the hashtag #DVStshirtTour and let us know where you're at and what you're up to.

Check out our photos section to see a few of the pics we've seen so far.



steevie n jon


The Devious Angels

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Another Deadbeat Summer"

By the end of "Scoundrels" on Friends in Low Places, the tone has begun to change for the main character. "Another Deadbeat Summer" is a reminder that while great things may be going on all around you, sometimes, they don't necessarily involve you.

Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba hit upon how the sixth and possibly most popular song on the album came to be.

Describe the writing of "Another Deadbeat Summer."

BM: "I had written 90 percent of the song on my own, but I had palm muting in the verse and open strumming during the chorus. It was Jon's idea to do big open strumming during the first two verses, and bring it down for the first half of the choruses. He kept telling me to strum it like Bruce Springsteen does in the song 'Don't Look Back.' I lifted the title from one of Elijah Reiss' films."

JA: "In the other articles, we've referred to the day we banged out half the album. This was that day. And I can vividly recall Bobby telling me he had a good idea for a song with a catchy chorus (which we had been looking for), to which I whipped out my guitar and began to re-enact what I anticipated it would sound like (with palm muting and fast strumming). He threw something at me after...because it was dead on. I battled with him for months on the big open strumming. We actually had a crash in the studio where we lost most of the original recording. Had that not happened, I'm not sure the song would have turned out the way it eventually did, because he finally relented."

It was your mother who first said something to you about the song. What did she say?

BM: "When Jon and I were first playing through the song, my mother walked in the room and asked 'Did you write that?' and when we replied 'Yes," she said 'That's it. Thats the song. Thats a hit.' Thus far, she has been right, as it is our most recognizable and popular song to date."

JA: "That was pretty cool. Ann [Bobby's mother] is maybe the biggest BMSS fan out there, and not just because of the obvious reasons. So to hear that, it was definitely cool. And so far, like he said, she's been right." 

What made you wait to release the song as the second single for the album?

BM: "It is catchy as fuck, and it is something that a lot of people can relate to. We released 'New Age Outlaws,' the hard rocker, as the first single, so we decided to release the 'pop' song from the record as the second single."

JA: "Another Jon Alba-influenced decision. I should make more of them...but it only made sense. Bobby wanted to push hard for it as the lead single, but my ideology was, let's bait them with the rocker, and then unleash what we think is the catchiest next to leave them wanting more."

What inspired you to write a song like this?

BM: "The song is a composite of many summer parties and nights, including some that were extremely lame. I am not a party person, so I often find myself sitting on a couch, watching other people, and making mental notes for possible lyric ideas. Everyone has stories of awesome summer nights, and everyone also has stories of really shitty summer nights, and most people write about the good ones, so I decided to write about the bad nights."

JA: "Bobby is just the worst at parties. I wouldn't know how to relate. I'm pretty and popular and have lots of friends. Worth noting though, the original words to the end of the chorus were 'Another shitty night' rather than 'Another wasted night.' The first time it was ever performed, it actually had those lyrics too. I thought those words were a little too forceful, and how do we feel about the time spent at the party when all is said and done? Not necessarily bad about it, but the time was rather wasted."

How was the music video idea conceived?

BM: "We were originally going to do a party scene video with me being the loser in the corner (the role I was born to play), but decided against that because of logistical reasons. Instead, we came up with the idea to do an awkward third-wheel video on the boardwalk. Me being the awkward third wheel (the other role I was born to play) would be having the shittiest possible day while following around these two summer romance kids."

JA: "We really did struggle to figure out what to do. We were approaching the targeted shooting date, and Zack, Bobby nor I could come up with anything. I pitched the idea of rather than a party, send Bobby as the wasted third wheel on some kind of date. Zack then worked with us to narrow it down a bit, and we got the concept of a date at the boardwalk."

Describe filming the video.

BM: "It was so much fun. Liz and Chris [the leads] are two amazing actors, and we had a great time shooting it. The goal was to make it as funny as possible, while showcasing the awkwardness of the situation. Zack did an amazing job directing as well. He is such a talented person. We had so much extra b-roll that didn't make the video. Too much stuff for a short music video. It was weird to lip-sync while walking around on the boardwalk in the middle of the day and night, with random people around giving me puzzled looks. But hey, anything for rock. We had a great time making the video, and I could not be happier with how it came out."

JA: "We filmed the first portion of it at The Saint with the full band, which was a great gig. The night at the boardwalk was a long one. I had just come back from a full day shift at MLB Network, and we booked it right to the beach. We had our fair share of photobombers, but it worked out well. People really got invested in watching it. We did some things that were pushing the envelope a little bit that didn't make the final cut, but it was a lot of fun. Zack really is tremendous, as were Liz and Chris."

The entire crowd at the CD release show sang the chorus back to you for the first time. What was that moment like?

BM: "Surreal really. It was so cool to have people know the words to an entire song like that. People who have came to see us a few times know the choruses to a few of the songs, and thats great, but this was the first time people knew most of the song, and were actively singing along. That was a totally on the spot moment at the end of the song when I had the crowd sing along. I'm just thankful that they did!"

JA: "The most insane moment I've ever been a part of on stage. May never be topped. If you watch the video, you can see it in my eyes."

What has this song done for your career thus far?

BM: "While it is far from a 'hit,' it is the first time we have a song that is attached to us. Like 'Oh I love BM &TSS! That song 'Another Deadbeat Summer is so catchy!' or something to that effect. When we play the song there is always a spike in energy from the crowd."

JA: "It got us our first radio play. What more can you want than that? And it's awesome when I hear friends just humming along or singing the chorus to themselves casually."

Is this the best song you've ever written?

BM: "I would like to think that I haven't written that one yet. I'll get back to you in 30 years."

JA: "I prefer 'Tame Me,' but this one ain't bad either. It's not the best, but it may be the catchiest to date."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy Announce European Tour Dates

Nashville Pussy Tour Dates

11 - Sint-Niklaas, Belgium - De Casino
13 - Verviers, Belgium - Spirit Of 66
14 - London, England - The Underworld
16 - Nottingham, England - Stealth
18 - Glasgow, Scotland - Broadcast
19 - Manchester, England - Roadhouse
20 - Bristol, England - Thekla
21 - Éragny-sur-Oise, France - Covent Garden
22 - Nantes, France - Le Ferrailleur
23 - Avignon, France - Le passager Du Zinc
24 - Bourgoin-Jallieu, France - Les Abattoirs
25 - Montbéliard, France - L’atelier des Môles
26 - Frankfurt, Germany - Zoom
27 - Stuttgart, Germany - Universum
29 - Munich, Germany - Kranhalle@Feierwerk
30 - Vienna, Austria - Chelsea
31 - Warsaw, Poland - Progresja Club

1 - Prague, Czech Republic - Club Nova Chmelnice
2 - Dresden, Germany - Scheune
3 - Berlin, Germany - Lido
5 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
6 - Cologne, Germany - Underground
7 - Deventer, Netherlands - Burgerweeshuis
8 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera

Get Some
Say Something Nasty
High As Hell
Let Them Eat Pussy
From Hell to Texas
Live in Hollywood DVD
Keep On F*cking: Live In Paris
Country Classics
Up the Dosage

Petty Theft

BIG WEEKEND: Empress Threatre + MORE! #MofoTour2014

Hey Honey Bees & Refugees,

We have a really BIG week coming up with three great shows. It all gets started this Thursday 9/11 as we’ll be Rockin’ on the Russian River at the downtown plaza in Guerneville from 6:30-8PM. FREE show.

On Friday 9/12, we make our debut at the beautiful Empress Theatre in Vallejo! This is a newly renovated venue that is visually stunning with an amazing sound system and dance floor. The Empress Theatre is a perfect setting to enjoy a full evening of Petty Theft performing the best music by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. We are really excited to be playing this show and hope you will join us to make our debut a big success. Get yourtickets online NOW here.

Our third and final show of the weekend will be on Saturday 9/13 as we return toMontgomery Village in Santa Rosa. This will be our 6th year in a row performing for 97.7 The River’s Summer Concert Series in the Village Court Plaza.  Show starts at Noon until 3PM. FREE and All Ages Welcome.


We’re going to Southern California for the 1st time to headline at the California Beer Festivalin Ventura on Saturday 9/20. Please tell your friends in the area that this is their chance to catch us down there. We will be coming back the next day to perform at the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival on Sunday 9/21. These will be our last outdoor shows of the year.

Check out our schedule below for more upcoming shows in your area!

“Oh my my… OH HELL YES"



We have men’s and women’s tees along with women’s tank tops available NOW online here. Keep up on the latest updates and other cool Tom Petty info by following us on TWITTER, like us on FACEBOOK (and invite your friends) and INSTAGRAM'ERS follow us.

You can also track us on BandsInTown and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our latest live clips. Be sure to 'like' and leave a comment.

We love to play parties...please CONTACT US to book Pety Theft for your party now!


***Get your tickets in advance as many of these shows are expected to sell out.


Anteloup At Oxjam Beeston 2014

Anteloup are really pleased to announce that they will be a part of the Oxjam Beeston Takeover on Saturday 18th October 2014. Details of where they will be playing are still unannounced (the band themselves don't even know yet), but with a handful of brand new songs to compliment their old favourites, this will prove to be a great event.

There's also a rumour of a pre-Oxjam gig taking place earlier in October...

"We've been chatting to Sergio at The White Lion about doing a double-header there the weekend before Oxjam. This will be 2 acts, with Anteloup taking the second set." Explained Luis.

"We're really chuffed about doing Oxjam, as this will be the first major gig for us since we re-wrote most of our material. With the new songs onboard as well, we now have a full set of new, exciting music, with a number of different styles."

We'll be posting news on upcoming gigs as soon as we get it, so keep an eye on this website, and also follow Anteloup on Twitter @Anteloup.

Sandz Of Time Band

Sandz Of Time Live!

Our debut gig! Looks like we have a new home base!  We are excited to announce Sandz Of Time Band to play Dominicks Restaurant stage Friday night 9/12/14 from 6 - 10 p.m.! 

Come on out for a fun family evening and some really great food! Their pizza is FANTASTIC! 

Luis Ogando

Gig News!!

Luis will be gracing Belle and Jerome in Beeston on Saturday 20th September from about 8.45pm with a cracking 2-part set, featuring covers and original material, in a run-up gig for this year's Oxjam Beeston Takeover.

Set 1 will include a great mix of laid back covers for diners to enjoy while they eat, featuring songs from Bill Withers, Tom Petty, Paul Weller and Elton John.

Set 2 gets a bit more up-beat, with some great new, original material, as well as more foot-tapping covers from Paul Simon, George Ezra, Squeeze and The Cure.

This is also the first time you'll be able to hear all 4 tracks from Luis' upcoming EP "Blow It All" which is due for release this winter.

Belle And Jerome is a fantastic venue for great food and drink, and their live music events make the evening even more memorable, so be sure to come along!

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Scoundrels"

"Scoundrels" is the middle tune on Friends in Low Places, and serves as perhaps the most important track in the album's sequencing. The "rhapsody" features multiple sections that provide an intreresting and provacative segue to the latter half of the composition, making it stand out.

Bobby and Jon talked about the track and its significance to them.

"Scoundrels" has an interesting backstory. Explain how it came about.

BM: "The first part came out of a jam session that included Jon, Drew (our original drummer) and myself. Jon had the riff and I recall singing nonsense words to the melody that ended up in the song and I hit that high note in the chorus on the first run through and then started incorporating the words 'Friends in Low Places' on the next few run throughs. The rest of the song was written in various locations, including my dorm room, the dining hall, the hallways of the Shea Auditorium, and in the Studios at William Paterson University."

JA: "'Scoundrels' was the last song conceived for the album, and ended up being perhaps the most important from a story standpoint. I came up with the riff you hear in the beginning and throughout the choruses around November of 2012 as a lick based around chicken picking, but shelved it for a while. I tried re-hashing it several times, but Bobby actually vetoed it (I even wrote several different songs in different keys using it that will never see the light of day). Finally, in this one fateful jam after 95 percent of the album had been recorded, I just started the riff and Drew just filled it in. We had that chemistry throughout all the time we played together, and it worked. I guided Bobby through some chord changes, and we just felt it. He then created the chorus concept on-spot, and the song was born."

 The song had a unique recording process. Describe it.

BM: "We recorded the first section of the song essentially note for note as the original jam from Drew's basement. From there, Jon and I had come up with a long bridge with a build up. This song was the only song to feature James McIntosh, the current drummer, on the album. He, Max and I arranged the remaining three sections together. The second and third sections were totally written on the fly in the studio with James in the main recording room. He did a great job on that track- its not easy to do a recording on the fly like that with me barking orders over the monitors. There were slight tempo changes between each section, but nothing drastic enough for the untrained ear to notice."

JA: "At this point, all of my tracks and the bass tracks had been laid down for the album. I take a lot of pride in playing the things that I write, but Bobby ended up taking my parts. After hearing them back, I just didn't feel like the parts had my personal spin on them, and asked him if I could record on my own portable mixer and send them in. He agreed, so I set up my guitar in my room and laid down one track for the rhythm. Somehow, it worked. Joe also then subsequently came up with a bass lick that we knew we had to get into the song, so he did the same thing (on a much nicer rig) and sent them in to be mixed. Our friend and fellow musician Tim Gysin also makes an appearance vocally."

The album title comes from within the song. What stands out about it?

BM: "The theme of friendship runs deep through this album, and the idea of losing friends over your convictions. We all have friends that are different and weird, or maybe we are that friend. The idea of having friends in low places is something we all can relate to - even Garth Brooks."

JA: "For the record, we don't listen to Garth Brooks. Nothing against him, but we weren't even aware there was a compisition called that. The album went through several title changes (ranging from 'Poets & Kings' to the self-consciously grammatically incorrect 'Better Men Than Me'). Ultimately, we settled for this for the reasons Bobby mentioned. Friendships, in the end, can greatly shape one's personality. 

What is your favorite section of the song?

BM: "The first section rocks hard, while also jamming and being groovy (or 'Drewvy'). The second section includes a quiet, then building lyric that ends in me snarling the name of the song. The third section, the solo, explodes and is ferocious. The final section is really quiet, yet very reflective and is very special to me. I can't choose one section as my favorite. Depends on my mood, as does a lot of things."

JA: "I wish I could take the high road and say I love every part, but I'll choose one for this sake. The line involving the 'Scoundrels from the east side' is so powerful to me. It's an anthem for the main character at that point, a battle call. I really think it stands out, and is very different from stuff we've done before. That whole part was conceived in a hallway, just Bobby and I together, deciding what kind of breakdown we could do for the song. Really great stuff."

What exactly is the final part of the song?

BM: "The end section of the song was taken from a song called 'Madman' that I was working on, and I decided it would fit well in the story. The idea of the last section came from a Martin Scorsese short film called 'Life Lessons' from 'New York Stories.' I very much related to the main character in that story, and I wanted to sing his song about needing failure and depression in order to create something real and beautiful."

JA: "I love that part. I wish the audiences would appreciate it more, honestly. I think it's powerful, and can create an incredible scene when played with the proper reception."

Do you think you took a risk with "Scoundrels" at all?

BM: "This song was not written to be radio friendly - we already had songs like 'Deadbeat' and 'New Age' for that. This song had to be as long as it was. We made the choice to make it long, so we stuck to that and went all out. The song isn't for everyone, and thats okay. It was the song that I had to write."

JA: "I'll admit, it does hurt when I see this song isn't as well-received as I hoped it would be, but I still take a tremendous amount of pride in it. We definitely took a risk, as it was way different than anything we had done before it. But I respect people for liking what they like, and I know there are people out there who enjoy it."

Where does the song compare to the rest of the album for you?

BM: "It is easily one of my favorites, if not my favorite. I think it shows off every aspect of the band at its finest."

JA: "My favorite. Undoubtedly, and unquestionably."

Were there any particular difficulties you ran into when writing it?

BM: "I spent a lot of time on the lyrics. Usually, I try to write from the heart, quickly and honestly. But these lyrics I spent many hours, with many re-writes working on, and refining exactly what I was trying to say. The end product contains some of my favorite lyrics I have ever written. I am extremely proud of the words in this song."

JA: "Really figuring out where we wanted to go with it was tough. We could have left the song as it is heard in the first part, but really challenging to go above and beyond and do something different without being pretentious about it."

Why is "Scoundrels" so critical to the album's story?

BM: "It ties it all together. The line between the first two sections is literally the turning point of the album. Where the main character goes from wanting to fit in, to trying to figure out who he is, and then makes an effort to stay away from whatever was popular or cool. The album takes a dark turn at this point in the album and it is done very effectively, in my opinion, with this song."

JA: "I think what is done, thematically, is pretty cool. As he said, the theme of the entire album literally changes in the middle of the song. I can't think of many other albums that are able to do that, so it's something we take pride in."

The song is one of the key parts of your sets live. Why is that?

BM: "It's awesome. Like I said, it shows off the band firing on all cylinders. I do the band introductions during this song most nights because the idea of 'Friends in Low Places' fits for me to introduce my band of misfits."

JA: "Before the tour started, I had always done the band introductions. With the name change in the band, it only made sense that be changed to Bobby. 'Teenagers Too' had been the most frequent track used for them, but a few weeks prior to the CD release show in Asbury Park, I proposed the idea for the new breakdown that has now become a staple of the live show. It's so much fun. It's so groovy. It's perfect. And then the 'east side' portion...when all the band joins's just massive."

Any final reflections on the song?

BM: "One of my favorite songs I have written, definitely some of my best work lyrically. Also, it was a total team effort. I could not be more proud of this song. It was the last song we recorded for the album, but I think it might be the most important."

JA: "It's the best song on the album, in my opinion, compositionally. I think if people take a moment and listen to what is actually happening, they will appreciate it for what it is as well. There's a ton of passion put into every facet of the tune, which is something I believe is missing from a lot of music today."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers Music Available on Rifftime

Roy Rogers is now on Rifftime

Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales


Reviews, Press, Album of the Month etc. From Now On

Glad to see all the good press(visit the press section for all of them!) and podcast, radio airplay the album has been seeing. Today, From Now On was picked as "Album of the Month" by 'The Indie Mine's founder, Brandon Schmidt

Keep checking back here or Facebook for latest reviews and news on the new album.

Hidden in Blue

Scrap Rabbit

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #009 of The Monthly Articles

I'm aiming for a world record to make over 70 music videos in 1 year. Which poses a challenge for me since I don't have much of a budget but I like filming so it's all good. There's a few hidden images in the video "Don't Leave Me" Like a "no smoking" sign, a clown face in a blood print, Jack Skellington, and a rabbit under a pine tree. See homepage for links to the series. And stay tuned for more.

The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)

Al Pitcher


Tjaaa brooossshhhans

Its all full in Stockholm , 

Tickets are now onsale for the extra date in Stockholm on Dec 14 

We have tickets all over Sverige , some are getting very close to FULL , Umea , Goteborg ,Vasteras, Uppsala , Skovde and Gavle are really filling up 

I hope you can come along , see SHOWS for all tickets , dates and cities 

PUSS PUSS of course


Ramblin' Jack Elliott

RAMBLIN'JACK ELLIOTT 8 p.m. Friday 9/5/2014 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI.


8 p.m. Friday, Shank Hall, 1434 N. Farwell Ave. $20 at the box office, (866) 468-3401 and

"Authenticity" in music, as Elvis Costello has pointed out, is basically nonsense. For every sharecropper or dockworker who moaned the blues or country from a deep and daily knowledge of hardship, there's at least one guy who spurned a comfortable life to become an entertainer and then an artist.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott's parents wanted him to become a doctor, but the Brooklyn lad was entranced by cowboys (he briefly joined a rodeo) and by Woody Guthrie (later a traveling companion), and his emulation of Guthrie began a country-folk career that has survived since the mid-1950s.

Having influenced and performed with Pete Seeger, the Dead, Dylan and countless more, Elliott has more recently worked with producer Joe Henry on the 2009 album "A Stranger Here," which picked up a Grammy. Now 83, he's still his own kind of cowboy singer, and he isn't faking it.

— Jon M. Gilbertson,

Special to the Journal Sentinel

The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack: Original Soundtrack


Dine Alone Welcomes Spain

“…The name of the band comes from a dream and to me everyday life is very dream-like…dreams are part of what inspires me and what has inspired the content of the songs, and will continue to…” Josh Haden – August 2014

DINE ALONE RECORDS Welcomes Iconic Band SPAIN, Featuring JOSH HADEN, To Its Roster

SARGENT PLACE To Be Released In North America on November 4

Album Features Final Studio Recording of CHARLIE HADEN

Produced By GUS SEYFFERT (Norah Jones, Sia, Beck)

(September 2, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA): Dine Alone Records is proud to announce the addition of the band SPAIN to their North American roster. The critically acclaimed Los Angeles based band will release Sargent Place, their highly anticipated fifth studio album, and first in the U.S. in over 10 years, on November 4.

Dine Alone Owner/President Joel Carriere recalls his first taste of Spain, "Seven years ago Mark Lanegan's Soulsavers project introduced me by way of a cover of a Spain song called ‘Spiritual.' From that first listen I dove headfirst into the the music of Spain. Here I am seven years later announcing one of my favourite bands to our Dine Alone Roster. I couldn't be more excited and grateful to be working with such an amazing band and an amazing songwriter."

For nearly 20 years the music of Josh Haden and Spain has provided a soundtrack for the dreams and waking life of fans the world over, with a singular style that often stirs something deep in the soul of the listener. 2014’s Sargent Place, builds on that decades long legacy and pushes it into inspiring new directions.  From the opener, “Love At First Sight,” detailing the initial spark of a romance to the contemplative closer, “Waking Song,” the album falls solidly in line with the highly regarded early discography of the band, The Blue Moods Of Spain (1996), She Haunts My Dreams (1999) and I Believe (2001), as well as their most recent recording, The Soul Of Spain (2012).

In some respects, Sargent Place acts as a truer return to form than 2012’s The Soul Of Spain, for while that album marked the band’s first recorded work in over a decade, the album featured material written by Haden in the 1990s in earlier incarnations of the band. With the exception of “It Could Be Heaven,” “Waking Song” and “Love at First Sight,” all written previously by Haden, the songs for Sargent Place were written in the run up to this album, with many songs only truly taking shape during the recording process.

Key to that process was the work of enigmatic producer Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Norah Jones, Sia, Beck). On Sargent Place, Seyffert’s influence is heard immediately in the opening notes of the lead track, “Love At First Sight.” The first sound you hear is Seyffert’s Brazilian Pandeiro hand drum, which is then immediately joined, almost in duet, by the steady, pulsating hum of Haden’s bass. In addition to bringing the band into his personal studio, located on the street in Echo Park that graces the album’s title, Seyffert helped to shape many of the tracks on the album, some of which were radically rearranged in the process of recording. Given how much of the album’s songs revolve around beginnings and endings, it is fitting that the album’s title (unique among the others in the band’s catalog) ties the recording to a specific moment in time and a specific inspirational place in their home of Los Angeles.

Another clear inspiration on Sargent Place is the music and life of Haden’s father, jazz legend Charlie Haden. “To Be A Man” and “You And I” were songs written with the elder Haden in mind, with “You And I” featuring the final studio recording from the acclaimed and beloved musician. If not for Seyffert’s intervention, “You and I” might have been a very different song. The band initially recorded a vastly different version, but Seyffert suggested that they search for a different way of arranging the song. An informal discussion between Seyffert and Josh Haden eventually led to a trip to his father’s home to record his bass parts. The result is one of the most moving expressions of love the band has ever recorded.

As Haden describes, “It’s important to me that this is my dad’s last recording and I think it says a lot to his life and his love for his kids and what he has taught everybody over the years…about how to treat each other and how to interact and view each other and view the world.”

The influence of the Haden family is also directly felt on the stately and elegiac “The Fighter.” In addition to his father, the music of his sisters, Rachel, Petra and Tanya, was instrumental in helping Haden to find Spain’s signature sound when he began the band in the early 1990s. In recent years, Haden has taken to writing songs on an acoustic guitar given to him by his sister Rachel. “The Fighter,” began its life on that guitar, as a few strummed chords came together with the idea of a strong and violent boxer represented in a slow and delicate melody, before being transformed into a song of terrific beauty here on Sargent Place, with backing vocals and strings from Petra Haden.

As the standout tracks from Sargent Place, “Love At First Sight” and “You And I,” “The Fighter,” (which was featured in a recent episode of the hit MTV show Finding Carter) take their place amongst the other iconic songs from Spain’s past, “Ray Of Light,” “Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever,” “Born To Love Her” and perhaps Haden’s most well known song “Spiritual.” When added together with this already rich body of work, these songs further cement Josh Haden’s legacy as one of America’s great songwriters, a modern troubadour for the impassioned, forlorn and tender-hearted.

Sargent Place marks Spain at a specific time, but it also makes clear that even as the band continues to evolve, the sound of Josh Haden and Spain remains as evocative and timeless as ever.

“Dark mysterious glamour” Q
“Gospel-tinged slowcore’” Uncut

Sargent Place
1. Love At First Sight
2. The Fighter (ft. Petra Haden)
3. It Could Be Heaven
4. From The Dust
5. Sunday Morning
6. Let Your Angel
7. To Be A Man
8. In My Soul
9. You And I (ft. Charlie Haden)
10. Waking Song

I'm Still Free
Blue Moods Of Spain
She Haunts My Dreams
I Believe
Spirituals: The Best of Spain
Every Time I Try
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 2
The Soul Of Spain
The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session

The Devious Angels

DVS on Letterman...sorta




While neither us of have had the chance to sing on the "Late Show with David Letterman", our pal and Lee Brice's guitarist, Travis Bettis, rocked his DVS shirt on the show last night.  

Click HERE to watch the performance and hear Lee's new single, Drinking Class, and see the DVS make it's television debut!


steevie n jd


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The Devious Angels

Al Pitcher


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Kram Kram



'From Now On,' New Azwel Album Out Now!

This week sees the release of the new Azwel album, "From Now On" The album art has been prepared by Neko Zero, who was responsible for the previous 2 album covers.  The songs were written, recorded and engineered from September 2013 - June 2014.   Last year's concept album, "Fact and Fantasy" saw a return to an older Azwel sound. but with updated production/performances, whereas "From Now On" continues where 2011's "The Great American Tour" left off.  The tracklisting is a little more concise this time around at 9 tracks and over 36 minutes at length. The sound can be described as a mix of upbeat and downbeat numbers. Each song tells a different story and paints a different picture.  The arrangements contain the usual electric/acoustic guitars, strings, piano, wurlitzer/rhodes electic piano sounds with occasional hammond, harmonium, moog and mellotrons along with solo trumpet and flute performances.  It can be downloaded at the downloads section of and bandcamp, with optional paypal donations(as always) going to ourmutualbrain at yahoo com. It is available in mp3 format only, 320 kbps. The official tracklisting is:

1. Alone in the Park

2. Out On a Limb

3. Convelesence

4. War Against Innovation

5. The Writing on the Wall

6. Don't Take It For Granted

7. The Fifth of May

8. All the Things to Come

9. In a Desperate Way

Hidden in Blue

The Devious Angels


The Devious Angels

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "New Age Outlaws"

Photo courtesy: Clinton Wilcott

The fourth selection on Friends in Low Places marks arguably the heaviest part of the album, as "New Age Outlaws" packs a punch heard perhaps nowhere else in the band's catalog.

A constant in a Seventh Son set, Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba discussed the track's orgins and how it ended up on the new installment.

"New Age Outlaws" has been around since late-2012. Why keep it around for the new album?

BM: "This is one of our hardest rocking tunes, and we wanted this album to have its roots in hard rock and punk, and this song fits the bill perfectly. Lyrically, it also fit into the album theme and it helps piece the story together."

JA: "I love every single thing about this song. I think it was best described in The Aquarian review of it. 'Mahoney’s vocal presence blends with the anaconda power crush of drums, rhythm guitar and bass in this sure to be popular rocker.' All of those elements come together and create an awesome clash of sound."

Who wrote the track?

BM: "Well according to Jon, the main riff came to him in his sleep. From there, he and I worked out the rest of the song with the arrangement and I came up with the lyrics. We wanted a fast rocker with a punch, yet have it be different from tunes we wrote previously, like 'Teenagers Too'."

JA: "A solid team effort. The riff did come to me in my sleep, in a rare nap (they happen on a far smaller scale than when Dan breaks strings). I heard the lick in my head, and immediately woke up and picked up an acoustic guitar and figured out the notes and then the main rhythm. It sounds ridiculous, but it's 100 percent accurate. The original solo used to have Bobby using an octave pedal, but we scaled it back a bit for the album."

An older recording of the song, featuring the octave pedal solo.

Why did you decide to make it the lead single for the album?

BM: "Again, coming back to the hard rock element, we wanted to showcase this album as a hard rock album, and Jon and I had long conversations about which song should be the lead single, and we ultimately agreed that this was the hardest rocking song on the album and would make a good single."

JA: "Bobby has mentioned many times on stage how he and I argue about virtually everything. This was one of those things. I was pushing hard for 'Outlaws,' and he was pushing for 'Another Deadbeat Summer,' which he was justified to do. I argued we needed to hit everyone with a punch first before unleashing what we thought was the catchiest song, which ended up working out well. We decided it would be best to go hard to start, and thus, 'Outlaws' was the first one released in April.

Describe the recording process for the song.

BM: "I went in and laid scratch guitar and vocal tracks down to a click. Then Giancarlo came in and laid down the drums to the scratches, and then we layered the bass, guitars and vocals accordingly from there. Usually, I am a "One Take Wonder," meaning that I am usually very quick when it comes to recording my parts. I take a lot of pride in this, however recording the solo for 'Outlaws' took a good 10 tries for me to get right." 

JA: "Actually, it was 13 tries...anywho, it was actually good that happened, because it taught us to have some patience and perfect every take we could. I personally chose to go an interesting approach by using Bobby's Telecaster for the rhythm track, then using my Les Paul for the lead lick. You can hear the single coil in the rhythm. Usually, it's done the other way around. It's also the only song on the album I use my rhythm pickup for, to give it a little more meat."

Where did you draw inspiration for the song?

BM: "I took a different lyric-writing approach for this song. I took a page out of Dylan's book, and used a bunch of different images and ideas and threw them into the melting pot. The lyrics cover everything from prostitutes from queens, 'The Poet' of Asbury Park, Mardi Gras, to one of my best friends and his girlfriend that he had at the time."

JA: "The name itself Bobby picked while watching an episode of 'Monday Night Raw' with me and the popular New Age Outlaws tag team was on-screen. He said he liked the name, and that was it. I had thought an outlaws theme would be cool, and it just so happened they came on-screen. I think it has a double-meaining too; there is definitely a coming-of-age mentality behind us recording this album for sure, the new age of rock."

The song is just before the turning point in the album. Why is that?

BM: "This song, at its core, is about people who live outside, not only laws, but also the social conventions that most people deem normal. It is at this point of the story that the main character is weighing his options: Either join this gang of outlaws, or go on his own. While the outlaws are not normal people, the main character thinks that even if he joins up with these social misfits, that he is still conforming to something, and he doesn't know how he feels about it. By the end of the song, he decides to go out with them for one night to see how it goes."

JA: "You can tell there is trouble on the horizon when the outlaws are around. And with the next track, it becomes very apparent there was some foreshadowing in this tune."

People have taken to the concept of the "outlaws" in reference to the band. How do you feel about that?

BM: "I think it is fitting. We are very different from most bands in our generation. I have always been influenced by 'outlaw' figures in music, such as Johnny Cash and Keith Richards. There is something appealing about different, and I like it."

JA: "I think it's pretty awesome. It definitely fits the motif we were going for. Maybe it should be on a t-shirt or something..."

What does "New Age Outlaws" mean to you?

BM: "Its a song about standing outside of people's social conventions, despite the difficulties that come with it. It is about doing whatever the fuck you want to do. Don't worry about what people expect you to do."

JA: "I take an enormous amount of pride in this song, and to me, it's the most sonically-pleasing on the album. It's badass, as the outlaws are meant to be. Love it."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

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Summer maybe over but lets get warm together for the tour in Autumn 

Stockholm on Oct 21 is now totally SOLD OUT , tack for all who bought tickets . We have just announced a new Stockholm date for Dec 14 at Sodra Teatern , see TICKETS for all Tour information and 5 warm up shows 

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AL x 

Roy Rogers

Rhythm Royalty / Guitarist Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings celebrate 25 years of the blues


Jeff Kaliss, Special to The SF Chronicle, Published March 2005

Gaynell Toler couldn't believe her eyes when she first laid them on Roy Rogers at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. "My first reaction was, 'Wow, he's white,' " the New Orleans native now called Gaynell Rogersremembers of that first sighting in 1980 when the Vallejo-reared slide guitarist was celebrating the release of his bluesy album with harmonica player David Burgin.

"I'd heard the record on the radio, it was a great record, and when I saw Roy I thought, 'How is this guy playing guitar like that? He's not Southern, and he's not Afro-American.' "

And he's not that Roy Rogers, although he was named after the singing cowboy to please his older brother Billy, a cowboy wannabe.

This year Gaynell and Roy celebrate the 25th anniversary of that introduction, and the 21st of their marriage. It's a silver anniversary also for the Delta Rhythm Kings, the trio fronted by Roy and in significant part promoted and publicized by Gaynell.

"We've been working the world, so to speak, for over two decades," says Gaynell, and it's clear that the couple, now based in Novato, is not about to slow down. First, there's the release of Roy's first live album, "Live! At the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room." He was the first musician featured in the PBS series "Sierra Center Stage," which features performers at the brewery's Big Room, a 350-seat live music venue in Chico; there's his Saturday-morning radio show on KRSH-FM in Santa Rosa; he's working on a new project with legendary cowboy songster Ramblin' Jack Elliott; and he's hosting a Slide Guitar Summit at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival next month. There are also the imminent tour dates with the Delta Rhythm Kings to Italy, Switzerland and Norway.

Roy's molten mastery of the guitar, though it's based in blues, transcends racial and national boundaries. For four years, he toured with the late blues veteran John Lee Hooker, and he's been featured on albums with Bonnie Raitt and Italian superstar Zucchero, who goes by one name.

"I'm fortunate in that I have a unique style that nobody plays like," Roy says. "You have to take all your influences, and I listened to all kinds of stuff, but it's that raw emotion that always carries the day."

Some of his earliest influences came from his mother, Luverne Rogers. "She was the kind of person -- and I probably got it from her -- if she was cleaning house and felt like playing, she'd stop and go down to the piano and just play," Roy remembers. "She played these old standards from the '30s and '40s, and she had a great ear, so I'm blessed with a great ear."

Married to William Rogers, a veteran captain of the Liberty Ships, Luverne gave birth to Roy in Redding. The family moved to Martinez and then Vallejo, close to William's post as a supervisor of the Suisun Bay mothball fleet.

A vintage photo on the back of Roy's new "Live!" album pictures Roy as something of a rock prodigy in 1963, when he was a student at Vallejo Junior High: a short kid in a gold lamé jacket recruited into a high school dance band. In fact, he was already straying beyond rock, "taking lessons from a very influential teacher, Joe Wagner, who put me in that whole direction of Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, B.B. KingChuck Berry and all that stuff," Roy says.

A few years later, Roy was busing down to the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, not so much for the rock as for blues giants John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, whom Bill Graham integrated into his bookings.

"I never liked psychedelic music, it wasn't emotionally connected," Roy says. "The thing that did impress me was, here were these middle-aged black blues guys who were pouring their hearts and souls out on stage, no holds barred, not trying to be cool, just raw stuff. I said, 'I wanna do that.' "

In the mid '60s, the teenage bluesman started focusing on the older, rawer Mississippi Delta style of blues. This style demanded sonorous "open" tunings and the use of a bottleneck, or metal cylinder, to slide up and down the guitar's fretboard. Roy's placement of the bottleneck on the pinkie of his left hand freed him to play rhythm and baseline elements of a song, while making melody with the slide, a kind of one-man band.

Roy earned a history degree from Cal State Hayward and briefly considered the life of a club musician but decided he "didn't want to play the flavor of the month." Instead, he pursued the music closer to his heart in the company of harmonica player David Burgin, and worked day jobs to stay solvent. A comment by a Midwest critic, to distinguish the slide guitarist from his namesake, led to the naming of Roy's song publishing and record company: Chops Not Chaps.

During this same period, on the opposite coast, Gaynell Toler generated her own future career by programming and promoting talent at the University of South Florida. She continued this activity after graduation, founding a booking agency in Atlanta. When her illustrator boyfriend's contract with Levi's brought him out to San Francisco, Gaynell tagged along, ultimately making her own way in the West Coast advertising and music scene and encountering Roy at the Great American.

About three years after that first meeting, "I had parted ways with my significant other, and Roy had gone through a separation from his first wife," Gaynell recalls. The pair reconnected at one of Roy's gigs in North Beach, and began dating, despite Gaynell's conviction that "I did not want to go out with a musician, because I knew the lifestyle and I didn't think I wanted any part of it because I wanted a family and some normalcy."

Setting up housekeeping with him, Gaynell discovered that "Roy is in fact one of the most grounded human beings I've ever met, and unlike any other artist I had come across. He's kind of like an old Southern gentleman, in a way."

Gaynell assumed marketing responsibility for Roy's newly formed Delta Rhythm Kings band, recognizing that "he wanted to stick to his roots of blues and rock, and to do it in a very grassroots way." She also shared parenting of Sam, Roy's young son by his first wife.

In 1982, by a connection through his bassist, Steve Ehrman, Roy was tapped to join the touring band of one of his blues idols, John Lee Hooker. The gig lasted four years, and led to Rogers serving as producer on Hooker's Grammy-winning albums "Chill Out" and "The Healer," for which Rogers co-wrote one track with Hooker and Carlos Santana. Rogers was later recruited by Hooker for the soundtrack to Dennis Hopper's film "The Hot Spot," on which they jammed with jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. "I don't think it could get any higher than that," Roy says with a sigh about that Grammy-nominated project. "It was intense. And people I don't know will come up to me and say, 'Oh, that's my favorite soundtrack.' It's dark, and it's deep."

Hooker, in a 1991 interview with this writer, summarized his admiration for his producer and fellow bluesman. "Roy is a beautiful person," he said. "He'll tell you what he thinks, but if you don't like it, he'll let you do it your way."

In 1984, Roy and Gaynell married, and two years later, after Roy had returned to his own home and band, Gaynell gave birth to their daughter, Jessica. On subsequent tours with the Delta Rhythm Kings, "We took our kids along whenever we could," says Gaynell. "We had friends in the music business that also had young kids, and we kind of parented together."

"And we had also decided to move from the city to Novato because we wanted a family community that we could fit into," Gaynell says. "And lo and behold, we ended up in a place where a lot of musicians were doing the same thing. The kids had their rhythm in the school system, with sports and arts and theater and music."

Marin County and the wider Bay Area also provided Roy with world-class musicians for gigs and albums. Aside from current Kings Steve Ehrmann (bass) and Billy Lee Lewis(drums), they've included Norton Buffalo, Tom Rigney, and vocalist Shana Morrison, (Van Morrison's daughter), with whom Roy waxed the charming "Everybody's Angel" in 1999.

Roy recorded steadily while raising his family, releasing his first all- instrumental album of original material, "Slideways," in 2003. Several albums scored Grammy or W.C. Handy awards or nominations. Despite his success, Roy says, "I always told my kids, music should just be a part of your daily life, not a special thing." His son Sam, now a Forest Knolls resident, is an a cappella vocal artist billing himself as One Mouth Band. Daughter Jessica is studying theater at Colorado State.

Gaynell is compiling a cookbook, to be called "Gaynell's Kitchen: Natural Southern Cooking From a Down-Home Girl." It combines her roots in Southern cuisine with her activism as a breast cancer survivor. Celebrating his wife's five years clear of the disease, and following up on her earlier training as a cook in Italy, Roy financed her study at the Bauman School of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Sonoma.

"When I was first diagnosed, I was volunteer communications director for the Marin Breast Cancer Watch for a couple of years," Gaynell says. "I met some of the most amazing women who are dealing with an epidemic of sorts, because Marin has the highest rate of breast cancer in the country.

"And when you hear you have cancer, it's pretty earth-shattering. So I've been coaching newly diagnosed breast cancer patients for a couple of years, and teaching their loved ones how to cook for them during radiation and chemotherapy so they can boost their immune system and regain clarity quicker. " Although she jokes that Southern cooking with organic foods is an oxymoron, she's tested her recipes back in Mississippi and found them accepted by bona fide Southerners.

Though Gaynell is still subject to Southern homesickness, Roy is devoted to his own home base, recently contributing a rare Roy Rogers solo gig as a fund-raiser for Rohnert Park radio station KRCB (it sold in 20 minutes, for $1, 000).

"Maybe at some point I'll make a record for a major label to get broader distribution," Roy says, "but at this point I don't really need to do that. I'm a niche player, and I can carry my niche all over the world. I'm as busy as I want to be."

Let it slide

Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings appear with Jackie Greene at 8 p.m. March 26 at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. Tickets cost $20. For more information or to buy tickets, call (707) 765-2121 or visit

The Sierra Center Stage series, which featured Roy and the Kings in its debut run last year, is due out this fall in DVD format. Records by Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings are available through Roy's Web site ( and the CD Baby Web site, an online record store that sells CDs by independent musicians.


Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
Blues on the Range
Roots of Our Nature
Travellin' Tracks
R & B
Everybody's Angel
Ballads Before The Rain
Split Decision
Twisted Tales

The Messengers Band

Liverpool Football Club

We have been asked to perform as pre-match entertainment in one of the function rooms in Anfield Stadium in October, December and February. Nice one!

The Messengers - Demos

Mark Mathews

The Girl Video!!

Brothers and Sisters!!!

Here is the wonderful video, Directed by Pardeep Sahota and starring the talented and beautiful actress, Devora Nikolaeva for the latest single, The Girl!

AND...Here is the interactive videos where you can play the role of "The Girl" or "The Boy"!

I am very pleased with them, believe!!


Join me on Snapchat and Frankly.Me: @markmathewssong

Buy Tracks here: 


Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
London Lives (Single)
The Girl

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Danger Dan"

"Danger Dan" on stage with the Seventh Son in January 2013.

Track 3 on Friends in Low Places continues the hard rock-oriented sound that Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son has become synonymous with over the past three years. "Danger Dan" is an ode to former bandmate and Creating Clementine bassist Dan Guerron, and has become a surprise staple of band shows.

Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba spoke with the site to discuss what has become one of their favorites off the album.

How did "Danger Dan" come to be?

BM: "'Danger Dan' was the nickname of a friend, Dan Guerron of Creating Clementine. We wanted to make a Chuck Norris-themed set of lyrics with all exaggerated, tall-tale style stories about Dan. That was the original idea for the song - more of a novelty, but it turned into a really cool song that I am very proud of."

JA: "Bobby had said he liked the nickname 'Danger Dan,' which is what our former bassist was going by. I suggested the idea of having a fun, no-shits-given kind of song on the album, with some corny but creative lyrics. And thus, the song was born."

What kind of vibe do you feel the song gives off?

BM: "It is a groovy song. Very Red Hot Chili Peppers."

JA: "I think you hear a bit of a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe in the drums, which is credit to how Giancarlo played it on the album and how James does live. It would have been perfect for our old drummer Drew as well. However, I don't think the guitars carry that at all, honestly. Whenever I hear that song, I hear a very Lenny Kravitz-esque rhythm."

What is your favorite element of the song?

BM: "I love the drums and how they blend with the guitar riff. Giancarlo (and now James) really fit into the pocket and I think it shows off their musicianship. They really fit the drums snug with the riff and it is really cool to feel that groove."

JA: "The instrumental bridge. It's something we've never done before, with the call and response between the guitars. I came up with the idea to kind of mock a gun being fired and the response of the victim, to give in to that folklore/outlaw mythology behind 'Danger Dan' himself. That's what the physical instrumentation demonstrates."

The song has become a hidden gem, per se, on the album in terms of live performance. Do you plan on keeping it live?

BM: "I don't see why not. It is fun as hell to play."

JA: "It really is probably the most fun song to play we have. It allows us to explore a new element we've never done before, so I sure as hell hope it stays for a while."

Describe the writing process of the song.

BM: "Jon had the basic idea for the riff, and we had the lyrical concept, and I finished the details of the lyrics and had the ideas for the call and response section, choruses, and the key change at the end."

JA: "This is the first time we're mentioning it here, and you'll hear a lot about it in the coming articles, but there was a series of songs on the album that we banged out (structurally) all in one day. This is one of them. I had an idea for a lick in my head, we figured it out on guitar, and we worked with it. I actually wrote the key change lyrics, which give allusion to the next song ("A new age outlaw, a one-man band").The instrumental bridge originally sounded a little bit different, but Bobby called an audible in the studio." 

Where does it fit in to the grand spectrum of the album?

BM: "'Danger Dan,' in this case, is that friend that is begging you to come out tonight, and though you don't really feel like it, you go anyway. He is the one saying, 'Hey, come hit the town tonight,' and it all runs together in the events of one night, from 'Teenagers Too' through the rest of the album."

JA: "As you read these, you'll see that each song really connects with one another. What Bobby said is exactly how the first three songs of the album unfold."

You've mentioned the lyrics are a little unique in that they are kind of out there. Was it hard writing them because of this?

BM: "I wouldn't say it was difficult, but it definitely took some time to get right. I wanted to make sure the 'tall tale' aspect was clear."

JA: "I'd say it probably took about a week or two. I came up with the key change lyrics on the spot, but it was a little harder figuring out what was 'too much' when it came to how hokey we could get with the lyrics. In the end, I don't think anything is too bad with them."

Do you feel the song was worth taking the risks?

BM: "It is one of our tightest live songs, and it definitely stands out on the record because of how different the groove is from our other songs."

JA: "Definitely. Because I don't think it comes across that we took some, which isn't a bad thing. We love it, and when we nail it live, we know it."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

The Alien Nation


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Carry On

New Shows Posted!

We have booked several new shows for the rest of 2014, and it looks like we are going to have some fun! Check out the Shows page to see our events for the rest of this year.

Thanks all!

Carry On

Welcome Mike's Dockside Bar and Grill!

I want to take this opportunity to welcom Mike's Dockside Bar and Grille to the Carry On family!


We have booked three shows with Mike's for the rest of the year, and look forward to haveing everyone show up for a great time!

Check out thier Facebook page and make sure to like them! 

Click the Link! ---> Mike's Dockside Bar & Grill

Thanks all and see you at the shows!


Petty Theft

THIS WEEK: Going to @TheChapelSF, @LosGatosBrewSJ + NEW LOGO! #MofoTour2014

Hey Petty Music Lovers,

This past weekend was filled with big ups and downs. Last Thursday, we received the sad news that we lost a very dear friend to the music community, Ted Rodden. Ted was the sound engineer at Rancho Nicasio and had run sound for us at every show we had performed there for the past seven years. He was one of the sweetest people and a true professional and he will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at Rancho and beyond.


Our show in Ukiah on Friday at the Nelson Family Winery started off emotionally rocky for us as we performed the first set with heavy hearts, but the turnout was great and you folks up there lifted our spirits to make it a great show. On Saturday we made the journey to Mammoth Lakes for the Mammoth Rocks concert where we performed the “highest” show we have ever done (9,000 ft. elevation)!  In the end, it was a great weekend and we made a lot of new friends and for this we are grateful to do what we do for all of you.


THIS FRIDAY, 8/29 we make our debut at The Chapel in San Francisco! This is a fantastic and beautiful new live music venue and we are really excited to be playing here. We hope you will all help us bring the “Petty Party” to the city and make it a night to remember. This is “An Evening with…” show featuring two full sets (no opener) of the best Tom Petty songs. So, don’t miss it!

Get your tickets in advance HERE:

Saturday, 8/30 we return to the Los Gatos Brewing Company in San Jose for a fun evening in the South Bay. Tickets will be sold at the door. Come join us for some dinner, fine beer and dancing on the outdoor patio.




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Bloody Diamonds

New Single: Nightmare out October 7th

On October 7th we will be releasing a new single called Nightmare. It was recorded during some down time in Toronto on the last tour. The song was produced, engineered and mixed by our good friend Andrew Wiseman, who also filled those roles on all our previous releases, and mastered by Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Alexisonfire, Tokyo Police Club, Arkells). Pre-orders are available here.


Bloody Diamonds Nightmare Album Artwork

Teaser Video

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Hit The Town"

Photo courtesy: Ethan Reiss

After the listener gets through the fist-raising anthem "Teenagers Too" on Friends in Low Places, the chaos continues into the very next track.

"Hit The Town" is Track 2 on the debut studio album for Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, and unlike the rest of the songs on the album, was composed entirely by rhythm guitarist Jon Alba. 

The site talked with Bobby and Jon about this song in the lastest edition of "Behind the Song."

How did "Hit The Town" come to be?

JA: "'Hit The Town' started as a lick that actually has never seen the light of day. The main chorus progression you hear started as extended riffage, but played higher up on the neck based around the G and B strings. There were also many more chord changes in the chorus originally, but they proved to be too choppy and got rid of some of the groove. Eventually, it worked into its own, and the song is undoubtedly my own personal tribute to the essence of hard rock."

The song was written in late-2012. What made you want to hold on to it for the album?

BM: "I felt that it definitely worked in the story I wanted to tell. It's also one of those songs that I think deserved studio recordings treatment. The main section of the song is actually the fastest BPM on the album. It was a perfect fit for the story."

JA: "The song is a great capturing of what our early run as Seventh Son was about. Hard, balls to the walls rock. This is a song, like 'Teenagers Too,' that gets away with its simplicity due to what it offers to the ear. I also personally love the reckless intent; there's no love subject, there's no happy ending. It just goes."

Why is the song the second on the album?

BM: "The groove is so different from 'Teenagers Too' that opens the album, so it stands out in the second slot. It also rocks hard and is a perfect second song, both on the album and live."

JA: "It also continues the thematic elements presented in 'Teenagers Too.' The song makes literal references to gambling, but it is also metaphorical in that regard; a Friday night for the youth is rarely ever easy going, and this song explains that adrenaline rush experienced by many."

Is it weird having a song essentially entirely composed by Jon on the disk?

BM:  "Not for me. A lot of our writing is a team effort and there are a few songs on the album that were mostly me, so I like that we have an abundance of songwriting going on. I just have to put up with Jon constantly reminding me that he can write good songs. It's a friendly competition." 

JA: "Because I CAN write good songs...he just has to hope this isn't the song that gets him a record deal. On a serious note, as I mentioned earlier, this song is a tribute for me. It is in honor of some of my favorite hard rock acts, namely AC/DC, and most definitely a nod to the late, great Bon Scott."

What is your favorite element of the song?

BM: "I just love that it is a no frills rocker. The intro builds up and just explodes. The solo is always fun to play as well."

JA: "Personally, I'd probably say the intro. I don't get many moments to display my craft, as most rhythm guitarists shouldn't because I believe their skill should be displayed subtly. But that is one of them. I also take a lot of pride in the lyrics. While it may be a little wordy at parts, I think the chorus is super catchy."

How does "Hit The Town" differ from songs found later on the album?

BM: "This is one of the few songs that I doubled my vocals. You hear it in octaves for the choruses. It gives it a cool effect. In the 'story' of the album, this is the 'Hey, get off your ass, let's go tear up this night' song and it is definitely a call to action."

JA: "It's probably the most aggressive song on the album, possibly next to 'New Age Outlaws' and 'Teenagers Too.' The later parts of the album turn more into dispair, and this offers a glimmer of optimism.

You try to change up your sets as much as possible. Why is this song a mainstay?

BM: "It is one of the band's favorites to play, and when we have talked about cutting it for a show, the guys were sad and heavily protested. It's a kick-ass, balls to the wall, rock tune. I'm really glad Jon wrote this one."

JA: "I noted in the last article that it's super important for us to feed off one another for energy during our shows. If the energy isn't there, we can't have a good performance. This one gets the blood pumping."

How do you look back on "Hit The Town" at the end of the day?

BM: "It is extremely fun to play and just go apeshit. AC/DC on steroids."

JA: "I always joke it's the best AC/DC song since 1990...but honestly, I will always have a soft spot for it, and am glad it has become a staple of our sets and made the album.

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.


Next Show | 09.06.14

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Behind the Song: "Teenagers Too"

Friends in Low Places, the first full-length studio album by Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, takes a look at the opposite spectrums of the teenage experience. Right off the bat, "Teenagers Too" hits the listener with a punch to the gut with its punk-inspired riffage and aggressive lyrics.

The site spoke with Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba, who co-wrote the entire album, to discuss the song.

What is "Teenagers Too" about?

BM: "'Teenagers Too' is an exaggerated and generalized look at the chaos that goes along with being an adolescent. I looked to older teen gang stories, such as 'The Outsiders' and 'West Side Story' to create a suburban world where the teenagers essentially did whatever they wanted. The song is very tongue in cheek, and is very sarcastic because while I was 16 when I wrote the song, I did not connect with most of the people my age, so this was my 'fuck you' to my own generation. The song is my response to how I was seeing my friends changing as they got older."

JA: "That song is very timely in regards to when it was written. The cool thing about it is, even almost four years later, it still can relate to a lot of people at the age of 16. People complain about this generation all the time...and I think that song addresses those complaints in a sarcastic manner. Even as we get older, that song doesn't lose any meaning, in my opinion."

How did the song come to be?

BM: "The song was written by Jon and I, in my basement. I had the lyrics written and Jon had the idea for the B-D-A-G riff that starts the song. We had most of the song written and then we brought it to Drew and Dave (drummer and bassist at the time) and we ironed it out and came up with an arrangement that is not all that different from the current form of the song, minus a longer intro and without the ending jam."

JA: "That's truthfully the first Jon and Bobby composition, in its fullness. I sat down in his basement and just banged out the B progression, including the rhythmic strumming for the verse. Bobby had essentially written the lyrics as a poem, anthemic in a way. We worked out the rest of the progression, including the key change in the solo, and just took it from there. The catchy bass riff was conceived by Dave, and the extended jam you hear at the end of the album was actually spontaneous during a gig from a few years back. The song also started with a different intro initially, which does not appear on the album."

"Teenagers" has been played at every single full band show since it was conceived in 2011. Why is that?

BM: "From the first time we played the song at Churchill Live (a popular local benefit concert) in 2011, we have played it at every full band gig. It is a high energy rocker that crowds, both young and old, really get into. Not only is it fun for the audience, but it is also a lot of fun for us to play. The end section of the song started as a jam we did live and we actually did it so many times that it became a really great part of the song."

JA: "I'd be lying if I said there weren't any songs I get bored with playing every now and then. 'Teenagers Too' is certainly not one of them. It is genuinely so much fun to play, and brings so much energy for us on stage that we are able to bounce off one another with. I mentioned it earlier, but it's anthemic, and I think the crowd really buys into that part of it."

Why does the song start off the album?

BM: "Not only does it get the album off to an explosive start, but it also is a great place to start the storyline of the album. It is an overture of sorts. It touches upon all of the themes of the album, in a general way, and then each song goes more in depth with each of those ideas. The album is about teenage confusion and alienation, so what better song to open the album with than 'Teenagers Too' ultimately?"

JA: "I think that speaks for itself. From the second we conceived the idea of an album, we knew that would be the opening track. For all intent and purposes, it's the definitive 'vintage' Seventh Son track. I came up with the idea of starting the song with the feedback, which was actually longer in one of the initial trackings we laid down. Instead of our old intro, the feedback cuts in to the hi-hat count and what I perceive to be a massive explosion of sound. It's funny, because the song had always been seen as the guaranteed closer for a Seventh Son show. We tried opening with it once in Summer 2013, and it worked. That's when I knew we could try making this happen."

What stands out about "Teenagers Too" in your opinion?

BM: "The big chant-choruses are quite different from our other songs, so it definitely stands out from our catalogue. I also think it has a cinematic feel to it- especially with Jon's 'rap' in the middle section. I think you can visualize the images in the song, despite how exaggerated those images are."

JA: "Honestly, I wish I had conceived the idea of a 'rap' while we were still recording. Now, it appears live, but on the record, you hear the 'Stand down and resume blind faith' bit. That was created on the spot in the studio and not pre-planned, with me coming up with the idea of some sort of resistance to the teenage uprising and Bobby filling out the blind faith bit. I think blind faith is another one of those underlying motifs in the album, and it's something that actually appears in new Seventh Son material as well.

What's your favorite part of the song?

BM: "First of all, I love the whole vibe of the song. It is reckless and rebellious and it kicks ass. I have played the same solo essentially every single time we have played the song, since the first demo, and it is still one of my favorite solos on the album. I am very proud of it. I also love the ending because it is just so much fun to play."

JA: "Definitely the solo and ending, like Bobby said. That solo tells a story, in my opinion. It starts out in the same vein of the early parts of a rebellion; there's rumbling, but it's just a concept. Then the key change promotes growth, and by the end, with the smashing of the cymbals, it's absolute chaos. The added ending also gives a hint of what the band is like live to the record."

Ultimately, how do you look back on the song?

BM: "It is amazing that after playing this song for the last four years, it is still fun and I love playing it every night. At the end of the day, its about having fun and making loud music with your friends, and with this song, I get to do just that."

JA: "It will always have a special place for me. It's one of the first rock songs that I ever got to write, and I think, it's still one of our finest. It may not be all that complicated, but it's based on the foundation of rock: Simple ain't easy. It takes a tremendous amount of intensity and passion to successfully play that song, so it makes us be that much better every time we play it."

Friends in Low Places is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and various other outlets.

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